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Ecoguide shows how to survive in the African jungle


Ecoguide shows how to survive in the African jungle

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

it's really strong [Music]



can you pick it up now suppose I'm gonna see the gunshots and I hope to become a time [Music]


hi guys what's up today I'm going to visit a protected forest in Kabul very minty eco guide Fabrice and he's going to show me how to survive in the African jungle forest we have a lot of mosquitoes and talking about the mosquitoes we talk about malaria and where we have trails you can touch it here it is this one visit here which we can use the name to fight malaria malaria yeah I can take it previously or you can take it him to order to get recover are the audience working with your neighbors back as you can see so yeah I know and that's why his name in local name is movin Bastion in Osaka Renta is a scientist if you look in this this this outside of the back you know this this Silla are not curative the orders here is died what we need is this one the yellow one the cambium yeah you could take a piece of back and you keep it in your mouth tuck it and then you'll be shown your this part of the back you'll be just cutting its name to let it easily go inside the bottle yeah and then we have your medicine you ready against malaria is one in a three second it will be what for one day oh that would be so yellow like the back of the of the inner circle and I will be drinking it but you just have to support because it's very bitter yeah yeah and I could drink its morning time and even in time before sleeping uh-huh it's a good for malaria two times a day you drink your two time day okay it's really pitiful imitation of to support you know I want to get recovery you have to suffer to hear after taking the bug Imus Imus tattoo to heal the tree is back you will just find some nutrients on the ground

and then the key this is Murata syllable at the city for understory this one is useful in my in my society so with this one at the cities you can make to like a cup of native code taking it like this okay mm-hm so you can drink you can run down from the from the stream that's Jim clapping water inside yeah yes and dad additionally have a cup emergency cap happen

yeah traditionally you have a cup and if you need it what to fill your bottle you found another leaves again this it you will make a con with it I can't enable to fill your bottle or something like that it's inside you yeah so you can refill a bottle put a video bottle with a cognac can you also use these leaves for wrapping a fish and then throw it into the fire yes of course yeah so they are not poisonous and you can use them for cooking no no no he's not poisonous okay it is wanted for its water for believe a manufacturer of plywood a new route of furniture we found another tools and then we'll make a traditional plant with this stuff so we will find more okay can you pick it up not touching it as you saw before when when you when it used to come out this field it is - Dwight yeah and one day in the contact of her after it became black like this if you know correct it sometimes they became black yeah but this can still use it for a fire yeah for the fire all of all go through this the name of this one traditionally we use the back of a local go trees if you are next to the stream just collect the back in big quantities and pallets throw it inside the river you suggest fish coming out there would be some somewhere like somebody's drink yes fish poison here and I will collect your fish easily in many cool prepare it back and this is point yeah okay maybe name to to protect itself from the Predators some some specific illustrates use to hit the back of teeth this one if this is the protection okay now I know where you buy you burn rubber boots

they're kids

okay to be something like this holiday there is missing really strong very strong yet what and someone else in my society we will use it like I would call a streamer in English instrument a streamer musical instruments yeah music Baba before them out to you know to change of sounds we have to play with this one it is that yeah [Music]

okay I


have a look to the common huh this one of the counties yeah so he's telling me that there are many varieties of Leone's and this is the right one where he can get water out and this has this distinct spark right yeah bro Mitra and you so much collaboration between so the non-poisonous Leonie is the one which comes out quickly and the water is key yeah so these are the leaf after young lion very can drink the water funk and there you just mission that the young leaves all red okay they are first wrap and then they turn green yes okay yeah drink


this one is called the new way in your vest which are bonuses it's like that yes a blood year this up is like blood can use it for making up if want to they will think that you'll receive a consult in the modified to make me a cup of movies okay this is a traditional traditional debate I didn't know when you hurt yourself inside the jungle and to find a sock on your bed and the price right it and that will recover your bones okay so if I cut myself if tonight yeah yeah can I take this step and put it on that won't be of course here except of knew of it and scientist name is Katya double Nancy's huh it is scientist named and as well when once bitten by snake inside a jangle yeah just apply it it will slow down the progression of poison in your knee in your body and then could they find a hospital and receive the appropriate treatment okay

and talking about newborn baby with pinching they will apply it on the gums and they'll stop everything is coming out okay

come out with pins yeah you say put it in the mouth on the gums and gums and a can of the baby Olivia then they have left to fake okay yeah cool this is something that's really we need inside each angle for your survival I'm sorry tried involving you alright guys so we just saw a poisonous snake and it's maybe a green mamba that you're not sure and it seems to be poisonous

so yeah you really have to watch your step in the jungle it's on lion yeah it is really still young but this one is very important in our activity inside a jingle if you are lost yeah you are called Kulik you just produce sound so this is signal whistle Sawyer you can signal for help with the sound of it the Chungking signal little cool yes Wow with edible Leonie and half of all on it you just have to prepare it on the circle the charcoal do that without removing collars they are removed before and then and then once burning it will be easily to remove the 20 spins here and then this part will be eatable call it a speckle it's a locket spermatogonia flora is a scientist named [Applause]

you needed to be able to be flexible such a language just an alternative because even malignity what you have now maybe even though it's much longer no problem

just this part is fixable all the sub will be flexible okay

yeah thank you so much for this tool and I've learned so much really really awesome

everyone's down yeah alright so thank you very much for showing us these cool tricks in the forest and yeah I've really learned a lot and really thank you man thank you so much you're welcome Thanks all right so yeah stay tuned who makes them look good all right

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