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Building A Primitive Shelter In The African Jungle (Part 2)


Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxnuzerjAxI

Building A Primitive Shelter In The African Jungle (Part 2)

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

nice guys are protected all the time to remember people don't hit them I was pulling out myself and then I step into the hole because the party it's going to be fine but then I got stuck in the mud like this so now my shoes with water all right today I want to make a water filter for this water here as you can see the water is a little bit murky and brownish so I want to construct the simple water filter with this plastic bottle here and as pintle material I'm going to take some leftover charcoal from yesterday's fire and I'm going to close the lid again or first I'm going to make a hole into the lid just a small one that fills it again make two holes in the bottle so I can hang it this is going to be the tripod very simple okay no I just hang this bottle upside down on the tripod that's it next we need the charcoal from the fire I try not to use the ashes because the ashes they are actually a lie and you don't want to have that in your water too much some trap taking the really black

you know burnt wooden pieces and now I just crumpled up the charcoal and put it into the bottle I almost forgot to fill some moths in the cap because otherwise the small charcoal dust will come out into the water - so now I'm opening the cap again and put in the moss okay I need more charcoal alright now I'm setting my cap underneath the water bottle like this and with the other cap from the plastic bottle I'm going to fetch some water as you can see the water is a little bit murky so it's not crystal clear and now I'm going to fill it into the water bottle but you really have to take care that you don't contaminate the cap at the bottom so I'm going to fill it in the bottle like so in an angle alright so the first few times the water is still going to be blackish from the charcoal that's okay because the filter needs a little bit of you know time to sit so now we are going to pour a couple of more caps in there and then the charcoal will be out over the time all right now it's time to build the roof of our shelter we have cut down some sticks already which you know what I use for the Train put another one here in the jungle you always let the magical like this etcetera for the Chancellor we are going to use these palm fronds and I want to strip them and then put it onto the shelter with the same direction because now it's now going into this direction and then the Leafs are going into the other direction as well and that's actually not good for the shelter now we take it like that and the other side like this and then you can put it on the shelter like so that's much better

so this is the foot from the pantry I'll use it here to make soup and it's really good and you can use it for many dish wishes for this you have to cook it like half an hour then just take it take this skin and you can make well with it yeah bad well yeah people hit it by animals to like black mamba I love it so that means if you come here in the night maybe you can catch some yes [Applause]

a couple of ants beat us pretty badly so I have fighting wounds all over my body and here in the channel it really hurts like if an ant bites you it's really like it's really painful so show me yours like now tell it to red [Applause]

a lot of ants in the pants rooms and they are biting us to death all right so we somewhat finish the roof of the shelter it's not 100% watertight and there are a couple of gaps and holes but for today it's okay and we are in the dry season so we are not expecting rain and if you want to really make this waterproof you need like three times the amount of time fronds that be used but otherwise it looks pretty awesome all right so in the meantime our water has gone through the filter and now it looks much clearer and yeah it's did a little bit tainted but that's okay and yeah I didn't have too much charcoal so if you put more charcoal into the plastic container into the plastic bottle then the end result would have been much better now as we have finished the shelter we will try some fishing again and then boil the water sanitize the water and cook up some fish he enter tropics it's pretty difficult to make a fire most of the world is always a little bit wet because of the humidity and yeah I've never taken so long to build a fire so you need a lot of patience and a lot of small stakes in the blood from the people and we can't hit a lot of blood if you don't make attention we didn't have any luck with position yet so now I'm going to cook off my water

yeah Julian Shaw unfortunately if you didn't get any fish well you got two but they were too small there were two smaller yeah and I got a really big one but I lost it unfortunately so that was my mistake

I'm sorry so all we have left is water here so we want to thank you for watching this was part 2 of building shelter in the African jungle and yeah next time we are going to build another shelter somewhere else yeah and yeah I think you fished all of the things yesterday yesterday we had six fish and today you know not so many anymore so we are going to change the location yeah anyway we want to thank you for watching and stay tuned to the next time bye bye

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