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How To Build A FARADAY Cage that actually works


How To Build A FARADAY Cage that actually works

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to build a Faraday cage from an old mo can stay tuned well today I want to build a Faraday cage and some people might ask why do you build a Faraday cage well a Faraday cage does protect your electronic equipment against an EMP electromagnetic impulse which is basically a short burst of electromagnetic energy which can destroy your electronic equipment like mobile phone the electronic equipment in your car walkie talkies and all of the other electronic equipment that you have at your home for example so in case of a full-blown EMP I believe that there will be a lot of chaos and it will take quite some years to fix all of the electronic equipment and yeah I want to build this cage to keep at least some of my electronic equipment some vitals safe now a Faraday cage should be made from conductive metals like aluminium iron steel copper there are a couple of more and I just happen to have this old Emma cane in my cellar and I thought you know it's rusty and empty so why not you know use it to make a Faraday cage and that's what I want to do today and the second important thing is is that you don't have any holes like in the Faraday cage I've seen some people making a Faraday cage from a fence so you know this might work for very low energy like radio waves but when there is a full-blown electronic electromagnetic impulse coming in then gaps are not a good idea to have okay you want to have a closed container and you want don't want to have any gaps in between the seal the lid and the container itself so before I start building the Faraday cage I want to mention two examples of an EMP which can happen every day the first one is the solar MP which comes from the Sun it's an outburst from the coronal mass and it's called CME or a coronal mass ejection which can basically happen every day and it just depends in which direction the Earth's dance to the Sun and if we happen to be in the right direction then we get a full blown EMP the second EMP that could happen is a man-made one nuclear explosions they can yeah produce quite strong in peace and that's the second reason why you should make a Faraday cage

besides that many other sources of in peace for example lightning strikes they come with EMPs as well and even meteorites bursts in the Earth's atmosphere can cause an EMP so there are a lot of natural causes which cause an EMP which might cause an EMP and therefore I want to build this Faraday cage okay now let's start building the Faraday cage first I want to have look at my a McCain so basically this down here is fine it's very closed and there's no gap down here and up here there's a seal which I want to take out now and yeah otherwise it looks Danny fine so now let's take out the seal [Music]

okay I've gotten rid of the old seal it's still in good condition actually and now I want to take my ammo Kim and my train move tool and I want to sand down the spray paint here at the edge of the container and also here at the inside of the container so that I get you know can contact between the lid and the container so that the electrons can flow and then you have a closed container and yeah if you just close it like this then the spray paint will yeah then basically it's not a Faraday cage because the spray paint is insulating the container and that's not good of course


all right so now I have to paint back the frame which is underneath here there's the second frame which held the scene and this is now in my way so I'm painting it back so that I can get into yeah the small slit here with my dremel tool




okay I have discovered a small gap here not at this site here it's really close but at this side because you know the boss once the seal and there's now like a three millimeter gap and yeah now I just tried to hand my it down alright people so we have the following problem the Emma can didn't seal off in the beginning so I took a hammer and hammered it down and now it's much better but it's still like one millimeter of a gap between the lid and the container itself so what can you do when you have a lid that doesn't seal 100% well you can take some metal tin and cut out some straps and laid over the rim of the container and then you close on it and it will sit directly on the edges and then you have 100% contact of the lid and the container but my problem is that I don't have any metal tin in the shape here so I just got some aluminum foil from my kitchen and aluminum is very conductive to electricity and now it has got a a makeshift seal a very crude seal for the lid and then it will be 100% conductive


you know what I think I'm going to make a seal in here because the other seal was in here as well and this way maybe it's better because this frame holds the aluminum in place a little bit better that's looking pretty good [Music]


ok-hee I still have a gap and here at the front also so I'm going to take more aluminum foil and push it in here and in here


okay now the lid is ready and it seals off 100% and that's what we want when building a Faraday cage the next step is now that I want to take some cardboard and line the inside of the Faraday cage so that the electronic equipment doesn't have direct contact with the cage because otherwise all of this would be useless okay folks so now I have lined my Faraday cage and next I want to put in some electronics which i think is important so first of all I want to put in a mobile phone which I got very cheap from Amazon it's one of these outdoor phones that you can throw down and it's waterproof and it has this flashlight here and yeah it has a full battery and it holds for seven days so that's my emergency phone and I'm going to throw it into the Faraday cage with this adapter it's a five volt adapter so I put this in here next I want to put in some walkie-talkies just in case if the mobile phone network is not working and these walkie talkies they actually have a radio mode as well so with them you can listen to the radio so that goes in here as well and then I have the charging station for the walkie talkies and the cable that belongs to it okay next I want to put in a charging unit like this one here it's a charger for doubly and trebly nickel metal hydride batteries which are pretty common actually

