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Lunch in the Woods on a Firebox Stove


This is my second twig stove, I'm really liking the idea of a twig stove now.

In this video, Scout and I head to the forest to cut some wood, have a large fire in the firebox stove, hang a hammock and cook up some great lunch.


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Video Transcription

hey folks mo here in the woods of scout and it's a nice day it's wet sun is shining but I'm still able to wear a sweater

my favorite kind of day I had to get out I had a pretty crappy couple days cooped up in the house there so my remedy come up to the woods cook up some lunch hanging my hammock ponder life hang with my dog I catch up with you once I'm in the bush proper come the boy so as you can see it's really wet here in the woods but it's also really beautiful the trout Lou trout lilies are poking up some of them have their yellow flower on them right now I'm seeing another little bluish purple e white flower that I don't know what it is I'm seeing may apples and yeah it's a beauty day I'm glad I'm oh here I'm already feeling better so my plan is to set up my hammock and cook up some food I got a firebox stove after I got my last my last wood stove for my Twix toe of that Bush buddy I got I've been kind of on the on the twig stove hop so I got this firebox in it's a lot bigger a lot heavier but you can have a full-blown fire in that thing so what I'm doing now is I'm going to set up probably this right right in this area it looks really pretty right here and I see some dead maple to my right that I can cut so that's what we're going to do I think I can set my hammock up between this tree and that tree I think that big trees are the frame that I'm pointing at but there's a good spot Suns coming up me this way so for filming I'll be able to put the camera where it is now and have the Sun towards me there's a little pools of water every here and there so let's go get thirsty or if I need to put out my fire box for some reason I got the water available cut the plane overhead so we're doing good on that front all as well so I'm not sure how familiar you guys are with Twigg stoves in general or with the firebox like I've said previously that that Bush buddy was my first twig stove and I'm an amateur at using them I've always just used fires to cook or alcohol stoves or whatnot so this one is a lot heavier like significantly heavier than my bush buddy it I don't know the exact specs it's gotta weigh a couple pounds though it's heavy but it's also durable and you can have a bigger hotter fire in this than you can in the bush buddy the way this works is it just folds out honestly pretty convenient that folds out on this bottom tray just goes to the bottom I only had one fire I store I tried it last night in my backyard and I like it works good so you can see under under here under where I'm going to have the stove I cleared out the grass and the leaves and stuff yeah so I'm just gonna actually I'm not going to use the ash plate I have no need for it right now and then this would be the grill I'm sure I'm doing it wrong I haven't even looked up how to properly use it yet but I will in the future I didn't know before that you the best way the most convenient and efficient way to do this is to use them standing up the log standing ups like a Swedish torch or whatever it's called so that's what I've been doing lately I did it last night I did it on my trip there with my bush buddy works really well so for that purpose I only want pieces I don't know four or five inches long and they're going to stack up in there so I just found this dead piece of maple almost on the ground and it's dry enough and I'm just going to make it do because there's no sense in cutting dead standing and then wasting a bunch of it because I'm only going to use a tiny little bit of wood where I could go stop I could use that leave that oh my god dude I could leave that dead standing for other times when I need more wood or a bunch super dry wood nearly all the wood I needed took them out of ten seconds but I do want to split them down a little bit just so that the flame accepts the split down wood a little bit easier than the rounded wood so I'll probably only quarter them up so you can just in half but some of the bigger ones I'll quarter up and then the next step will be to make some shavings because I don't have any birch bark around here so I'll make some some wood shavings out of some dense dry wood and then I'll gather gather a little bit of twigs around I'm gonna sandwich those all in the middle as well okay so you can see it's all pretty much set up and I would just be making slivers now I put some twigs in there but I don't really want to walk around and grab twigs I just want to make slivers so that's what I'm going to do and I made a bunch of good curls they're already in there these slivers are going on top kind of like a filler just to pack any any spots down so now I've got to do is make some fine curls and ignite them with my fire steel throw it on and make a little tiny fire on top a little little twig fire on top that way it'll start to burn down its got my curls just going to Knight them on this piece of wood here before transferring them over

