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What Would you Choose to Survive -10 Items?


Help me decide on the kind of solo trip to take.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Thanks folks!

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Video Transcription

am i washed out is this way too white hello folks let me get rid of this guy so you can see me so I'm just downstairs in the dungeon I'd love to be able to call it a man cave but we're not there yet I've been really racking my brain I have a lot of decisions to make and have a lot of important decisions to make actually regarding my trip my solo trip so I thought that I make this quick video and ask you guys opinion that doesn't mean that I'm going to completely follow what the majority says or anything like that I just wanted to get a couple different ideas going what you guys think is the best so what I'm referring to is my ten-day solo self-discovery journey where I'm going far north the same spot that Shawn and I went in last spring very close to that spot actually I won't be going into the park and won't we go we going into woodland caribou Park I'll be outside and Crown land but it took us 30 hours to drive there last time so that's how far up north it is it's on the border Manitoba and Ontario I'll be flying this time the premise is or the possible premise is an alone type show where I only bring ten items and I live out there on what I can do with those ten items and that's good and that's really cool and fun and everything there's a couple drawbacks to it especially in the location I'm going and and how I'm doing it again like I said before the legality issues I don't have free range to do whatever I want for procuring food but also there's not that the the garbage and the things that would come in off the Pacific Ocean when we were out on Vancouver Island the first day I found or maybe the second day I thought like three big one liter glass jugs I found a bunch of rope tons and tons and tons of garbage that was useful for you for four things out there I say this because that's not going to be the case where I'm going a place is seldom used the park itself sees less than 500 visitors a year compared to Algonquin millions and it's enormous this park is enormous and again I'm not gonna be in the park but it's the same idea right the fact is there's not going there's no ocean and there's not going to be things washing up from Japan moving or down the street or anything like that there's no garbage there when I was there I saw no garbage so that leads into into not being able to have things to use things for certain things so it might be a little bit more interesting if I did have a little bit more gear but then again where do I draw the line right like all right as it is now I have this packed this is my why not wild and skill pack packed with all the things that I would take with my ten items leaving out the canoe and leaving out the fishing rod because those are two of my items eight items are fitting in there and I really could potentially do the trip out of that pack plus a second area like Pelican case or waterproof case for my camera gear because I will need to bring probably four or five six cameras even I'll be I'll be borrowing a couple really high-end DSLRs and also be a drawing and things like that because I don't want to make this very quality so I can potentially do that ten items over that backpack or the other thought I had sorry let me jump back and kind of jump in a little place so with those ten items I have a pot a knife a fire steel axe at art on the show they gave us a tarp and gave us the option of bringing a tarp so there was a like 12 by 16 or 14 by sixteen canvas tarp that they gave us and we were allowed to choose a tarp as one of our ten items so that secondary tarp wasn't on that list I'm not going to take two tarps I'm not gonna do that I'm not going to add another thing or anything like that the one tarp is the tarp that I have it's fair well I'm not I'm not in the Pacific started raining for us you know I'm not in a temperate rainforest where I'm going so I don't need the two tarps that other tarp was necessary or where we went anyway pot knife fire steel axé tarp sleeping bag food rations fishing rod and five lures boat and I'm missing one cordage korch that's my tent okay so with those ten items I have a big pot I have a zebra pot it's a 14 centimeter Billy 10 pot that I'll be bringing that said I don't have garbage to go around and find water bottles to have portable things to bring water around and stuff like that that's not a deal breaker that's not a game changer that's not even that's necessity but it changes the type of trip that it would be so I guess what I'm really trying to get at is should I stick with the 10 items what I told you what they are I can show you here in a second or should I go with like whatever can fit in a backpack you know what I mean because then I'll have things like a reflector oven to cook my fish in as opposed to cooking it on a spit every single time

I'll have options with that or I could bring a saw which will help things where I could bring a water bottle which will help things you know what I mean or just little little things that I can do projects with a knife sharpener a book you know all those things that will make the trip different I don't know that they will make it better or worse it does kind of take away from the surviving aspect of it again I'm planning on building a shelter incorporating that tarp into the shelter or using that tarp until I have a shelter made depending but then again where do I draw the line like I'm saying I don't want to bring a sleeping pad because then I that's more just camping yeah I really don't know I really don't know what I should do where I should draw the line let me show you guys the gear that I do plan on bringing I do have some of the original things that I brought on alone and when I can I would like to bring those saying things or very similar things just to kind of replicate it but yeah let's go through those things so first up this is the original sleeping bag that I brought on a loan this was my cold-weather sleeping bag for a long time when I was buying things on the cheap this is a Chinook anybody buddy that knows Chinook is knows that it's not a good quality you can probably find it in places like Canadian Tire or Walmart stores of that nature that said it's done really well for me it's bulky it's synthetic