so that's going right in there and then I want to have another charger which is this one here this here is for 18 650 batteries and I have loads of them so I need that cha-cha that's working and then I want to put in a power bank so I can charge up you know my stuff so that's that so I still have a little bit of space left and yeah basically you can put in here whatever you want a flashlight would be great also to put in here right now I don't have one to spare but I'm going to put in a flashlight as well and yeah there are so many other things that you can put into your Faraday cage

so now I want to close the lid okay this is how to make a Faraday cage not so we are still missing one thing which is basically a ground grounded wire which goes to the ground now I know a lot of people say that you don't need to ground your Faraday cage and I have done a lot of research on it and I have come across websites which state that shouldn't ground your Faraday cage and then I have came across thousands of other websites which say that you should ground your Faraday cage so I was really confused about it and clearly I have a friend which is a nuclear engineer and I asked him if I should ground my Faraday cage yes or no and he said yes because you know the EMP can have so much more energy than for example radio waves right so this Faraday cage here if ungrounded would block out radio waves and then people believe that now this Faraday cage is good enough for any kind of strength of EMP but that's wrong and if an EMP is really strong like it can be

millions of hundreds of times stronger than the strength of radio waves then this is not enough and then still your electronic equipment will get damaged so you need some kind of wire which dissipates the energy from the Faraday cage to the ground and then you should be safe

how do we ground this first of all we need some kind of wire and the wire should be pretty thick so that it can you know yeah dissipate the energy all at once have some virus here but they are very thin and I don't think that they would be enough to take all of the energy so as you can see I have this vast cleaning device here unfortunately it's not working anymore but it has this really thick wire which I now want to cut off and this one I want to use for my Faraday cage that's it so this one here is much thicker and table cleared so I just cut it off again here okay in here I have two buyers and now I just make one wire out of that so how do be attached and mired to the Faraday cage well we have our seal which is you know which is pretty pliable so I'm just going to stick it like the end of the virus I'm going to stick like in the gap here and then it will touch the aluminum and then we should have a good connection so this seems to be pretty tight I got a very tight seal I don't know if you can see this but the aluminum foil seals the virus very tight to the lid and to the edge of the container alright guys so now it comes to grounding my Faraday cage now for rounding has a couple of options first of all you can see that I have some metal pipes here this one is made from copper

it's very conductive and then I can connect my Faraday cage to it by twisting the wire like so and if this pipe was grounded this would be a very good ground for my Faraday cage but unfortunately in my house these pipes are not grounded so this is not an effective ground for my Faraday cage and my base water is going outside in a PVC pipe so that doesn't work either so this is not an option for me but in a lot of houses it's an option so often very often pipes metal pipes from radiators they are grommet and you can use that as an effective ground for your fair eh okay what other methods cannot use for around my Faraday cage well first of all you can use your lightning rod as your house so the lightning rod goes into the ground it's made from metal and you just need to connect your fire to the lightning rod but that's at the outside of the house and actually I don't want to store my variables at the outside of the house is there an other option

yes for example you can take a copper pipe with a smaller diameter and just hem it into the earth in your garden and then connect the wires to the copper pipe or any other plant which is conductive but still the Faraday cage is outside and I personally don't like that getting for me there's another option - ground McCarran a cage which is by connecting my wire with the earth of the electrical socket every electrical socket in the world should be grounded if that efficient has done a good work setting up the electrical construction in your house I don't want to show how that is done exactly because there's high voltage involved and yeah you can electrocute yourself if you do something wrong so don't do this at home ask your parents and if you're a parent or an adult you shouldn't do it alone it's made it better if you call an electrician and have someone to set it up for you so this is how to make a fairly cage out of an ammo can very cool project and very important because in peace our real risk so if we have with our free time on your hands and maybe on the whole thrusting out can then just go to it thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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