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Overnight At The Super Shelter (2018)


Overnighter At The Super Shelter

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

okay folks so today I want to make an overnighter in the bag of camp number one and that just have discovered this hazelnut shrub and today I want to try it and make a survivable got it okay guys so I have my supplies for the ball and now I want to go to the camp quickly as you can see it's winter time the snow is flying around but today it's actually pretty warm this is one of my most favorite forests here and when I was a kid I was searching for mushrooms here or for wild edibles like sweet chestnut so there's a lot of emotion that goes through me when I'm hiking through this forest here we go that's the bag at camp and the teepee here we are the background camp

it's getting dark in the bars out on all twenty minutes so now I want to set up my patrol this is a great product by the way I got it from my friends Canadian prepper as you can see a half and half a fire was here but it's not split and also it's actually not very dry so I hope that this is going to work I just found a grub can you see it nice and ugly so I don't want to eat it raw because it might have some parasites or not so I rather cook it up later on the fire so if you are stressed out person and you want to reduce some stress and calm down a little bit I can highly recommend going into the forest and chopping some wood it's super awesome it makes a lot of fun okay let's clean up the mess and make a fire [Applause]

everything is very wet so I'm taking these logs here as a basement as a base for the fire they will take a long time to burn through so it's ok I'm going to be here all of the night okay I need a few smaller sticks which catch the flame more easily let's see what I have to be for me for a fire making today okay I have some jute twine saturated in pine wax and I have a small fire steel you want to exposed to find fibers like so here we have our flame and now I'm going to throw it into the cabin okay folks so I just went back to the tepee and I found this matchbox here and it's completely wet so you can't make a fire any more the red part is coming off so if you want to have a good tip for me never place matches into the wilderness they won't hold it's better to take a light Sun and leave it there so now I'm setting this box of matches here besides the fire so that the matches can dry out and I also found my old flashlight my headlamp and actually it's not working anymore of course because the battery has gone that because of the cold but besides that I can see some marks of teeth of mice so some mice have got half-eaten the plastic and I mean what the heck why am i eating plastic they are so strange creatures you know so deadly and half a second plastic that came with this flashlight and I'm going to exchange it when I come home but I can't believe that my eyes eat this you know unbelievable you can't let anything in your camp because mice are getting into it you can't leave open containers in your camp they're going to do their business in your containers it's as if they knew that it was for drinking for you or for eating so you always have to to keep a closed box out of hard plastic and there you want to put your gear and apparently you even have to protect your plastic that's so insane so mine is really ridiculous

it's a nice time to carve the bow and this will be a longer project I don't know if I can finish it tonight and basically I prefer two pieces of wood for the bow because it's very easy to mint them together but still you have two pieces so if one limb breaks on you you can easily exchange it with another and also it's not so easy to find a very long stick

which is fairly straight in the wilderness but you can find shorter pieces like these ones here which are fairly straight they might have a little bit of a curve in it but actually I don't mind that so yeah these two pieces they will be perfect for the bow unfortunately this one is a little bit short so I've cut it off too short but it still should be long enough okay first I want to make them the same length so I have to cut off this limb here no problem so I decided to cut on the wood because this way it's faster if the carving I would need like 100 years to make this work I'm hungry and thirsty I need to go and fetch some water in the creek there are some spruce boughs some spruce needles I'm going to rip them off because I want to have them in my tea so now I'm going to add the spruce needles to the tea he's ready okay so here in the shelf I found some old pine resin actually it's mixed together with charcoal so it's pine pitch and this is perfect so stone-age cool and I want to use it for you know gluing together my two limbs

my tea is ready and I just get out the spruce boughs and the charcoal the tea has this nice orange red color so actually that's quite a lot of color for this little bit of spruce now we have two thousand two eighteen and actually I'm pretty glad that 2017 is over it was not such a great great year for me first I got injured and I had this stupid arm injury and it took like four months until it healed up again gladly it healed up so now I can work again and then the YouTube apocalypse hit me full-on so that was not so great fun and then I got some other health issues I had to go into the hospital three times and yeah it was it was pretty bad year for me you know I really like being a youtuber but it's getting more restrictive here and I don't know where this is going so there are certain words that I can't speak out loud anymore otherwise my video will get H restricted so it's a real mess and I don't know where this is going to lead so we will see yeah so the thing with the green boughs is that they tend to bend a lot so if I use the bow like this with the curve outside then probably it won't have enough power and if I used to bowl like this with the curve at the inside and probably

that ball is more prone to breaking but I'm going to take the risk and I try to make a really good bowl so I hope that it doesn't break that's one side and now comes the other I made a huge mistake today

