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If you show up with this bow people will think you are crazy


If you show up with this bow people will think you are crazy

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I'm going to do something very unusual I'm going to shoot my recurve bow with a site from compound polls so that's something very unusual if you do this and you go to arrange people will look at you and think that you're really crazy

so yeah I'm always open for new experiments and that's why I want to try this today I have shot recurve bows for over 14 years now and usually I don't use any sides I shoot over the shelf yeah today I thought I want to mount this compound both side on my recurve bow and yeah let's see how this works out I also have attached a tee loop because my release is okay but you know sometimes yeah their release is the most important thing really so sometimes you pull the senior more back then a lot of times and then you have you don't have the best accuracy and you can really minimize that error with using this trigger you know and you hook this into the tee loop and this is only used by compound archers so that's the second unusual thing that I'm going to use today now the cool thing about these sides is that I can move around the side like I can move it more down left and right and even this small target pins I can move up and down so yeah the first thing that I have to do is I want to side in the bow and I also need a laser rangefinder which I have here because I'm really bad at estimating distances and yeah I have five pins so I want to sight in my bow for five different distances from close to very far let's see if this works out all right the distance now is six meters six seven meters something like that right in the middle 13 meters yes yes yeah yep that bonus great all right so this was 30 meters okay I think I can shoot better so I'm going to try it one more time yeah yeah forget about the first round here the out-of-work ver really nice okay that's 25 meters let's take a look I hit the yellow circle that's good all right folks so this is how I shot that 25 meters and it doesn't look great but actually I never shoot that far so if I shoot without the aim I could never achieve such a great group I have to say it so I'm shooting better with the setup then with a pair balk you know so when I'm shooting instinctively I'm pretty good at short distances but 25 meters I would never shoot like this so I'm definitely gonna invest more time practicing with the setup now I think it's really awesome okay I hit the target and what's not the best chop so I rather would be here but anyways - hi yeah I needed to implore yeah my first error was far above the ShamWow and the second one was actually too low so I'm not happy with this at all

looks like a bad turkey to me looks like an extra to me 100% lethal okay the first one was really good right in the heart second one was a little bit to the left this one here was almost dead center and here I made a head shot a little bit higher I'm going to shoot a second time yes perfect shot yeah well okay that was the first shot but I'm definitely more happy with the second shot this year is right in the heart and yeah pretty good okay yep

second volley hit a shot was amiss that's really good okay we have our Bobcat and a peak at 18 meters the tree ah far too high oh my god oh I hit the head yeah okay so now I know what I have to do differently next time so usually at 18 meters I would shoot with the pin in the middle here with the yellow one but because it's going down so steep you have to choose the higher pin and that's because of the velocity of gravity I believe yeah so next time I really know what I'm doing Heath

okay I'm really happy with the shop 22 metres it's really far and it was deep down so I'm really glad that I hit the target in a very good position Oh second one was well for at 19 metres yeah whether again in their heart okay I'm really happy with this shot here it's about four and it was that phantom is two legs so yeah I'm really happy about this one and you should be pigs they have their hearts lower than for example the hearts of tear so dear heart is here and pigs have a heart which is down here yeah yeah guys I'm really happy with these two shots last times that I tried to show that this I always missed up one shot and now it's perfect and now I have to say I really appreciate the target the sights here because yeah I have the feeling that I'm shooting so much better with it hip pretty good for Trenton to me toes the last one was really good core

pretty bad but the target was 30 meters away so that's really far yeah

alright guys that's it for today now I have to go home because I filled my shoulder a little bit and yeah I don't want to injure myself so that's why I go home earlier than usual and yeah so far I'm very happy with the site on my poll and yeah I know this is not something which is very traditional but actually it improved my accuracy a lot so from now on I'm going to shoot with the site here because I think it's fun and yeah I want to improve my shooting capabilities and yeah maybe I should install a peep but I don't know we will see maybe next time and if you are interested in getting this site here you can find on Amazon link in the description below I got mine for only 20 euros and that's pretty cheap for such an awesome site so that's it for today I want to thank you for watching

archery makes a lot of fun so if you don't have a boat yet I can really recommend this one here this is the same ik sh t one of my favourite balls and this one here has 40 pounds of throw weights so yeah I want to thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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