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Why Batoning Is Great and Why Lanyards suck


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Why Batoning Is Great and Why Lanyards suck

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hey guys I'm back in the forest and today I want to make a video about why a Petaling is great and why Lane yachts suck so stay tuned already so I'm here in my pack up camp and the first topic that I want to discuss with you is actually the patrolling part but first let me set up the camera on the tripod alright guys so first let's talk about the timing now if you have watched my channel like in almost every video that I'm making a fire I'm also going to put on and yeah I just like patterning and I think it's a great method of making small kindling but not everyone agrees with this about like five percent of my viewers they write comments like but Tony it's not for knives it's not meant for knives it's not good for the knives and you could easily break your knife it's better to take an ax or a hatchet now I have to say that's only partly true because it's true when you take for example a small blade like this this is a Paco Laplander it's not full tang and it only has like three millimeters of thickness so I would not recommend for turning with this knife either because it might break and then he might injure yourself so in part what they are saying is true you should not not every knife is designed for taking this abuse but you can design a knife which can take this abuse ok and let's take a look at this one here this is the cold steel SRK in aus-8 steel and this here is a blade which has a thickness of 5 millimeters at the back and it's so thick it can easily

take the force of a baton so it's quite suitable actually because the steel of this plate is aus-8 steel and aus-8 is known for its toughness and it can easily deal with patterning now why should we pattern at all might just not take a hatchet or an axe a speeding eggs well that's true if I had an axe with me I would take the eggs and split the wood with it and it is the most efficient way to split the wood with hand tools but sometimes it can be that you don't have an ax or a hatchet with you because maybe you forgot to take the tool with you or maybe you got into a survival situation and you didn't bring an axe with you and when a knife it's the only thing the only cutting tool that you have on your body then you have to use your knife to process firewood now sometimes you can find kindling from trees dead branches that are hanging off and you don't have to put on the world especially in summer and in very dry regions for example the desert but sometimes like for example today you can see it's really wet and then it can happen for example if you live in a very bad place like Vancouver Island that even those branches which I which should be usually dry or red too and if you can't find any try tinder material or dry kindling then you really have to pattern into the core of try at standing wood to get out some dry wood from the inside because usually the outside of the world is still a little bit moist but most of the time at the inside it's quite dry and that's why you have to get to the inside afterwards and very moist conditions

so survival is an unknown situation you can have an ex with you maybe you are a woodcutter maybe have a forest ex with you you get into the survival situation and then of course you take the eggs to put on pure wood and to split up the wood but sometimes it can happen that you don't have an ex with you and yeah and then you have to take what you what you have with you and that's maybe hopefully survival blade which is thick enough so that it can take the abuse now before I continue I want to show the proper technique of how to pattern with a knife all right so first I want to talk about the choice of pattern here we have two patterns ideally there should be hardwood because otherwise the back of the blade will rip out quite a hole out of the baton and this is pine which is not the hardest wood but it's also not the softest and the next thing that I want to show you is this baton here it would be a good size baton but it has so many branches and if you use this you risk you know hitting your hand with the branches so I don't recommend these photons you should go for a baton which has no branches and yeah it should be not too big so you can still grab it with your hands okay now when you turn with your blade if you first of all want to select the part that you want to put on and then you put your blade onto the log and you have to make sure that you use all of the blades so I'm moving it like in like almost all of the blade so that I have still about a tip sticking out and first of all you want to hit right about lock okay you don't want to hit here because otherwise you make an unwanted lever and then the knife is going to like push very hard against your hand so first it's very best if you hit the blade just try to pop the lock itself because then you don't have any leverage effect and next it's important that you don't let go of your handle you have to grab the handle very firmly and yeah just press down a little bit okay now first we are going to put on the blade into the lock and then we have to move our pathan to the tip of the blade and now the leverage effect will come into play but now it's not as bad anymore because the blade is already a little bit jammed in the log so now every time I hit on the tip at the same time which you can't see is I'm going to press down on handle as well so because if I hit here then the knife will go up up up up up like this if I don't hold down against the pressure and every time I hit on the tip I'm also going to press down with my handle so and that's it as you can see this is quite a safe technique actually because usually I'm sitting like this like I put my legs away from the impact zone and then I just baton down like this and that's it so better knife is true it just goes down to the lock pretty safe technique and it doesn't take a lot of effort so as you can see it's pretty easy to put on with a plate with a knife it's very safe and it doesn't cost you a lot of energy also you can tell some small trees so in a survival situation when you have to stay overnight you need a lot of firewood and that is when you have to go and search for dead standing trees at least here where I am it's pretty moist on the ground every time of the year so you have to go for dead standing trees and if you find one you can fell the tree with using the patterning technique and you just go around and take chunks out of the tree just like a peeper and eventually the tree will fall yeah so I think batoning is quite a effective and then it's survival technique and yeah if you don't have another choice you have to put on you can't go to a tree and chew it down with your teeth you always will take your knife it's going to be like that and yeah if you don't have a hatchet then you have to take your plate and that's my that's my approach to this topic to pitoni alright so today I want to show you this this is a small unboxing that I want to do now this is a package that I have gotten from black Scout survival and he's a good friend of mine we have YouTube friends he's another youtuber who has a mostly urban survival channel and the cool thing is that he also has a back shop and he sent me some of his things first of all this awesome black Scout survival patch and then he sent me some other cool thanks let's see what's in here okay what is this here cool this here is a tactical pen and that's great because I have lost mine and this one here comes with a glass breaker and which is great cool thing awesome cork thank you so much mini compress cooler that's awesome it also comes with the black Scout survival logo and that's cool because actually I don't have such a small compass and I really need this for my EDC so thank you very much and then I got cooler I think you know what this is right I believe this is locked except it's let's open it up take a closer look that's awesome that's really corn great urban survival gadget Thank You Jake that's really awesome I got it okay so this is a very compact lockpick set and then I lock the king it's really it's a good hobby and makes a lot of fun and it's good to use it's a good skill to use in a survival situation as well in an urban survival situation yeah so thank you a lot that's really awesome thanks and yeah if you want to visit his website you will find a link in the description below

