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Bushcraft/Outdoor Skills; Build a Pothanger with your Knife.


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Build a pothanger using only your knife. Outdoors Skills, Bushcraft, Outdoor Cooking

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joey's still here today we're gonna make a pot hanger using just our knife all right guys I'm not talking about the old Burtonsville rig that I normally do now I'm not that kind of pot hanger where you make the the X and then you carve out the little beak and it hangs on the other part this is a different kind of pot hanger and involves three sticks and I think it's sturdier I think it's easier to make and I kind of like making it better I made it in a couple years so I'm gonna go find the right kind of sticks right now and I'll show you the process as they do it something might work right there so basically the way this pot hanger works is there's a stick that goes this way stick with a fork on it that props it up on this side and stick with a fork on it going the other way that prop sit down on that on the behind so I need I need something with a substantial hook in it like this see that right there that'll work for one of them all right I found a decent one this is an older so I'm just gonna try to I can't leave bend it too much because it's stiff and there's other ones blocking it so make just a little bit there you go I'm just gonna cut them before I bring them back to camp there's no sense of bringing the whole thing back so I know that I want this piece is gonna go stick into the ground this case is gonna be the top that's gonna hook it on so I'm gonna cut Lee I want to leave a Y but not too long so there that goes and then just cut it off and you'll be able to see it a lot better once I have it cut off you'll be able to envision it so that's gonna hold it down in the back all right I'm gonna cut up the rest of the pieces carry it over there and I'll show you how I set it up you got your piece yeah get your stick let's go and he's off that's one of the joys of filming yourself made this fire I go out to collect the materials for the pod hangar come back with fire is completely out but that's okay okay so here we are this is my back piece right so I have like a hook like a Shepherd's hook it's going down so this piece of getting stuck into the ground I have to I have to straighten them out and cut them to size and stuff and then this side this piece is gonna be in the front and this is gonna be the pot hanger itself the back is gonna be hung hold held down by that the top is gonna be held in place by that and the weight of the Billy can will hold it all it together but I have to trim it up a little bit because this one's a little bit too high not gonna take much time let's point on it easy already so all I'm doing is making myself up a cup of tea I don't even put that much water that's good enough they're super easy now all I have to do is stick the sticks into the ground I already marked the spot where I want it nice and close put it in deep there is your pot hot pot hook itself and then the back part of the pot hub it's stabbed in tight down to the ground back there and then this is adjustable you can move it back and forth with the fire moves or whatever if there's wind and then you can obviously move the height of it by cutting it or putting sticking into the ground farther right so super simple see how that holds that there and just holding it up by the weight not rocket science by any means but pretty cool makes your life easy and it's a nice little fun project so I'm gonna get a fire going again so you can see here what I mean by like adjusting it it's not really in the middle of the flames right now what all I have to do is just slide it down a notch and she lowers and is in the middle of the flames now all is well and I'm sure my tea will be boiled up in no time

this would be a piece of gear I haven't used in a while I've had it for about four years just Swedish fold the cup so see why it gets its name obviously and then I got a little hello scope get on get on I got a Tim Horton's honey lemon teeth it's a prepackaged kind of thing I'm gonna hell of a time getting it open there we go and that'll be much heat T done like a glove good nice and hot I hope you guys enjoy the video hope you learned something please comment like subscribe share and I'll guy see you I'll see you soon on the next one thank you very much

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