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Overnight in a MOSQUITO PROOF Shelter


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Overnight in a MOSQUITO PROOF Shelter

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription



hey guys it's me how are you doing today I'm going to sleep one more night in my pack up camp and I just came across this birch bark here which I'm going to take with me and this is going to be great tinder

that's my old seats that are made spider Froy dolls because now I have a better pension and as you can see I've already brought a pole here because I want to do some pole on the air shooting today and yeah the shelter looks fine everything is alright it's still standing today I'm having this kind of meet with me and it's pork and yeah it comes from a region of the animal where it has a little bit more fat because I really like that and the pig had a good life so it was living on real straw and it's organic it's got a lot of certificates without any kind of you know pesticides or GMOs so I'm really stoked to eat that later and I'm already hungry ok now let's go and get some firewood let's cut down a tree alright so I'm looking for a dead standing tree which is not too thick so I can cut it down with my bow saw and it should be well seasoned [Laughter]


okay good hang up in a tree unbelievable


okay that was only one piece you notice booth Berg

it's pretty hard work I really like it you know I like to do something strainers every now and then it's a good training and I want to be fit and yeah I usually don't go to the fitness center so I rather do some wood cutting in the forest it's great to be strong almost poked a hole in so much t-shirt but it's okay so if you're interested in supporting my channel you can find a link of my t-shirts in the description below ok guys so now I want to show you my new Bowl that I got this bow is by righteous shot RS and yeah they contacted me and I wanted to give me a bow as a gift because they liked my archery videos and they also had decided to sponsor this video which is pretty awesome so thank you very much and the ball it's pretty strong it has 42 pounds which is really strong so this is definitely suitable to go on a medium sized bow hunt for medium sized animals you know it has 57 inches in length and it even faced here handcrafted for survival early 2018 so that's really nice and here you can see the logo RS and that's a really nice bow and what I like about it the most is that it comes with the screws here so you can easily unscrew the screws and yeah you don't need any tools or something you just unscrew the screw and then you take it out and then you just take the name off so that's really cool if you want to take down your bone and here in between the razor and the limp there's a piece of leather which reduces the vibration and the sound and also the bowstring comes with string silencer which is great and they also have put some letter on the shelf here and on the window and this is a great thing because yeah I like to shoot over the shelf and a little bit of you know letter or maybe four it's a good thing to silence the bow even more so now let's try it to string the bow it's pretty strong and I haven't shot a bow for quite a long time let's see how it goes

what such strengthe wow that's really strong alrighty so yeah I'm not used to this bow let's see where I shoot with it in the middle of buzz hi okay that's not so bad

okay same

for the first time I think it's okay and these two arrows they are side by side I think I also hit the knock point with the second one okay I try to knock hey I know maybe that helps

oh yeah right in the middle that's better

okay that's nice to know good okay this is my grouping this one was too low but otherwise I'm really happy with the grouping okay so I hit the knock point of this arrow with this one here and yeah getting it's not damaged these two insects are mating I just put them back gently I don't want to disturb them this is an okay grouping I'm not used to the bow I know that I can shoot better but you know I'm not used to the strength of the bowl so I really have to train more okay okay enough with the bow and arrow shooting now let's go and chop up some wood okay let's just leave these two here



it's important that you always build a platform where you build your fire on because here the ground is very wet and moist and yeah it will suck out the heat out of your fireplace so it's really important that you make our platform Oh


okay it's time for the meet and I'm really hungry and I really want to eat something oh yeah I'm hangry I'm really hungry all right my steaks are done well done actually yeah that's a good-looking snake Wow okay I need some ketchup and my oh nice that's it


mmm-hmm Wow

I could never be a vegetarian you know meat tastes so good especially organic meat time for a beer cost okay so you probably can't see this but over there is a back that goes green and emits a green light so that's pretty cool I haven't seen that for quite a while

yeah actually it you can see it that's here that's the back so actually there are a lot of tea sparks flying around I can see them everywhere and I can remember that I saw a lot of them when I was kid and then they just vanished but here in the forest they seem to have survived




all right folks so it's about 12 o'clock in the night and time for bed I'm really tired and I have just pulled down the plastic sheeting because yeah first of all its protection against the elements but second of all it makes the shelter mosquito-proof right so as long as you keep your fire going the mosquitoes will stay away from you but when a fire dies in the night usually the mosquitoes will be all over you in summertime and with this shooting here they have a really hard time you know finding that way into the shelter I have a couple of air gaps over there but actually it's not so easy to find way in so yeah this is quite a mosquito proof shelter all right so I'm getting my boots off and I have to search myself for ticks before I go into the sleeping bag because yeah this time of year we have a lot of ticks and last year I had 12 or so and this year I had like free already so I really have to search myself better and yeah maybe I'm going to make a video about ticks and how to deal with them okay that's it for tonight I'm going to bed so goodnight guys good morning bird woke me up yeah I definitely have heard a four-legged animal coming by at this side of the shelter so I think it was a fox the way it worked

time for my breakfast coconut milk with cacao

alright folks this is it I want to thank you for watching and also please check out the archery company righteous shot you can find a link in the description below and yeah it was a pretty awesome overnight turn in the bucket camp I want to thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time bye

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