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Solo overnighter in the forest


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Solo overnighter in the forest

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Overnight in my bug out camp

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

I love my bug-out camp hi guys I'm Lily back in the woods and I'm going to sleep another night at my pocket can at my main camp because I know you guys want to see it so this is what I'm going to do today and yeah as you can see I don't know if you can see this but actually it has rained quite a lot in the last days everything is wet and yeah so I don't really have to worry about the forest fire and yeah I'm really happy about that actually because in summer time you really have to watch out that you don't cause a forest fire so please always make sure that you have a safe fireplace like for example this one here and I can't wait to sleep another night here all right folks so as you guys know I always bring a flashlight into the forest and today I have two new flashlights which I want to try out the first one is this one here it's a headlamp by the company Oh light and all that is the sponsor of this video thank you very much and this mod headlamp here is called the h1 iron over headlamp and it has a maximum output of 600 lumens and that's pretty cool for such a small flashlight you know it runs with a rechargeable cr123a battery and the coolest thing about these new generations of flashlights is that you can recharge it with the small cable here and you just take your magnet and attach it to the flashlight like this and then you have a USB cord at the other end and you just plug it into a power bank and that's it so you don't need to carry big recharging units anymore and that's pretty awesome now what's important to say about these new generations of flashlights is that they get really warm at turbo mode so if you have it on maximum mode for a long time they gets really hot so it's important that it's aren't you know burn your fingers with it or that they don't have it around burnable materials otherwise you can ignite some tinder with it so you really have to take care and also it's so bright you shouldn't really you know look into the flashlight because it can damage your eyes and that's how strong this new little flashlights are and yeah this was the first one the second flashlight that I have gotten by the company Oh light is there are 50 pro seeker a really really strong flashlight it looks small but it's so powerful it has 3200 lumens in turbo mode yeah it has the same feature like the other flashlights it comes with this magnet charging unit and you just attach it to your flashlight and then you have this USB cable which you can insert into your power bank or into your converter which you can plug into the electrical socket so that's pretty awesome so actually you never have to take out the battery

if you don't want to and the battery is something special too I've never seen this but it's called 26 650 battery and it has four thousand five hundred milliamps so that's a lot of power that you can use for your flashlights so that's a pretty cool and slick flashlight and yeah it's a little bit expensive but the company OLED has granted my subscribers a 40% discount which is quite a lot 40% amazing and they are doing a flash sale on the 29th of June so I'm going to post a banner here where you can see where the exact time starts that you can get this flash sale the 40% off and you will find more information in the description and in the first comment below all right now let's go and try to do some fishing all right so I'm at the creek and I'm doing a little bit of fishing and I just saw a whole bunch of ducks pretty cool I don't see them so often around here and I think it's really awesome that I saw them

unfortunately I didn't have any luck with the fishing today so I'm going to try fishing another day and now I have to go back to the borrowed camp because it's getting dark that's fatwood core I'm going to make my shavings from this piece here because that's what's burns very very well almost like a candle the firewood is a little bit wet today so it's going to smoke a little bit at the beginning for food today I have some turkey organic turkey and they had suppressed and yeah organic meat it is pretty expensive this little piece here with a little bit over 300 grams costs almost nine euros how much is that and told us I don't know but yeah really expensive so if you want to eat food without toxins and poison and without pesticides then you're really gonna pay for it [Applause]


then you're just beginning the cut with your bow so it's important that you don't put too much pressure on the saw because otherwise it might jump if you torque it a little bit so I've got so many locks it doesn't happen to me anymore but when you're a beginner you really have to watch out that you don't jump around because otherwise you can jump on your finger so yeah when I begin the cap I just make a smooth motion without too much pressure and then it won't jump anymore [Music]

mine said

mmm-hmm that's really good I like chicken better but every now and then turkey is okay you know you shouldn't eat the same meat all of the time and Turkey is a good alternative to chicken I finished my dinner and now I'm going to try out my new flashlights alright so that's how the small flashlight works that's pretty strong very very bright what is moonlight now let's take a look at our 50 Pro seeker so that's really really bright and now let's switch into turbo mode that's amazing

look at that how strong it is unbelievable

okay it's time to clean my foods my talk Matins and yeah they look pretty roughed up and the way I clean them and I impregnate them is by just rubbing Vaseline on to them and the Vaseline soaks into the food pretty good it makes them very smooth and also it makes them quite waterproof so if you step into water when your shoe is soaked with Vaseline then you have quite a lot of time until the water gets through the shoe so that's really awesome you just have to give them a small cleanup with Vaseline and then you're good to go again and yeah the difference is pretty significant so the Vaseline also closes small scratches which you can get from branches that are lying around and yeah this way you will have your shoe for quite a long time all right so that's it for tonight thanks for watching so far and we see each other tomorrow morning good night good morning I slept really really good so pretty core it's a beautiful morning 16 degrees Celsius in the night I don't know what I was dreaming but I was doing something with my hand and then I just back you know hit my hand against one of these small branches here and it really hurt I'm sure I'm sure I have a black spot now

all right the fire is out now it's time to go

I love my bug-out camp so much work went into it and it's still standing so that's pretty awesome yeah guys so this is it for today I really want to thank you for watching and yeah make sure that you check out the company o light you will find a lot of links in the description below and in the first comment and yeah 29th of June flash sale - 40% discount that's a really good discount so check it out and as I said all of the links are in the description below thank you for watching and stay tuned - next time

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