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Survival Lilly's K.n.i.f.e is here


Get the APO-1 survival k.n.i.f.e here: www.survivallilly.at

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to present you my survival knife this is it guys before I show you the knife I first want to give you a short introduction of the story of this knife here and why I have to sign my own knife right because there are so many out there so why did I have to desire to make my own knife so basically the reason was that you know as an outdoors person you need a good knife right you need a knife for cutting fish for cutting deer for building shelters for chopping for patterning for carving fine feta sticks so for pretty much all wilderness tasks and a knife is pretty important for a survivalist or outdoor person and over a couple of years you know I had a lot of knives and I was always searching somehow for the perfect knife which fits all of my needs and I really had a lot of knives and I tried out so many knives in my life but every knife had something that I didn't like some kind of feature I didn't like yeah so I was never 100% happy some knives were awesome some that were almost perfect but I didn't find the one which had all of the features that I wanted so I told myself it can't be that I cannot find a perfect night for me and no one is producing the things that I want so I decided that I want to design my own knife and basically that was the motivation behind it you

and then I also needed a name for the knife and initially I wanted to go for SL 1 which means survival Lily 1 but actually I have searched some friends in the US and that SL 1 brand was already taking by another knife company so then I had to you know invent another name and I'm going to call this knife April 1 so if I only had one choice of knife for the apocalypse so April is short for apocalypse then I would take this one here so this was I think a pretty good and accurate description and name of my knife here and that's the way I also have to sign this knife so I wanted to have a robust knife which doesn't break easily which can be used and sometimes abused for survival tasks and which won't let you down so that was the basic thought behind this name April 1 the one knife that I would take with me if the apocalypse hits the fan ok now let's take a closer look this is the April 1 in the closed State as you can see I have choosen a night on and check the chief as a sheath and yeah it's pretty robust it also comes with two belt loops and I really like the concept of two because if one fails you still have another one and also you can open this up here and this belt loop is actually morally compatible so you can hook this on your back tank that's pretty cool and also you don't have to take down your belt you just can thread it into your belt like so and then you close the loops with this button here and these are very heavy-duty buckles actually so they won't open by themselves it's really hard to open them but that's basically the sheath and here you can see April 1 the brand name and at the bottom here you can see a drainage hole now the chief comes with a lot of holes and rivets so if you want to you can you know put some cordage around the sheath so that you always have cordage with you all right so this is it guys this year is my knife now let's take a closer look at the grind here I have chosen a saber grind for the grandeur of the blade because I really love saber grinds I think they are really stable here at the back and still they have a very good cutting performance for such a thick blade the blade thickness by the way is 4.8 millimeters so that's pretty thick and here at the left sides you can see April 1 which is the brand name at the right side you can see aus 8 Taiwan so the steel of the blade is aus 8 because I really like the steel ok I had very good experiences in the past with the steel the steel here is very tough and it won't let you down which basically means it doesn't chip and it's so tough that even with a little bit of abuse it will withstand the abuse and it will not break so aus-8 is one of my favorites of course aus-8 is not the best when it comes to edge retention but at least you know this steel is not breaking out it's not making chips and it's really robust so I really love the steel and that's the steel that I wanted to have for this knife here now my knife is produced in Taiwan I know that a lot of people would rather see USA here or Europe but I have to say that if I had lettuce knife produced in Europe like the same quality it would have cost me like three times more and yeah it wouldn't be available at a very reasonable price and that's why I let it produce in Taiwan and actually I have to say that quality is great so it's a really really nice knife all right so I have a saber grind as you can see but I don't have a false edge at the back side of the knife and that has a reason because yeah I didn't want to have a very thin tip because they usually break easily and I wanted to have a very thick and robust tip which can be used for prying for example yeah so I wanted to have something which less and I myself have broken off a lot of knife tips while searching for grabs in the wood and that's something that I don't want to happen here at the backside you can see that I have installed a fan Braille and yeah that's not really like 100% necessary for survival knife but I think every now and then you know when you get fatigued with cutting wood like this you can use your thumb to aid your hand and then cutting is easier again you can also use this grip here the found grip for finer and more delicate carving tasks so that's pretty awesome now let's come down to the handle as you can see my knife is full tang it goes around all of the handle there are no gaps in it so if you take off the scale you will see that this is a whole chunk of steel and full tang is a must-have for a survival knife now that material of the handle is mikata it comes with a black and grayish color and we see free screws the screws are made from carbon steel which are coated to protect them against rust now the handle was pretty tough to design actually so I needed a couple of times until I got it right and I wanted to have a very comfortable handle which feels very good in hand that means that you have a lot of curvature here but also you need to have curvature here and here