there's my little fire on top I didn't think this through because now I have this long stick sticking out but maybe I can just dab it down in there there we go no worries no harm no foul see if she goes now I let that sit and grow while I set up my hammock you think bud I always say need a good boy huh well it took some tweaking I do start the fire back up on top of it again and all honesty because my wood was a little bit wet I may have hacked it too tight but this is all part of the learning curve and it's going fine now so I'm going to hang out in the hammock and relax for a bit so I know I'm gonna Oh bald eagle just flew up oh my god you guys that could have been more perfect I literally just laid down in this hammock I got a shot on my feet and I turn the camera towards myself I'm looking at the camera and then this blue Sky's huge bald eagle this fly over top of the trees that is unbelievable no mistake and it white head white tail that's pretty cool anyways I'm sure people are going to ask what I like better the bush buddy or the the fire box and in my in my opinion in my mind they're two different animals I'm never going to take the the fire box out on a backpacking trip it just weighs too much and I don't really need that much fire inside a contained thing on the backpacking trip canoe trip I'm going to take my bush buddy it's part of my solo cook set it fits inside of my 900 a snow-peak titanium 900 so that'll be good but in all honesty this firebox is good for more than just camping or a quote-unquote bushcrafting or anything like that you can what if your power goes out you need to cook you know what I mean

maybe you can't have a fire maybe you don't have a lot of wood whatever this thing will run very efficient on like a quarter of the amount of wood that I would have to burn in my fire pit in order to grill a steak and you can grill a steak on top there's there's a grill with it there's all sorts of rods that you can adjust how high your pots going to go I can show you all that too but I like them both I've only used both of them a handful of times this is only my second time using this like I said so I really have no informed opinions other than my personal opinion of it which they're both good stoves they're both serve their purpose so yeah I'm happy to have both of them I'm happy that I've started experimenting with Twigg stoves like I said I've been doing this outdoor biz for a long time and I've only ever made my own hobo stoves and gave up on that because they don't ever work really that well but yeah back to the food I guess see how that stove is going going strong I'm just going to wait I'm going to wait till this dies down to coals because I don't want super super high heat all my scrambled eggs in this old Nalgene there we go I think is piping hot

it's a bit too much butter I think I do that for now it's looking good so once it's melts up I'm pouring in my scrambled eggs and all I have for scrambled eggs are I did it at home it was a two eggs a touch of milk some cheese and then wild onions I threw in there too so that I'll cook up nice you can see the little baby wild onions in there I left them whole I really enjoy those things oh ho ho come on little sketchy I think I recovered I think I recovered a hole hole hole buddy to say that I'm pleased with how this is cooking would be a gross understatement so now all I want to do that things done I need to take it off there I want to eat it right out of the pan so still continue to cook anyway I'm just gonna throw English muffin on and I don't think that I even have to drop the grate or put it on the pegs I think that there's enough heat still at the top of this thing that actually is in the coals there like I don't know an inch from the bottom I think there's still enough heat to grill this at the top oh she done she done yeah that goes on the ground my grill it's just gonna sit on top until I figure out how to actually do it properly and then yeah that'll work I believe I spoke too soon they are getting a little crisp up there but this thing's not even that hot so what I'm going to do I'm going to take two of these pegs I have no idea what he calls them the pegs for it and want to slide through on both sides down about halfway I'll knock this little hinge down and then I can fit I'm sure I can fit both of them in there without dropping them in fit both those in there and that all that's super hot down there that'll cook up in no time so nice and crispy this is happening now I hadn't even considered doing this before but I ate a piece the omelet it's phenomenal you got to make the old the old breakfast sandwich though one euro right at the omelette on on the toasted English muffin Scott's not getting any because there are onions in it

I'll give them little pieces that I know don't have full onions in them but he'll be okay until we get home I promise on point what

and then to break it down you just pop up the bottom it all kind of just folds on itself then you've got the ashtray the grill and the four pegs ready to go Oh a little pillow Phil you gotta bring your down pillow on a date huh gray that Sun went away it is nice out it's like I don't know cool breezy feels like it's gonna rain this is this is ideal temperature outside no bugs frogs chirping I went for a little hike I grabbed some leeks yeah so I think I'm just gonna hang out with scope for a little bit longer hang in the hammock this is the end of the video I'll put the link to where I got my fire box stove in the description I'm sure you guys are already familiar with fire box stove and where to get them and all that stuff I know I'm late to the party on the whole twig stove thing like I was saying so regardless link will be in this description I hope you guys enjoyed the video hope you found it a little bit useful and I'll see you soon with another video thanks bye

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