so the down getting wet is not really an issue but I think it's a good negative pony bag too anyways and that's one option for my sleeping bag or I could also if I want to go if I do decide to go real minimalist I might bring the wool blanket I'm not sure yet I am 100 percent I'm going to be having a fire in in my shelter or right in front of my shelter using it as a warmth so that's where stuff like the wool blanket comes in real big hand in handy because it won't melt it won't burn spark holes on it won't matter whereas if I'm using a synthetic bag it's warmer but there's a chance of it getting burned up especially with how close my fire will be we got to remember to sorry to digress a bit these 10 items were not just all that we had we were allowed clothing we were a lot of first aid kit we had a headlamp to help us with our filming stuff at night we had a radius out satellite radio on us or sorry satphone on us a GPS tracker thing maybe no GPS but a like a beacon a tracking beacon like SOS thing so 100% I am going to bring all that stuff I'm going to have a Sat phone I need to have that out there I need to have like a spot emergency thing and I do need first aid and Hedlund and all things like that so all that stuff will be brought that's not part of the ten items gloves too we were allowed to bring gloves check so check these bad boys over these are my Hester off online gloves out as you guys you know and you've seen them forever I've been using these things for three years they've shrunk they're they're literally beat up beyond repair let's let's show you look at how much they've shrunk look at the the thumbs okay listen to this there are one time soft supple leather gloves they are just destroyed finger cut through this is all ripping off very very very tiny not an original color on them just ripped up but I love them this is the axe that would bring this time regardless I'm not gonna bring the same one I brought last time a couple reasons this is my grass firs skin even forest axe really real nice real nice axe this is the one that originally brought on alone this is my grandma's axe this is also sweet axe I love this thing probably my favorite acts ever just with sentimental value the shape of the head everything it is a bit heavy that's that's why I don't want to brazen not too heavy to use by any means it's maybe a half a pound heavier than this but because I'm only bringing one axe and no saw I really want to have control I really want to have like dirt I won't have enough like finesse and control they do small work on this and yeah I really just want to put this thing through some work you know get SAP all over the handle and really really make it my own so this is becoming more of an heirloom more of like a hanging on the wall use it every now and then kind of thing because it does have a lot of sentimental value to me so the axe I've already showed you my sleeping bag potentially my wool blanket my axe those are two two pieces of kit a sleeping bag or the wool blanket would be if I do use this bag now this isn't none of this whose set in stone at all I'm just talking thinking about we'll be strapped to the bottom of my bed this sleeping bag or the sleeping pad because this is again like a 30 liter bag and that's not that much for ten days

let's go on the outside I do have a couple other things in here just clothing-wise

we were allowed obviously to bring rain gear needed rain gear so I've got things like one pair of boxers one shirt I'm not going to be bringing a lot of clothes at all just literally one pair of extra socks one pair of boxers one long johns one undershirt and then rain gear and then whatever I'm wearing I might have like an extra t-shirt or something like that just to layer my toque well this is the same tool I took on alone as well this is my icebreakers beanie and then my Arc'teryx rain jacket all that stuff fit in my side pouch my water bottle pouch so that's really useful and the other pouch believe it or not fits the 14 centimeter Billy can the zebra Billy which is absolutely crazy to me like that's a big hole pot and the side pouch fits that yeah there we go so look at that bad boy that's seldom been used two or three times I've been used I got that from a fire box

fire box stove so it's even got the little clips on it inside here there's a little dish look at the size this this is not the 12 but we'll grab the 12 and show you the difference okay so here's the 14 here's the 12 here's the 10 you can see I've got a lot more use out of my 12 my 10 Oh than the 14 but that's the size difference right there normally whenever anybody asks me I say if you're so low ten but you can heart they're hard to find if you are cooking for two people or one to two people 12 and then if you're obviously cooking for two or more this one but because I have no water filter I'll be cooking in in this and and procuring my water and everything out of one thing I'm going with the 14 for sure and that's not

