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Overnight at my SUPER shelter - A Fox ate my fish


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Camera used in this video: Owlzer Z1 Cellular Trail Camera

Overnight at my SUPER shelter - A Fox ate my fish

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription


hi guys my name is Lily and here today I'm here in the forest I'm on my way to the background camp and the plan is that I stay for one night and yeah as always I have my backpack with me a couple of things I'm really looking forward to this overnight so stay tuned okay so here we are the camp it's intact I haven't been here for a long time so well everything looks normal

everything is at its place okay I leave my staff here on the bench alright guys so today I'm going to eat some fish which I have bought and I have some beer that I want to cool so the first thing that I'm doing is I'm going to cool the stuff in the creek and yeah actually it's pretty hot it's hotter than usual this month we had the hottest May for 150 years that's pretty crazy so yeah the wet is completely crazy here in Austria alright so I just wanted to put my stuff into the cold Creek here's the shelter and sound here's the creek but I can see from up here that the creek is actually empty and that's pretty peculiar because actually it has rained the last days so that's pretty funny so I have to find another solution for my stuff and now I remembered that a couple of years ago I have built this refrigerator here actually I have used this once as an oven but yeah it's pretty cool at the inside so I just gonna throw my stuff in here and I close the lid all right so as I say it's pretty long ago since I have been here look at this and as you can see here there's a lot of dust on this emit so I have to clean that off all right folks so I've just seen that my firewood supply is pretty low so I have to make more firewood for the night but before I'm doing that I want to show you a new piece of gear that I have the new piece of gear that I want to show you is this trail camera here it's by the company alsa and they have sent it to me and sponsored this video thank you very much and this trail camera is one of the new generations which I wanted to have for a very long time so if you open this up here you can see that the camera comes with this 40 module so this is the 40 module and in here there's a small SIM card so it has internet connection and if you make a picture if it makes a picture it's going to send it to your smartphone and yeah if someone is trying to steal your camera you already have a photo of him on your smartphone and that's really awesome now at the other side here there is a battery this is a lithium-ion battery and it has two thousand two hundred million PS so that's pretty awesome and what I really like about this camera is that it has one pattern to set it up so you just puts your camera to where you want to have it and then you press the on button and that's it so there's no complicated settings on the camera so that's the camera and also the camera comes with this solar panel so if you want to leave the camera in the forest for a longer period of time it can recharge itself so that's pretty cool it also comes with this awesome camouflage color and yeah then you have this box here inside of the box you have an ordinary charging cable and you have this mount so you can mount your camera here at the back side and screw it onto a tree or something or you can just use some straps to strap it to a tree it has a very high quality camera so it has 16 megapixels for the photos the video is running with our quality resolution up to 1440 pixels and 30 frames per second so that's a really really good quality alright folks so to set up your camera you first have to press the on button and that's it for the camera and then you want to download the Alpha app and yeah it's pretty easy you just download it and you make email account and then you can connect with the camera we are Wi-Fi so here on the camera you can now see a red light that means that it's connecting and now you get a picture of the camera on your phone so this is the camera looking at me right now and then yeah you can make you can take a picture like this or a video and if you're not in the app it will take pictures by itself

okay now I'm searching for a good place where I can set up the camera and here in this Creek there are a lot of talks holes actually so here you can see that there's this earth which is not covered by leaves that means that someone has moved the earth here so there might be a box right in here or maybe there's a fox in here or here so this is all fresh earth which has been dug out by the foxes so I'm pretty sure that there's something in here okay as you can see I'm in the frame so that's pretty cool and that's a really cool thing because actually you know the old cameras you never knew if you were out of frame or not and now you can see it directly on your phone and you can see if you are on the right spot with your camera so that's really awesome [Music]

grep grapple um you know raps are really ugly creatures but actually they are really good survival food they contain so much protein and they're really happy it's not too bad it tastes like popcorn yes it's no really I'm not kidding so if you roast these grubs up in a continue then they get this really nice roasted flavor and it actually tastes like popcorn and nuts so pretty good food




