Knife Review: S.A.K Farmer


This is an in the field review of the Swiss Army Knife Farmer.

I have had this thing for over 2 years, and haved used it extensively.

Video Transcription

I've had this knife for two or three years now

my buddy Home Slice gave it to me it's sock farmer it's a blue one I don't know if you can find the blue ones anymore I don't haven't seen around it's a really good knife and I've used this in the woods and in my pocket in everyday life for probably those two or three years since he's given it to me got a little lanyard attached so it helps me want to hold the knife house have grip in there it fills up my handle over more but it's got every future on it is a good feature it's got a saw pretty Stoke knife I've made a handful of split wood fires with just put the knife baton it and whatnot take it easy obviously on it it's a folder but the all good for straight fire steel bottle opener and the can open so today I'm going to try and use all of them show you guys the way I use the items on this first up let that gluten free beer and it only comes in one or two kinds and they're both not twist off so in the woods or even at home I tend to use the bottle opener off the sack firmer for it all right so I'm going to get a piece of wood saw it down do some prep with it show you guys what it's all about I said I hold the lanyard in my hand with the handle now is this going to be as good as a bow saw or even a folding saw no but that's not the point it's a the one tool that does a few different things that fits in your pocket and barely even notices there so not too bad now you got to keep in mind wood selection - this isn't this isn't like blood you'd only be batana oak and trying to saw through oak too much with this thing this is a black willow it's pretty much soft it it's good wood to use for this so I'm just going to baton it down a little bit a little common sense when you become in a folder con it in a little bit of the way just kind of work it right get a nice piece like that off now you can do the same thing for the other big piece just keep doing it this thing makes really nice shavings sharpens up real easy to I use my dc4 for it takes a matter of minutes but not too bad for shavings yeah overall I'm pretty pleased with this knife it's uh never let me down really and like I said it's more of a I do use it in the bush but I don't use the the main knife like the blade mostly in the bush is more like the saw or the all but still it's not nothing to be sneezed at that's for sure it's a very capable blade alright well so far we've used the knife blade the saw the bottle opener and when you use the alright now that's a common common knowledge now that all works amazing for starting a fire steel so that's what we're going to do here

as you can see no problem there it's pretty pretty good for the it's probably my favorite striker for the fire steel alright so we used everything everything's work really well the can opener is the only thing we haven't used that's probably the one I use the least what I have used it a handful of times for sure it meets open up cans of peaches and whatnot so I got here no-name fruit cocktail so to use this I don't I never knew it before Terry Terry showed me you put the bottom part on the outside of the can the top pointed part on the inside and you puncture it and you just keep working it like that and it actually works really well so the only thing I can say bad about this knife really is that after doing what handful of shavings there it really starts to cramp up in your hand and that's to be expected it's just a tiny little handle there it's got to be it's a little folding pocket knife but having that landed on there like I was talking about really helps to fill in your hand a little bit and I originally got the lantern to help me pull it on my pocket find it easier but I think the good purpose is for filling your hand like I said so you can see how that how quick that was no time at all and you've got this no-name fruit cocktail to enjoy so really if you're looking for a good all-around pocket knife I don't think you'd go wrong with this thing I don't know how much it is it's got to be under 70 bucks I'm not sure but so it's army farmer check it out

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