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Building A Primitive Hut In The Jungle


Building A Primitive Hut In The Jungle

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Julie and today Julian and I are in the African chair again and today he's going to show me how to build a traditional African Hut yeah

so today we will go for organize a wreath traditional African Charter mm-hmm let's see how many times do you have to do it by thinker it's fine so I think that in three hours we can build the shelter let's see we already have found a spot here which is really open so we have to kill that out a little bit but first you're going to go and get us some materials I go for this you go for a sense okay let's stop now you are cutting some sticks from the French you will need some sticks can be set like like this and this is a really good one

super yeah alright so I'm cutting down this leaves here they are pretty you know big and they a good shelter building materials and natives call them Akua

so it's a native language tongue and that's the name of the tree or shrub and that's pretty awesome for shelter building


okay so now I'm going to clear out the spot here there are few trees growing here and lands all over the place everything has thorns on it and spikes so it's really you really have to watch out what you're touching with your hands so this is a water line and you can drink the water too okay I think we have kind of novel materials huh yeah sure you have our sticks yeah so we can start this from now defending yeah hmm there are different roles for different and the city order first one

all of them will be together there we need a really strong one I'm getting eaten up by the mosquitoes it's nice and all of the insects artichokey

so distance will be used for the door so you needed seven ones here receptions to come watch here and in the back too so [Music]

and now we ditch everything the strong [Music]

yeah you still have a very good client left and a couple of smaller ones here that I pulled off the tree and yeah what's the next step tune in yeah the next step you get some more sleep

yep - and you set it to Ron okay so now we make this six horizontal around the center yeah okay so right now we have needed one hour for the shelter and the framework is already set up so this is a pretty fast

shelter to make you know emergency situation you can use this shelter this type of shelter if you have to stay overnight in the channel it's much faster than the other shell to be built right yeah


it's running a little bit in the dry season in a dry season that's because normally in the dry season like August is not viable yeah it's pretty big huh yeah good now we can start to believe Iran and make it waterproof okay yeah that's a possibility

the secrets the juice from the one like this one and just go through the front yeah then you stick on one and you make this turn and for the top we had some more from the second or the first line okay

so this is kind of the first line of live you put Iran then you'd had a second line


you can start organized we'll have some very nice design like this so the one shoe will put a lot of lips like this yeah and in the end you trolls the first line we made

you can't just yeah well the shelter's finished huh yeah finally yeah I think we needed like three and a half hours to finish it yeah now it looks really good come inside everything is pretty more tight here

I imagine the shelter can withstand even very heavy rain yeah yeah yeah and really a long time because the leaves are really hard to get dirty or destroyed by everything these are very durable they're going to hold there's a small hole in the top but that's okay because this way you can still have a fire on the bottom and then the smoke will go out here in the middle and yeah we are not finished with the bottom yet if you want to make this really snake-proof you really have to breathe in more leaves so that no snakes can come in but yeah for now it's going to be okay and now let's try to get a fish and maybe start a fire and then get something into our stomach yeah all right so I have sent Julian to get a fish so now he is down at the creek trying to fish and he's on foot in the creek bed let's see if it brings back a fish and in the meantime I'm carving some shavings for the fire and I've collected some firewood which is not so easy to find here in the jungle because everything is so moist so I tried to collect the wood that was dead hanging or dead standing you never want to take food which is lying on the ground okay I'm making a fire in front of the shelter and I'm using the platform heels to protect the wood from the moisture from the ground now it's time to make the fire today I'm going to use my lighter and some vaseline as a fire starter and I can highly recommend that you take wrestling with you into the jungle because here everything is moist even this wood here is moist and it's really hard to get it going with just using food alone so I can highly recommend vaseline or some other kind of Kino as you can see even mr. Vaseline it's very difficult to satisfy us the flame needs a lot of times you know to grow and as you can tell from the smoke the world is still very moist catch fish no I found two bananas do you have two bananas for now okay so instead of fish we are eating bananas because Julian was not lucky mr. fishing come on better warm fire no mosquito yeah like this you have research yeah yeah maybe next time you catch just a moment in some River it's not so easy to find fish at this time so in the jungle most of the fish right catfish they like to slate yeah keep you entertained in the day and in the night they start to hunt okay the catfish keep during the day and [Music]

nice move Milan I swing my learner's way [Music]

mais oui




so it's like I'm just saying I'm coming I'm coming because it's like a traditional sound yeah for for product for local people here it's right here it's really I will show you how to ready written yeah just put them to the side and they can cool off a little bit your shoes the body is almost ready it needs a little bit more job Wow Wow

it looks really good but no that's good so finally we got something yeah nothing yeah

okay the motor is ready yeah I brought it to a rolling boil now let's add the coffee I like strong coffee so you know put it in is okay okay we had hard work today so we can make it sure so the US has a hole here so take mine is better

banana very hot it's so good chocolate gonna be a big perk oh my gosh next time maybe fish some chocolate remember when I was young my mom always the bananas make like it or leave it and put it and now it's really the same yeah it's really good [Laughter]




now we have our yeah yeah yeah it's good Thank You Julian for showing me this awesome shelter the traditional African shelter drew pretty cool I've never made something like this and I can believe that this is a very good and quick survival shelter if you're lost in the challenging you you can build something like this two persons need about three hours so that's really okay yeah and it's pretty well tied yeah it's really easy to build it and faster it's not taking so long time to organize so we want to thank you guys for watching and stay tuned till next time we are finishing our coffee not any more [Laughter]

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