Raj kickback


I have a new book that I'm reading it's about mushrooms and how you can cultivate them at home in your garden you know you know lately I have spent a lot of time making vegetables garden in my garden at my house and yeah now I want to bring in some mushrooms as well and I think this is a very interesting topic and yeah mushrooms are pretty expensive at the store so if you can grow some yourself that's super awesome and I like them some of them they taste really good and yeah no this is my new hobby you know green mushrooms and vegetables at home okay now I want to do something that I haven't done in quite a long time shooting the slingshot I have to say I was never really good with it but there's something about slingshots that are really like you know they're not so accurate not so powerful as a bow but still a lot of fun to shoot this old can is going to be my target [Music]











attach some dirt earlier I'm not sure what it was maybe it was some poo so now I'm going to clean off my hands I don't want to get any bacteria on my fish you know it's important that you have clean hands and you're eating I think I waited long enough I had a pretty hard day and night it's time to drink this half cold here

well it's Dilton free so it's not as good as arabiya when you're only drinking free beer anymore then you know over time it starts to taste really good it's not bad at all so I always cook on their calls which are the left side but I want to keep a fire going on the right side so that there's not so much smoke before I put on the fish I want to sanitize the grill yeah the grill has been lying out here for quite some time so you know there are a lot of mice around and mice pool can be dangerous to humans so it's always good if you wait a little bit until the acrylic gets really hot and then the pair of jeans die off okay time to make the fish it's not cold anymore so I should really put it on the fire now and the fish part of it is from Greece not too far away from Austria and it's coming from aquaculture and yeah I've decided for myself that I want to eat more fish because it's really healthy it has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and actually I'm eating meat every day often twice a day and yeah I just want to reduce my meat intake I'm pretty stupid I forgot to scale the fish so now I just you know I do it afterwards so I just cook it now and later I'm going to scale it

this piece of food here is going to become my plate so first of all I want to send it I sit by the fire I don't want to have any pathogens any bacteria on my plate also I'm continuously sanitizing my utensils

you know I don't want to risk any food poisoning and the fish you know was uncooled for a couple of hours and another person who almost died of fish poisoning food poisoning I'm taking every measurement to make this a good meal and fish is really yeah there's a high chance of food poisoning if you don't cook here true so I want to cook this fish through and through and then I can eat it safely the fish is almost done and now it's the golden hour the last light and the birds they sing but not long anymore so after it's getting dark they will stop singing and then you will hear other animals like for example olds or yeah other birds of prey okay so I don't have any eating utensils with me and I'm going to eat the fish with my fingers so first I'm sanitizing my fingers again I don't eat the skin because it's an unscaled my mistake okay I have to wait a little bit this is really hot [Music]

Wow Wow good well how awesome I should really eat more fish all right so this is what's left of my fish it's only the skin bones and the head and I want to use this as bait for my trail camera so this will hold down the fish this is how I have set up the camera points directly to the fish and now it's time to switch it on so now it's on okay the camera is working this is the look of the camera so as you can see it's already working at night vision mode and here there's my fish so now I don't want to go down any more and yeah some people might say that this is too near to my shelter but you don't have to worry because you know the foxes they are not so afraid of us than we think and I'm sure that in the night there will be a Fox coming and getting that fish over there because they can't withstand right can't believe have a fire going here and the deer just comes to my place it's a back


it's a no Coke no time to go to bed and tires

this is my new sleeping bag that I have it's the helium 400 by Marlon Kipnis it's a down sleeping bag compresses to a very small size it's very lightweight but it's so warm ideal were you know summertime and I'm just shaking the fattest because then I have a better insulation I'm cooling down this plastic here first of all this gives me a protection from wind and rain this gives me a protection from the smoke of the fire this gives me a protection from mosquitos yeah there are some air gaps at the sides but it's not so easy for the mosquitos to find that way in so this is a really cool thing in here it's pretty warm its cozy it's a little bit enclosed so I feel safe as well and I don't have any mosquitoes in here and through the plastic you can see the fire that's it for tonight I want to thank you for watching and we see each other tomorrow good night I was sweating so much Internet well it was really hot and in the night there was some kind of animal that visited me I heard it I'm sure it was flecked and yeah it went around my back up Kim so pretty cool okay I'm just checking the pictures on my phone and apparently there was a fox eating my fish that's really cool that's really cool look at this wow he really ate my fish well that's really cool I believe there was a second Fox too but he was too late and then the bait was gone and left this camera I'm so happy that this worked out so here you can see the camera the fish is gone and the camera worked don't leave your trash in the will enough you can so this was my overnights I'm pretty awesome I've seen up here and yeah I've caught a fox on my alpha trail camera pretty cool and I'm very happy with this camera if you're interested in getting one you can find a link in the description below and that's about it for today

I want to thank you guys for watching and stay tuned till next time [Music]


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