so basically my knife handle is tapered here and up here okay so and that's what's making a knife handle really comfortable it's really really comfortable and I have really big hands for a woman and there's still a lot of handle left and I've handed over I displayed here to a lot of men who had very big hands and all of them fit the handle so that's the handle here very comfortable tapered now if you take a look at the bottom of the handle we can see that it's very tapered so it's coming out here and here and yeah you can see that it's very tapered there's a lot of curve in it and that has a special reason because you know this is the standard grip off the handle but you can also slide down and grip the handle like this okay that's why it's so important that the handle is curved and then you can take the knife like this and use it to chop some wood and with this curvature at the bottom this knife won't slip easily out of your hand and also here at the very bottom I have installed a linear toll so in addition to the knife grip for chopping you can also take some cordage and attach a lanyard to the linear toll and then you can take the knife very easily like this and you don't have to fear that you're losing it while you're chopping another thing that I would like to mention is the flat part of my linear hole and that has a certain reason as well so I wanted to have like a small hammer on my knife handle so now I can you know drive in some nails if I have to or I can smash off some limpets from a rock without damaging my handles case so that was very important for me and the an advantage of a flat hammer here at the bottom is that if you take the knife in reverse grip then you can put on your thumb like so and then you have much more strength to use the knife as a prying tool for example like digging out roots in the ground or whatever you want to like to use it so that's really neat I have seen other knives which have a point here and yeah it's great because you can use them for glass breaking but actually then you can't put on your thumper anymore and I rather want to put my thumb on here and have a flat spot which I can use as a hammer instead of at the Icebreaker okay so this was the introduction of my April 1 survival knife and now I want to show you what I went through when I was designing this knife so I started like 14 months ago to design the April 1 and this was my first prototype and I have to say I was really disappointed when I got the knife it looked so much better on the drawing that I made and the handle was far too thin and too short and the knife came with a hollow grind which is good for cutting but actually for knife stability like tip wise it's not good as you can see I have bent over my tip tip test with the prototype one hollow grind bent tip after chest bone tri-tip test prototype to this flat grind nothing


tip of the prototype - still intact steel versus stone test edge test prototype number one DHS rolls over but there's no chipping steel versus stone test prototype to ladies down now and it rolled over a little bit but there are no chips which is very typical for a us ATT and that's why I have decided against a hollow grind because they are really unstable and yeah so this prototype was the first one and yeah I'm not really happy about this one

but hey it was my first try and yeah then I had two other prototypes like this was my second handle it was a little bit better but it still liked a little bit of the finger guard and it was too thick and then I had another handle here this one was much better but still it had a part down here which was too thick and it was not comfortable so I had to make it smaller and then in the end I came out with this handle and this one is very comfortable now it needed me a lot of time and effort to get this handle design done but now it's really great and awesome so that's the knife handles and yeah I also have a knife which has a false edge so this is the April one with a false edge unfortunately the knife tip came out very very thin and that's why I have decided against this chip it would be very beautiful to have a knife like this but as I said the tip is really too thin so I know that I would rip it off myself so I definitely don't want to sell it to a customer and that's why I have designed the knife like this yeah without the false edge but this way I have a very very very stable tip and then I got my first prototype which is this one here I've taken this knife with me to Africa and I beat the hell out of it for three weeks and nothing has broken nothing has chipped the tip is still there

so yeah it's a little bit rusty because the weather in Africa is pretty humid and it didn't rest until we actually came to the beach like I have submerged this knife for three days in salt water because I wanted to see what the steel can take now a lot of people might say how can this be how can stainless steel rust

well stainless doesn't mean that it's really rust proof is just rust resistant and if the blade gets submerged in salt water that's what I did in Africa for three days then the blade will get rusty spots like this but it can be much more worse this is the machete that I used in Africa I basically have used this alongside my knife and these two tools have been beside each other for three weeks they've gone through the same environment and this is how non stainless steel looks after getting submerged in salt water so salt water is very aggressive but still the stainless steel looks much better all right guys this was the review of the April 1 survival knife and yeah if you are interested in purchasing one then you can visit my web site you will find the link in the description below and right now I'm only selling this knife by myself because usually merchants they take a lot of money just for the sales only and I think that's not necessary because I can send you the knife so yeah I don't have any merchants you can only buy this knife at my store another thing needs to be said about the taxes like if I sell this knife to European like for example here in Austria or someone which lives in Europe then I have to add 20% value-added tax to the product but if I sell this knife to the US then I don't have to add 20% value-added tax so American like or Canadian can buy this knife for the net value but you have to bear in mind that you might still have to pay for the customs and maybe you have your own value-added tax for important knives in your state so I would highly recommend that before you buy this knife you should really call the customs and ask how much custom there is on knife and also if there is a value-added tax on this product okay so yeah that's the texting situation and you know how it is we all have to pay taxes and here in Austria it's really like we have to pay a lot of taxes yeah that's the tax situation and that's what you have to think about when you are buying this knife and the next thing is that some countries don't allow the import of the knife and you really like have to ask your customs before you order this knife because you can get in really big troubles if you are purchasing a knife and importing it to your country but maybe it's prohibited to import knives and then you might get a lot of troubles so be sure that you are allowed to import knives into your country so this is it I want to thank you for watching and yeah this is my new baby I'm really happy with there's a sign of the April one it has taken me a lot of time and now I can finally sell it so yeah let me know in the comments what you think about this knife here I think it's something very unique and yeah I think it will serve the customers well so I want to thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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