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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to show you the knife that I'm using this years my knife collection and this video is probably going to save you a lot of money because yeah when you're starting out with bushcraft and survival at the beginning you might think yeah this is a great knife and I'm going to buy it but then later you find out that maybe it wasn't a good choice to buy the knife so today I want to show you the knife that I own and why I bought them and if I would buy them again which is the most important question okay let's start with this knife here this is the poker box rolled and it comes in a d2 steel which is something between stainless steel and carbon steel so it's it tends to rust a little bit and that's why they have coated it with this black coating which is coming up a little bit but that doesn't matter the reason why I bought this knife was because it's full tang it has very sturdy line and mikado handles and it has a very good feel to it a very good grip it's quite a good chopper it has a full flat grind and yeah the first looks of it might imply that you want to buy this knife but then when I was trying it out I was patrolling some very hard pine branches and it actually chipped it has two very big chips in the blade because yeah the steel of this knife is very very hard it has around

I think 62 Rockwell or maybe 61 I'm not sure exactly but it's pretty hard almost too hard so if you want to do but turning with this knife it would have been better if they used a little bit softer of a steel the good thing though is that

the knife comes flat at the backside here which is good when patterning and yeah

all in all is a good knife would I buy it again no I wouldn't because the cutting capabilities are not that great it's pretty thick and very broad in general I'm not that fancy anymore of very broad nice yeah I don't like it anymore I don't know it's a good and stable knife cost me around 140 euros but I wouldn't go for it again and the chief that the knife comes in it's actually pretty crappy so yeah the next knife that I want to show you is this one here I've used this in the past three months it's a very good carving knife inspired diving sparrow it has McCarter handles and it has a very ergonomic grip so it's yeah it feels very good in hand comes with a full flat grind 1095 carbon steel and it cuts very well so it's a very good carving knife what I don't like about this plate is that the tip is pretty thin so I'm always afraid that one day it might break off other than that it's a very good knife maybe a little bit too short but it makes definitely a good push craft knife would I buy it again well I got it for free so I didn't buy it but it's a custom knife and it cost $300 I think that's a little bit steep and I wouldn't buy it for 300 I would buy it for $100 yes the later shift that comes with it is a very high quality it's very sturdy and thick so that's what I liked about the knife another knife that I want to show you is this one here this is a traditional Austrian hunting knife

you use this knife for cutting and yeah it's called kanika which means bending and breaking off and the blade is very slim because it's used to kill for example here when they are wounded and you can shoot them you just take the knife and push it in between the skull and the first vertebrae and that's why it has a very slim shape it's pretty sharp and I've got it a lot of deal with it it's stainless steel and it didn't cost a lot of money it costs around I think 80 euros or something comes with very nice stack handles and yeah I definitely would buy this again because this is a great flat knife one day I have decided to buy a carving knife like this one here this here is the kalam Wolverine and it has a Scandinavian grind it comes with a high carbon steel blade it has a stick thing and our curly birch handle now what you shouldn't do with this knife is batoning because the stick hang might break it's a pretty good cutting tool it cuts very well it's razor sharp so if you're looking for a knife that is a good cutter I can recommend this one however one day I have got a deal with it and after it it was very dull and I cut through some bones and then it got a chip so this is not for blood work also one day I've handed it over to another hunter and he has cut off the head of deer and while he was doing that he slipped over with his finger onto the blade and he has cut his finger down to the bone so this knife doesn't have a lot of finger guard and that's why I don't recommend it for beginners because yeah you really need to be a professional knife use of and using a knife like this and of all these knives I'm most cautious with this one here the next knife that I want to show you is the cold steel as okay and when I was buying this knife I had in my mind that I wanted to buy a one item survival knife that you can use for every task if you take a look at the ship you might notice that it's actually very good quality it's a very good quality sheath and it's it's very very well in the sheath and it won't come out by itself the knife itself is a aus-8 a steel it's a stainless steel which I like because sometimes you know when you are in red regions or at the coast high carbon steel tends to rust on you and this is very resistant to rust I'm not very fond of the rubber handle as you can see it has taken a very good beating from patterning and it's varying off the tang is almost full tang it's a stick tang and you can't kill that tang this knife is a breaching tool it's so thick it won't break on you it has about five point five millimeters of thickness then it has a drop-point blade and I like having that but it also is a clip point which means that it has some kind of knife shape at the top and actually that's very bad when patterning because a lot of energy gets absorbed with this clip point here the ground comes with a saber grind and it's actually a very good cutting knife for its thickness you can do pretty much everything with this knife it's very forgiving it is on the medium soft side when it comes to the steel it has about 58 Rockwell and one time I hit a stone and the blade didn't chip the bevel just rolled over and then I could sharpen it out again very fast so that's what I like I'm I'm very fond of knives that are not too hard and yeah would I buy it again yes I would it cost around 80 euros or 100 heroes and it's a very good knife and I hope that it will last me even longer so yeah pretty awesome I will definitely buy it again the cold steel sok is definitely a one knife option and if i had to take any of these knives i would go for this one here however it's not the best cutting knife carving knife sorry and that's why i have looked for another blade which is this one this is a modified mora Pathfinder and it comes with a stick tang and it's not the most stable blade I have seen videos of it breaking but then you know I made a custom handle to it well my friend survival Mike did it for me and he moved the handle a little bit more into the blade so that it's more stable and now that stick Tang starts here so I'm hoping that with this customized handle that the blade will not be prone to breaking and I have to say I really fell in love with the blade shape I think this is the perfect shape for a survival knife now if we compare it to the cold steel as okay you can see that the blade shape is pretty much the same the moral comes with a Scandinavian grind and it cuts very very well and that's also because it's it's very thin it only has three point two millimeters of thickness and yeah if you take a look at the front here you can see that the Mora is flat and therefore it's very very nice to put on with this knife carving capabilities are insane this knife is cutting like hell it's really awesome it's high carbon steel I'm not very sure what kind of carbon steel but Moore makes very good steel so this one is very good it hasn't chipped on me yet and I've done some very rough patterning and it didn't break me if this knife was in full tang I think it would be the perfect survival knife also it could be like 2 millimeters quicker and maybe yeah maybe as long as the coal see less okay and yeah I've made a custom-made sheath for this knife which I really love it also comes with this very nice Boulder little socket and I think every survival knife should have something like this because making a bearing block for the bow drill is the hardest thing that you can do last but not least I want to show you my hatchet that I'm using I've used this header to build a lot of my shelters and yeah as you can see it's pretty worn out I have it now more than three years and this is actually a battling's hatchet it's the hunters edition add small and lightweight and you can tell it's the hunters edition because at the back side you can see this hammer and the edges of the hammer are rounded off and that's because this hatchet the purpose of of this hatchet is that you are D skinning an animal using the backside of the hatchet so that's that's pretty awesome and the front doesn't have a lot of a blade it's pretty short but that's more than enough for deep branching debranching some logs or for making wooden stakes and I have to say I really really loved this one if you are interested in getting a wetterling's hatchet you can find them on Amazon I think this one here was around 80 $80 something yeah so it's a pretty good one and I really love it yeah this is my collection of knives if I had to trust one knife with my life then I would trust that cold steel as okay the most it's so robust it will never break on youth and yeah if you are interested in getting one of these knives I pulled link into the description below also if you are interested in what tpd sees this is a TP by Odin land I want to thank them for giving it to me for free you find the link in the description as well I want to thank you for watching stay tuned till next time and don't forget to follow me on Facebook 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