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Building A Primitive Shelter In The African Jungle Part 1


Building A Primitive Shelter In The African Jungle Part 1

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Video Transcription

all right Julian and I Bo here in the chocolate and we just searched for a good spot where we can build a shelter and today we want to do the race bed because yeah you don't want to sleep on the floor

in the jungle so yeah we are going to use this tree here over there and it's pretty good because it's really thick and stable

so we don't have to clear the ground so we could build the shelter above the vegetation but I really want to because I want to see if there's a snake on the ground you know so there are a lot of snakes here in this chakra which kill you so I definitely want to see the ground where real camping you have to take off my jacket because it is still a bit warm with it and all the nice faster yeah cool thanks okay fine and first of all I need a really strong pole which goes from up here to here and then I need two other poles which go down like in an a-frame style what I was sick the Mayans are holding the pole it's really hard to get the pole down thank you and bringing the lock to the shelter place all the house our building was building with this kind of skill because there is the natural anteater meat moving the the dammit cannot come inside it's a damn it repellent


okay that's fine okay now we have one ant attached and the next one it's going to be summer here so we don't need to be that high just like this and now I just take two other poles which are not that prick maybe let's get another lyonie for this because it's not paper just hold it over here so this should be a good height huh oh maybe maybe go down a little bit I don't know

Linda gasps went down like this it's fine yeah

and now just stick it in yeah that's possible

it's possible oh yeah just what what I guess yeah yeah that's going to hold all right so possibility I want to put some great poles underneath the bed you know just so that we don't sit down with the bed in the night or something it'll just fine flying around the pole that it's facing suspicion this is just for extra stability and safety

maybe like this yeah so everyone who thinks this can be set up in just one hour they're wrong the council for this framework we needed like two hours already and feel to person so if you're lost in the jungle you really get to start shelter building early in the day Cybil

okay we have a couple of fork sticks and now we just put it underneath the raised bed to support the path where we leave it there it's actually not behind it's perfect it's perfect yes it's perfect but you need to cut it off here yeah okay

yeah good okay now the other side here psych

that's good

perfect now you sit on it yeah yeah it's good device okay yeah put it around maybe

okay we are almost done with the framework and next we need to make a proper bed so surely a knows a good tree where we can harvest some very long branches and blocks okay we found a palm tree and it has a lot of spikes on it and we have to get them off with our machete and this are some good poles for the shelter for the back so now I'm placing some my hands all over the shelter I just weave them and this should take the weight of one person all right so we have finished the basic framework off the bed which has took some liens and we yeah flash it around the two poles and next we're going to take the pump steps and we are laying them on to rely on like this and we take a couple of more of these and then we have our bed and the thing is that the shelter is narrower here than here here it's a little bit wider and the palm stem it's narrower here as well and right up here so we are going to take the right end at this place here yeah I can sleep like a baby uh-huh okay you try first you have seven to five kilos identify Steve listen now you can rest I will just this year like this it's comfortable huh yeah I want to try out the dance too oh it's actually pretty comfortable it's really comfortable I mean you know we can like put some leaves on it to make it more like a mattress like in motor Sto but I think we are going to do that next time and now we are already very hungry and we want to make a fireplace and then go fishing and make a fire and dress up some fish huh yeah I've taken my modern fishing pole with me and Julian is going to fish with the traditional fishing pole and you will see who gets more fish so generally consider River we can find warm for the fishing ok let's have a look function higher now it was easier so let's start with it with this and if it's empty later we can still can and get some more so this how exclude the traditional role this kind of special we like it because it's really small and vivid you can you can get a lot of kind of fish the bigger like the small world even both more in the river but don't use it for the sea so it is the floater yeah it's gonna give us the Sun it is a fish is eating from the rod is is made with a special trick we reach which ours also use for to build many many beds for the people in the village yeah one is bigger yeah you can use it to make many things and also you can organize each skin to to build some thread thread for for the fishing yeah it's really business ready so you see how to reach cash and let's put on and let's start

all right so now I have the modern fishing rods and Julian has the traditional oh yeah and now we make a competition and who catches more fish [Applause]


is there one as one of one of these species of fish we can find on this river the local name is in var and the people can recognize with the Queen lion one is kind of red and the other one is like zero and in the end the black black dress in the hand okay

alright so now I'm preparing the fire well Julian is doing the cutting the fish cutting and we have gotten a lot of firewood and yeah now I'm preparing the smoke ending here for a fire making today I have brought some cumin which is a native tree to here it has some flammable resin and this is going to be our fire starter for today so now I just kind of break off a little bit of this nameable stuff it's also an insect repellent so if you have a lot of mosquitoes around you can use it against the mosquitoes and it smells really good this one had for disinfection side to keep the hex to their own ah it's the Roma okay

it's a really good fire starter it's a little bit similar to the European pine resin so I'm just cleaning the head and everything inside and then it's gonna be all ready it's not the best firewood it's still a little bit moist but it's going to burn I'm sure [Music]


okay now we are using some speaks for the fish yeah and we remove the box so that you don't have any bacteria on a stick and now it's fishing changes [Laughter]

this one is burning it's too burnt maybe Oh

it's what a good I think my fish is ready too and now I will try the first bite mmm wow that's good so we want to thank you for watching this was part 1 of building a shelter in the African channel stay tuned to the next time that I

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