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Super Shelter In The Woods - Questions And Answers


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Super Shelter In The Woods - Questions And Answers

Camp In The Woods Q & A, 400,000 Subs Giveaway survival

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Video Transcription

you know


hi guys my name is Lily and today I'm out here in the woods at my bug-out location and as you all know I have a video on my channel about the scam it's my best video it got over 12.5 million views and I've got a ton of questions about this camp here so today I decided to make a Q&A video stay tuned when I started building the camp the first lean-to shelter that I built was this one here and in that video I actually stated that the main wind direction comes from this side so I think I had a couple of hundred commenters who wanted to know why I faced the ninja shelter almost directly to the wind direction and I got criticized for that the trust usually a survival shelter you don't build facing the wind direction because then you have all the smoke of the fire in your shelter and all the cold the rain of the snow inside of your shelters I have to admit that the criticism is correct normally in a survival situation you don't want to build your shelter facing the winds in my case it's not very safe into and it comes from a 45 degree angle and the main reason why I still wanted to do it like this is because the shelter is not only a shelter it's also a hunting plant and as you can see here I have built this hunting feed there you can sit and then you can hunt the other side and when hunting you don't want to have to have in your back side because then you won't see any of you so that was the main reason why I have built the first shelter facing the wind and after that I have made an expansion secondly into shelter which blocks out the wind so now the wind really doesn't come to the shelter anymore and also the wall here serves as a very good vent Fraker and as a land for hunting so yes that fed was my fault when I designed the shelter


okay the next question that I want to answer is actually an accusation and I've got a ton of these comments which are saying how many trees had killed for building the shelter actually I have killed zero trees for the shelter I've only used dead standing wood and dead language and as video proof I've started to do the shelter a few years ago and there you can see that the bark is already coming off the wood and yeah this is the proof for that wood and everyone who knows a little bit about forestry maybe everyone who has grown up at the countryside knows the difference between a living tree and dead trees so I'm guessing that these comments come from people from the city who have grown up in the city and who have no real idea about nature so yeah I would really recommend that these people maybe get into biology and forestry and read a little bit about nature before making such bold accusations and yes even if I had taken down a few living trees it wouldn't matter anyway because trees grow back as long as you let them grow back and as long as you don't make a period it's okay because it's a renewable energy source and maybe you all need to be reminded that a lot of our daily things are made from wood your houses are built from wood your wooden floors may be made from wood you are spoon and the kitchen is made from wood the paper that you are writing on and maybe you're heating your house with firewood so

what is never wrong to use for daily life and as long as you let the would grow back and you don't make a key attached it's okay to use wood for your shelter


okay the next question that I get a thousand of times really it's also an accusation is Paige your fake your challenge face this videos fakes your shelter is fake because you have used modern tools to build it as use an axe and a saw and a few nails and as you to talk which is not very primitive okay I admit it and they are accusing me of hey this is not survival and actually they are right this is not survival this is a bug-out camp which is a semi-permanent shelter which you build before an emergency situation it's a bag of camp and I've never called this a survival shelter I've always called it a bag of camp or super shelter which it is and yes a lot of people have trouble understanding the difference between prepping and survival and when they are looking at this video that I have made about this camp they always think that survival is only about using primitive tools like primitive technology and his friends are really crushing my channel inches on online they are coming onto my channel and to say primitive survival is so much better than you because he built everything with no tools I think it's great I think his channel is super awesome I really like it and I dig his videos I think it is great but I think you know people need to see the difference between modern-day survival and primitive survival I've never stated that I make primitive survival except in a few videos but I make you know modern-day survival and make it urban survival and make sometimes primitive survival and sometimes I make prepping videos like this one here so that's a big difference

the next question that I have got very frequently is why I have enough put a roof over the entire shelter why I have enough build a cabin out of the shelter the problem is that here in Austria it's almost impossible to build a cabin in the woods legally so there was no needed space for me to do the caving it would have been great but this construction here is legal and that's why I have feel it yeah guys so I also wanted to give away a couple of things she has and reached 400,000 subscribers which is really awesome and I want to give you back two things and thank you for your support you can win this event for which I have used in a couple of my videos I have used ripped off and written and on Vancouver Island I've also put my signature on it survival really so this is the first thing that you can win and the second thing that you can win is a flashlight by the company a technical this letter here is the flashlight a one by the company a technical advances from 1862 battery which is included in the package as you can see here the body is made out of aircraft aluminum it has an anti abrasive finish and comes with a steel pocket clip and it comes with two buttons a back switch to turn the flashlight on and off and then it has a side switch very keen to make the most it comes with five different most low medium high turbo and strobe mode and it also comes from SOS mode the flashlight is waterproof to ipx8 and standard and it's also impact resistant to 1.5 meters how can you win these two items it's pretty simple you have to be a subscriber to my channel and you have to share this video on my facebook fan site survival lily and in a week or so I'm going to select we now randomly out of the list of the people who have shared the video and yeah I want to thank you for watching

I really have to leave the forest now because there's a big storm coming and there are a lot of branches falling off of the trees so I really have to leave I want to thank you for watching and if you see this video and made it out of life

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