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Wildfire Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit


Wildfire Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to show you how you can pack your emergency evacuation survival kit so as we have seen this last year was horrific when it comes to natural disasters we had a lot of hurricanes and also wildfires and a lot of people lost their houses and when it comes down to leaving your home quickly people might forget a couple of essentials and that's why you should pack your emergency kit before such a catastrophe happens and yeah a go back which should be about this size should not be too big you should not take a big camping rucksack or I mean you still can take a big rucksack which you throw into your car but if you have to run away the camping rucksack will be far too heavy so it's also a good idea if you pack a very small Brooke sock like this one here this is not too big and with the contents it's not going to be so heavy that you can still run with this rucksack and that's very important some people might say yeah I don't need this because I just throw everything that I possess into my car and then I go that's true also but what happens if your car breaks down on the road or what happens if you get stuck in a traffic jam and then the Wildfire is approaching then you have to leave your car and all of your heavy possessions and then you only have maybe time to grab the small backpack so this is why you should have a small go back ready to leave very quickly okay

now let's take a closer look at the contents of this emergency kit [Music]


all right folks so now let's take a look at the staff that I have here on my table the first emergency item that I want to show you is the most important one your mobile phone I think almost everybody has got a mobile phone now it's important to call your friends and 9mu mom and to see if your family is all right but also you can use the GPS on your mobile phone to navigate out of the danger zone so the mobile phone I think everybody would take it with them nobody would forget it because we have gotten pretty attached to it and yeah the mobile phone goes right into my rucksack and the next thing that you need is a map of your area and a compass because it might happen that the GPS is not working anymore and then you have to navigate manually out of the danger zone and if you get a compost and just make sure that you get one with a mirror this is used for navigation for landmarks and also this mirror can be used as a signal mirror so if you need to signal for help this is going to do the trick okay map and compass goes right into my backpack the next thing is water and food and as a chance that everyone has about one and a half liters of water with them per person and yeah the fingers water is very heavy and you cannot carry too much of it but one and a half liters is going to be fine for one day and if you run out of water you can always throw in a water filter into your survival pack this one here is the Sawyer mini filter and it will filter out certain bacteria and other germs and also protozoa so this one here is vital for your water supply here we have some food if you pack some foods then you should get some food that you don't have to cook anymore so I don't need a fuel source to cook up the food this food can be eaten right away out of the pack and here I have some

Kanade chips they are very high in energy and I have some cookies which are yeah in this waterproof pack as well and yeah with this food you can get around one day or so so it's better than nothing and also it's not too heavy the next item that you need is a first aid kits very important don't forget your first aid kit you know natural catastrophe everyone is in a hurry they are going to be more car accidents and general accidents like people are going to fall down on the floor much more because they are running so many things can happen in chaos and that's why you want to pack a first-aid kit and if possible put your first-aid kit in the front where you can reach it very fast okay

next year I want to show you two flashlights so it's very important that you bring a flashlight with you you should not forget to take a flashlight with you because sooner or later it's getting back or maybe the catastrophe started in the dark when it's still night so you need a good flashlight and if you buy a good flashlight make sure that it's of high quality all right so now let's take a closer look on the small flashlight here I got this better company OLED and it's called the s1 r2 and this is a special edition it's the same edition which is made from titanium which is pretty awesome actually and they will only sell 3,000 pieces of this flashlight here and here you can see the rechargeable battery that is inside of the flashlight so if you want to recharge this flashlight on the go you just attach this magnet to your flashlight and then you can use your power bank to recharge this flashlight here and here at the back side you can see a red light which is an indicator for the charging process and if this turns green then you know that the flashlight has been fully charged now the LEDs are pretty strong in here so on the maximum mode you will get over one thousand lumens and that's really insane for such a small flashlight now the great thing is that the company Allah has granted my subscribers a 30 percent discount on this flashlight and you can only get it this Friday so it's going to be a Black Friday safety and you can get 30% off if you follow the link in the description below and also if you register on their website you will get a keychain light like this one here for free alright folks so these were the flashlights and I'm going to pack them just in the front here so that I can reach them easily and the small keychain flashlight goes into my pockets so you always should have a small flashlight in your pocket as well now the next thing that you need or might need is something to make fire with so yeah I know who and fires and maybe you should not make a fire but if you're trapped somewhere in the wilderness and maybe it has started to rain and maybe you need to make a fire to warm yourself up or maybe you have a camping stove with you and let's say you need some kind of combustion material so that he can ignite your camping stove then you can use this fire still here a fire still should be in every survival kit and it doesn't vary much next thing that you might need is an emergency radio so if you need to listen to I don't know the government for example or other you know information about what's going on then a radio is one good thing to have so this one here is a hand-crank radio by the way so you can recharge it with this hand crank which is pretty awesome especially if you have run out of batteries so this is going right into my back like the next thing is emergency shelter so yeah if you take a heavy top with you this will make your backpack very heavy and it's important that you only take materials which are not too heavy so for an emergency shelter you can use this trash bag here this one is a very big one it's pretty sturdy pretty thick and if you cut it open you have a nice layer of a plastic bag which you can use as an emergency shelter the next thing here is a rain poncho pretty lightweight you never know you might need it to collect some water or for other things to expand your emergency shelter and this one here is so light so yeah it's definitely going into my pack the next thing that I had is a chest taking with you is a notepad and a pen and yeah it might be you know important to write down your telephone number give it to someone maybe you have lost your family members and you can leave a note for them so yeah maybe you need to chop down some important information like for example a plate license number or something else so it's always good to have pen and paper with you okay next thing is a dust mask something like this here in mild fires it often happens that there is a lot of debris coming down ash and other particles so you want to protect your lungs from inhaling these particles and make sure that you get a dust mask which has at least ffp free of quality so that's the quality rating and FFP free is the best quality that you can get with these simple dust masks okay then we are left with respect here in this bag I have emergency clothing socks underwear t-shirt and see I have a bag with hygiene articles so toothbrush toothpaste tissues and tampons and yeah this is what you might need on the go so this is going right into my waterproof bag here and I'm going to close this down to prevent the stuff from getting wet


so this is going in here as well and last but not least you should take important documents with you for example a passport your birth certificate if you have an academic degree you take this certificate with you as well and also you need credit cards and a lot of cash and all of your valuables and yeah that's going right into the backpack as well and also don't forget to put some photos of your family into the back bank as well because you might lose a family member and then it can happen when you ask someone if he or she has seen this person and you don't have a photo with them then it's going to be really hard to find your family members but when you have a photo of your kids for example you can show this photo to another person and maybe this person has seen your kids and yeah make sure that the photos are pretty updated so they shouldn't be older than one here yes so I really want to thank you for watching this video I think it's a very important topic and yeah this small looks like here can be the difference between life and death so this is going to be a life saver and yeah I believe that natural disasters are becoming more and more you know common now so we should really think about emergency solutions like this one here yeah so this is it I want to thank the company OLED for sponsoring this video and stay tuned to the next time



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