bigger than what they allowed us to bring on a loan is actually the same size as the one I brought on alone it was my buddy Ken's though it's nice to have the dish I don't think they'd let me bring the dish on alone but I'm bringing it I don't care I got Portage you see another paracord in there this one is a seven strand so it's even more useful I can cannibalize it and get lots more rope off excuse me Billy hiccups so I'll show you three three pieces of kit pot axe sleeping baby so this is a toss up on the show alone I brought a knife that was identical to this this is my second knife that looks like this the other ones m.i.a but this is the identical knife I did not have as some of you would know a firesteel loop on it so this is a little different that's it's a touch shorter anyways but this would be the same knife and if I do bring this knife we'll bring this first oh that's attached to it if not I'll be bringing probably might early gasket oh sorry this is an adventure storm Mountaineer really really like adventurous weren't really like the mountain here my favorite model of theirs and this is my Turley Gasconade this is just a beast of a knife all-around good wood school so they'll be one of those two most likely again it might change and then a firesteel right with a lanyard I'm not waiting this time to put the lanyard on don't care about the put the rules I'm making the rules this is my up like jacket the same one that I took on alone it's made of prim loft all bandaged up but we bring that again again that's just part of clothes that's not a 10 piece kit this is my tarp there's a bushcraft us a 10 by 10 I'm either bringing this or an aqua aqua quest 13 by 11 or something along those lines depending if aqua quest hits me back I emailed them last night so either a 10 by 10 or like a 13 by 11 rip stop tarp that's six my fishing kit will be going in here plus my fishing rod so again if I set on the other video I'm gonna bring a rod a real with all with with already fishing line on it so that I'm not bringing any extra fishing line so a reel and rod with line and five hooks so that's what that's gonna be one I don't know why I did this that's we have one one piece to kit because I don't have a gill net I'm not allowed to throw multiple lines in the water or anything like that this is gonna be the making up for that so fishing kit seven first aid kit that doesn't count obviously food food is eight we're just gonna go in this and this is probably gonna be how about how big the food is just like this inside here oh sorry this is our sack this is what I'll used to tie my food up with a night they did not give us something to do that with on alone and I thought that was very silly anyways I'm bringing this this high high high chance of seeing bear there's bear country the thing is bears are not habituated people they're not habituated to campsites or not that I'm gonna be on a campsite we don't have problem bears there they don't have problem bears there because of that because there's no campsites that are littered with people and garbage and things like that so regardless of that this is my earth sack this is a Kevlar bag this will be safe for bears I'll tie it to the bottom of the tree they can't rip through it there's a smell proof bag in it and keep it all good inside this I'm gonna have rice granola and jerky that's it asking me my food for 10 days I don't supplement no I want to supplement my fish with this that's that's the way to say it anyways that's 9 a thing right is that 9 so let's go a little real quick again 110 will be my canoe in place of the gill net because I can't bring one so canoe fishing pole fishing gear food cooking pot

sleeping bag or won't like it knife and fire still that's seven tarp is eight axe is nine and cordage which is inside here is ten that's my 10 items would you rather see me survive live off the land find myself do what I need to do out there with those ten items in that small backpack plus a few pieces of clothing safety kit camera gear or would you prefer to see me have all of the tools that I would need to be comfortable bring things like a coop stuff to drink out of make it way more campy bring things like the Svante Frieden fire reflector bring lemon brain butter bring fish crisp bring a hammock to chi'lan not to sleep and I'll still build a shelter what would you prefer there's two schools of thought to different completely different trips right I'm still being gonna be stationary I'm still going to fish for my dinner I'm not gonna bring tons and tons of food if even either way I'm not gonna bring food I'm gonna bring rations and then things to supplement my food the things would be fish crisp butter lemon things to make it taste better yeah or do you want to see me recreate alone basically for ten days I know it's and again I know it's not the same thing I know that completely I have a destination I'm sorry I have an end date which is enormous which which is changes everything already and I'm in a place that I that I know not know but I'm you more familiar with so I get it it's not alone I completely get it but this is my take on it and this is me doing what I can do I can't be gone for a month and I got pregnant away from the kid right ten days is a long time plus I got to be there for a couple days beforehand couple days on the other side of it I got to fly there get situated you know what I mean so it's gonna turn into 15 days easy I thought I'm gone from home so again what would you rather seek well what would you what what really strikes you as a cool video or as a cool series either way it's gonna be fun either way I'm gonna have a blast when I'm sure that the same result is going to come out of it I'm gonna have a better understanding of myself and what might my head a my my skills and all that stuff but what do you want to see again regardless I'm bringing a journal I don't care I'm bringing a journal and a pencil and I'm I'm writing because that's what I'm gonna do at night you know they may wanna sit by the fire and write even if I do the 10 dates they're sorry the 10 item thing I I need to be able to write at night write my thoughts and remember how I'm feeling out there and specifically there are things that I don't want to put on video that are personal in my head that I go through and think about and things like that so I'm pretty open with you guys you know I mean I'm pretty open with you guys as you come to understand but there are things that I I need to work out in my head and putting them on paper and being by myself for 10 nights is it's cool looking forward to it so let me know let me know I don't know my gosh you guys probably 15 times now but let me know what you want to see let me know what you what you think is is better and again I'm not going to like make a poll and decide with whoever has the most votes but I would like to read opinions and reasons why so thank you very much for humoring me I'm very excited for this it's something I'm constantly thinking about now and packing it you can see I got a gear bomb house I got to clean up but very cool so thanks again for watching guys thank you for your support thank you for your ideas I'll see you soon good bye you

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