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How to save 300$ a month with a 400 square foot veggie garden


How to save 300$ a month with a 400 square foot veggie garden

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

thank is my name is Lily and today I want to show you my garden okay so I wasn't making too many videos lately or in spring time because I was pretty busy making this garden here before I came here there was nothing here so all of this I have made in the last couple of months when I came here in winter time there was only gravel here and the aisle at the side was already there but other than that nothing was here so everything gravel and the first thing that I did was I was making these aisles so first I dug out the earth I made a hole and then I refilled the gravel and then I laid the stones on the gravel and I used a lever and a rubber hammer because yeah you can't just lay the stones on the gravel you also need to put a little you know vibration and pressure on the stones so that they sit really nice and don't move anymore and I laid like four aisles in my gardener so that was really a lot of work and yeah there is Trina's work and now I'm really happy with the result it looks really nice and the next thing that I did was I was building a couple of raised beds all of them are custom sized right in between the islands and as you can see it really fits the Isles so it really stays there it doesn't move anymore and I think that's pretty cool then what's here I'm not quite sure what it's called in English it's called to class yeah not the best words because it's not really too hard so I should have used large but that's the only word that I got and it was pretty cheap I didn't want to use any paint so I have burnt wood a little bit to make it more resistant against the elements yeah I hope that it doesn't rot too quickly this way then I've refilled the raised beds with earth and then I planted a couple of vegetables and here I have planted a couple of fruit crops so here we have blueberry and I have different kinds of varieties to see which one gives the best food I also have different kinds of strawberries and over there I have a gooseberry and back here I have a goji berry which is plea awesome I have black currant white currant and Western and I have raspberries blackberries and such so I laughed various and the first thing that I do in the morning is I go into this garden and harvest you know blackberries and strawberries and that's the first thing that I do in the morning and yeah the first thing that I eat really so I really love fruits and that's why I have planted so many of them and here is what I have in my raised bed first off I have this tomato here which has broken down yesterday so now it's lying on this aisle but it's still fine and here I have an eggplant and yeah I have planted it far too late so I don't know if I will get any egg plants this year anymore

thank you I have yeah only one plan you have caraway and yeah I really love caraway for the kitchen for cooking it's a great spice but it's also a very good herb and back here I have red beet only one piece because the other one died unfortunately back here chive good for the kitchen and for the soup and yeah and here I have something very special this is called half of woods in German and in English it's called salsify and it's a very ancient plants that comes from the Mediterranean region and it looks a little bit like a carrot but it's brown and sometimes it has more arms so it's not as beautiful but you can use it the same way as carrots and also it's winter hardy so you can leave this in the garden the entire winter at least here in my region and that's pretty awesome so I like winter hardy plants and vegetables you know here I had a couple of salads but I already harvested them ok next year I have some parsley and this is fairly small compared to the coriander which grows right beside it and yeah this one here I like to use for soup for example and the coriander I don't like to use for eating because I don't like the taste but I really want to wait for the seats and those I really love here have something very special

it's called the earth ailment or tigernut

and yeah I think it's pretty awesome that this girl's here in Europe it makes tubes in the ground which looks a little bit like nuts and it also tastes like it's not like illness and they these tubes to have a lot of carbohydrates so basically it's not that grows in the earth and that's pretty awesome and I can't wait for the first harvest of this here down here I have a row of salad I already harvested one here I have Welsh onion which is pretty awesome as well because it's a perennial plant so basically the onions grow and grow and grow and he only cut off the tubes here you don't stick out the hood and yeah you just cut off the tubes every now and then and then they grow back and then you cut it off again and you can use this the entire winter time which is pretty awesome and summer time and that's the kid yeah we have kids I mean it's not my cat but I'm feeding it and unfortunately it has cancer of the ears so it's really poor okay this is the second raised bed which you can't see anymore because the tomato plants is they are doing what I want they grow all over so actually down here I have from aisle which is this big and then the second raised bed starts and these Tomatoes they're just growing like crazy

and yeah I'm shortly before you know harvesting Tomatoes right now they are still green but soon enough they are going to turn red and then I'm going to have a lot of tomatoes and over there at this side I have peppers okay in the third raised bed we have a to Keaney plant only one but I have harvested like five kilos of zucchini already or more so it's unbelievable how many zucchinis this one plant produces and you can see it already has like ten you tsuki knees on the plant so it's insane and I can't even eat so many zucchini like this plant is producing the next insane vegetable that I have in my garden is this one plant which is cucumber it's really amazing it grows all over the place and I have like I don't know how many cucumbers on there so unbelievable I don't know what to do with them because I have so many and yeah it produces a lot of cucumbers okay then I also have some spinach here which is very good I use it sometimes in the Senate or you know you can make a lot of stuff with spinach it's very healthy over here I have some leek unfortunately some of them died because the zucchini and the spinach were making too much shade

so unfortunately hey guys yeah I have a couple of spirit plants here it is a very sweet root which looks white and it has a lot of side arms and there are a lot of carbohydrates in this Ruth first time that I have planted this so I'm really excited about harvesting this plant here and here I have a row of onions and this is just salad which is blue color so we haven't set it from this plant every day but skillet grows in abundance you know and it tastes very good so pretty awesome okay besides the rocket plan I have a row of carrots unfortunately I didn't have more space because I wanted to plant way more than just this one drill here and then here I have something very cool this year is corn it's a special corn it's called popcorn oil so you can make popcorn with it pretty awesome and besides the corn I have planted sugar pee and sugar peas uses the corn as framework so it can climb up the corn and if you plant these two together it will be very beneficial because the P in general is accumulating the nitrogen in the earth and corn is drawing a lot of nutrients out of the earth so the corn is using the nitrogen which is coming from the piece and the piece can grow on the corn and the framework and that's a pretty cool and beneficial friendship between these two plants

yeah besides here I have a small tree which is a dwarf plant tree so it's only getting like 1 meter 50 high and yeah I just wanted the tree which doesn't get too big because I don't want to get problems with my neighbors you know and back here I have more raspberries and here in the middle I have planted a dwarf cherry tree which gets a hide off about 3 meters so that's excellent for this place the end here that's a very nice sound flower that has come up besides the aisle and it's very big already so I'm very happy that I have this year my garden and back here I have and my organic waste goes on top of this price here and you can put pretty much everything in there except meat so you shouldn't use animal products for your compost only vegetables and fruits and grass and such and straw yeah next year I'm going to have a really good earth very good hummus and then I can use it and put it into my raised beds again yeah so this is my garden pretty awesome I'm very happy with the outcome and look what has grown in the last two or three months amazing you know and I can only encourage everyone everyone to make a garden like this it's a small garden doesn't need a lot of space but you can save a lot of money with this because here in Europe it's actually very expensive to buy organic food right so this is all organic and if I go to the shop and find out - keenie it's 2 euros or something so the prices here in Europe are really high for organic food you pay like double the price for it and I would like to have a very healthy diet I don't want to have pesticides in my food and that's one of the main reasons why I have made this garden here and yeah this is all of my heart went into this garden and I'm so happy with it and if you see that all of this is flourishing and growing then yeah I don't know it just puts a smile on my face so it's really awesome thank you for watching and stay tuned to the next time

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Survival Lilly

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