I forgot the beer so this is a critical process now the tillering just carve away some woods where I think that I need to and yeah the Bob would already shoot into the other direction because as you can see it has a little bit of a bend but actually he don't want to paint this side otherwise it will break and that is why I have left that bark the front side of the bowl so that it doesn't break and that's important okay I need to do a little bit more wood chopping this is great peach wood which is very hard and dry and it splits in a second yeah this rope thing doesn't really hold my last bow that I made was a little bit more flat here and it helped better but this one this is no solution here okay I found some nails in my shelf and I'm going to use them to fix it oh I really love what I'm doing you know and today I want to address the trolls the sexist trolls that are hitting my channel every now and then so I grew up here in Austria with two brothers and I had a father who took me with him hunting and yeah so basically I was always in the forest playing with the other kids I've learned a lot of outdoor skills and for me it was always normal that I can go into the forest and you know play like hide and search or build some shelters or you know find some wild edibles so when I started out on YouTube I really I really liked it because I just wanted to show other people what I'm doing and the bigger my god the more trolls got on my channel that's normal if you are on YouTube but what I what I feel is that a lot of male viewers they don't want to see a woman out here being able to do all of this so this camp here I have built myself and I've made a couple of videos about it how I build it and yeah some people they don't believe it some men don't believe that I as a have built the shelter so I couldn't believe it that the day of riding they were riding like yeah you haven't built a shelter your boyfriend builders things like that so and yeah I get comments like this very often almost every day comments like without the man behind the camera you would be nothing or something you know so I don't get it you know I'm not a threat to any man out there who is enjoying the building as just like me just want to show what I love to do and I would do the same if I was a man I can see an animal two eyes staring at me

I'm sure it's a Rodya no it's gone no it's not it's here it's looking at me I'm sure it's a it's a roe deer because it's pretty loud oh maybe it was a booth yes actually we have wolves again in Austria so I'm not afraid of them but yeah I don't think that wolves will attack me but I actually have heard a story about a woman in Greece who was attacked by wolves and she died so I really want to take my time with this role I don't want to break it [Music]

I think it's best is my pen to bow a little bit to warm it up you know I hope it doesn't break it's pretty strong actually I don't know I probably have to carve away a little bit more of wood okay for today I'm going to leave the ball and I try to paint it overnight today I don't want to shoot it because I'm afraid that it will break okay this here's the ball and it will sit here for the night and I hope that's more of the band will stay like this alright guys so now it's time to go to bed

I'm very exhausted when I was sleeping here the first few times I was taking my shoes and just let them stay outside of the shelter but actually one night it rained hadn't got wet shoes so I always store them underneath the bunk here I have some long trousers with me for inside the sleeping bag I know that some people they go into the sleeping bag naked but I don't like it because I don't want to sweat into my sleeping bag all the time oh that's so cozy oh so I want to wish you a good night I hope that I sleep well bye-bye

and what it does Oh God yeah I didn't sleep a lot and I got pretty cold at 4:00 in the morning bad line I'm good again so I think I'm going to just sleep in it has like two or three degrees Celsius so it's still pretty cold and the very forecast said that in the night it has - - two miles six so now I know that this is the limit of my sleeping bag if you are searching for an installation map I can highly recommend getting into down meds or a meds because they are dreamed forth back when you are sleeping so with them I've never had a problem with my back but when I'm sleeping on flat installation mess like these ones here below it's not good then everything hurts next morning but this here is a dream to sleep on and the great thing is it folds down to a very small size which is super awesome okay now I want to take a look at my bow okay now it is fairly straight it doesn't have that natural curve in it anymore it's not too bad but still I want to bend it a little bit more so that I can come to a good race height like this also and something I learned so I just kind of leave the bow here and let it Bend for one more day or so okay

okay folks we are ready and leaving the camp it still looks great and these rolls are a couple of years old now I'm still very stable so I believe it's going to hold for a couple of more years my partner Kim yeah yeah so this is it for today I want to thank you for watching and yeah make sure that you hit the notification bell because the subscription alone is not enough anymore there's a high chance that you won't get notified anymore if I make if I bring out a new video so make sure you hit that button and yeah thank you for watching and stay tuned to the next time I guess I'm back in the camp it's three days later and now I want to try and shoot my bow so let's see how the bow bends if it stays like that or not well as you can see now that bow is straight so it doesn't have a bend but I believe I can show that now yeah this is better it's funny it looks a little bit like a cute oboe because it's asymmetrical okay it's shooting to the left yeah so aim to the right but it's still shooting left and now I have to carve out the window after bow alright folks so I'm using a nail now so that I can shoot over the snail because over the hand it hurts much

still to the left yeah still have to come from way more wood okay let's do this

as you can see the grouping now was much much better it's not so bad for a self-made pole but I'm sure that I can get even better as you can see the path the bow has quite some power because I'm starting getting the arrows out of the target all right so this here is my survival pole and it will soon break because as you can see it's studying it's already started to break here and yeah it won't take a lot of shots anymore until this limp rips off and all I know I have to say I'm very satisfied with the bow it was not so accurate as the last poll that I made from he's not but the last bow was also not that strong like this board the last poll only had like 15 pounds after all wait and this year has like 25 or so but the grouping was not too bad actually let's see if I can break this okay this was the short life of a survival bow next time I'm going to make a better one

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