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Bow Drill Lesson Learned The Hard Way


In this video I try to make a bow drill set out of some kind of hard wood, which I could not identify. I went for it because the splint wood seemed soft. But then I found that the heart wood was incredibly hard. I could not get an ember out of this set. Lesson learned!! Take soft wood for a bow drill set. Don't waste your time with hard wood.

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Bow Drill Lesson Learned The Hard Way

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Video Transcription

hi guys I'm Lilly and today I'm back in my backup camp number two and today I want to practice my bow drill skills as you can see today it's very cold we have minus 4 degrees Celsius so making a bow drill fire is going to be a real challenge okay I'm walking along this river here to search for a suitable wood for the bow drill and I hope that I can find Willow poplar or some other soft wood which is great for the bow trim this branch here is pretty old and it's already rotten but the inside of it looks pretty okay we will see if this works as a bow drill set okay let's go and search for tinda I found some stuff which is fairly dry and yeah it feels dry to the touch but actually I'm 100% sure that there's still a little bit of moisture left so now I'm taking this tinder bundle and put it inside of my jacket because the warmth of my body is going to dry out the rest of the moisture in the tinder bundle



first of all that this world was a spent but actually I'm pretty sure that it's not Aspen it's too hard and the color of the what in the center doesn't fit the aspen wood so let's see if this works okay the first room was not working this world is very very hard whoo so now I have to wait a little bit regain my strength and then I want to try it again okay I'm back yesterday night I tried like six times to get a bow-drill ember from this wood but it didn't work I think that the what is too hard but I'm back today and I want to give it one more try nothing nothing it's not working it's some very hard wood I can't identify it anymore because I didn't find any LeSueur but it was completely rotten and yeah the best thing to do with a set like this is to throw it away and go search for something which is more soft okay here I have a C double drill set which I have made from fresh cedar wood and this works much better okay the lesson today was don't take hardwood takes off to it it's much better less complicated you need less effort go for softwood I want to thank you for watching don't forget to follow me on Facebook to the Instagram and stay tuned till next time

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