the next topic that I want to talk about is why lean yards suck so I'm not a big fan of lane yards why am I not a fan of peak of Lane years of open lane yards I have to say well why should I use one I have a sheath for my plate here and I can close the sheath and usually ever this on my belt and this way I won't lose my plate when I'm transporting it and even if I don't close the package here this chief here is so secure I won't lose a knife and yeah and that's awesome so why should I install a lane yard I have a lanyard on my saw this year and I've only put it on so that I can hang it into the carabiner which is you're usually here at my rucksack and then just so that it doesn't fall out because I don't have a secure shift weight or anything and then I usually keep it on to the small rocks like here just so that I don't lose it but when I'm working with it I don't like it and that has a couple of reasons first of all I would never sling the lanyard around my wrist because like let's say okay why should I do this I won't lose the tool and even if I drop it then I just pick it up again also let's say you're standing in a forest and working like this mr. lanyard around your wrist yeah and let's say suddenly there is a PR coming approaching and you ran away because you're anxious and yeah it's K it scares the hell out of you then you can't let go of your tools quickly sometimes

it's a must to be able to let's go of your tools so now you're running with the saw and maybe you hit yourself because you're running through shrubs so that's not good also for example well if you say yes the approach is not really like common in my area so I don't care about it well a lot of people they walk around with the tools without closing them because they get lazy you know if you can't a lot of wood and if you maybe build a shelter you don't want to close your saw every time so you're going to work with your so open just a couple of steps to get another lock maybe and maybe you sleep maybe on a redstone or on med Leafs or on a bed lock and then you fall down onto the ground and then you have your tool attached to your hand which is pretty sharp and yeah as I said this is going to bounce back on you and maybe you fall onto the saw and then yeah you maybe get injured now the next topic is I see a lot of people using lanyards but I don't put their hand through they just use it like this which is okay too you can do that but you have to keep in mind that if you do this for example and let's say you walk a couple of you know meters through the shrub because you have seen this very awesome test standing tree and you walked artists and maybe you're in a survival situation and maybe you are in a little bit of stress because the Sun is going down and then you walk through the shrubs and maybe one trap get stuck in your lanyard and while you're walking moving forward it gets stuck and holds back your saw and then it can happen that you slip over to the teeth of the saw or over to the blade of the knife with your fingers and that's and actually I know someone a very experienced bushcraft ax which had this accident and this even happens to the best so you can't be careful enough that's the second thing that you have to consider

using lanyards and the other thing is that let's say you're having your blade in your sheath on your belt and let's say you have a lanyard back here and let's say you have forgotten to close the battery because yeah why should you do it every time right and then he walked by the shrub and maybe the blade gets pulled out off the sheath and you don't even notice it because there are so many shrubs and you go through the shrubs like this and then maybe your blade hangs on a branch like this and you don't even noticed so that's the downside when it comes to using Linear's no I was talking about open lanyards right so what you can do is actually you can close your lanyards which is awesome because then no branch can get entangled in your open hole and if you close the lanyard you can also like move backwards and if you have to lay near here you can take your knife like this and then you can prolong the handle with the lane yard so close to Lane yards are great and then you can use the knife like this in a chopping motion which has much more leverage if you have to chop down some branches or something similar then you can use a closed linear but I am NOT a fan of open lienard's those lanyards are fine by me so that's my recommendation and I know that there are many different opinions there are so many different opinions as there are people on this planet so if you have a different opinion just leave me a comment and yeah let's have a discussion about lanyards and batoning I want to thank you for watching please share this video with your friends if you liked it and yeah don't forget to visit black scout survivals webshop you can find the link in the description below stay tuned till next time

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