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How To Catch A Crab In A Bamboo Trap (Tropical Island 9 of 14)


The principle of this bamboo trap is very old and a lot of people are using it to either catch crab or rats. Very effective trapping method and the best thing is that you can let the animal go if it is too small.

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How To Catch A Crab In A Bamboo Trap

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Video Transcription






okay here I have the body of the trap with two holes the smaller one and the bigger one and this here is the ball I'm going to stick it into the split that I've made like this then I have this blocking device which has a notch here and I'm going to insert it into the trap and put the rubber on top of the blocking device so you can see there's a lot of tension on the door okay next I have two small bait stick here which goes into the small hole and we have this fly stick which goes right into the knot

pop that door like this and then I hang it into the notch of the basic the treta small sets the animals can enter the trap here and it wants to go to the bait stick and then when it touches the basic it releases the trap and the Travis goes continues there look at this okay we have caught a nice cramp it's a little bit small it's brown and dress see how small it is have a lot of meat in there so I gotta let it go take advantage of these kind of traps is that they are live traps which means that you catch the animal unharmed and if it's too small for you or if it's the wrong animal you can just let it go so that's a quiet humane trap I want to thank you guys for watching if you want to see more videos like this make sure that they are subscribing to my channel also follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned till next time

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