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Solo Bushcraft Camp. Natural Shelter, Wool Blanket, Raised Bed, Long Fire.


Hey guys,

Join me on another adventure, this time I'm alone in a pine forest, where I find my old lean to natural shelter.

I built it last year, and have been wanting to return.

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Video Transcription

put a pretty good woodpile it's nothing solid man very solid my arm is done

a gross just flew above my head I'm huffing and puffing guys I am back up and a spot where I did a video last December and I absolutely blew up the video that there are grows the gross again the video that started my channel snowball so we are at the to night winter bushcraft camp video where i built a lean-to shelter and i stayed in it for two nights and it snowed and everything i haven't been back here I went back came back one time in February I've been back since so now I'm walking through these woods and the hopes of finding it the plan for this trip is to find my old shelter build it up a little bit more weatherproof because tonight is gonna get down to negative 2 degrees Celsius and tomorrow night negative 11 with freezing rain so that should be lots of fun finally this is turning out to be a little bit more difficult than I had hoped or imagined I was able to find it again in the winter like I said in February but I can't find it for the life of me man look at this place it's just Rock and pine trees oh I drove a long way to get here we got to find it we got to find it I have honestly no idea if it's even still here I do not know I really really really hope it is really open

if not we'll do a bit different video camp in a different style but I really want to do this oh snap there she is I see her I see her okay cool can you see it yet coming up to her pretty good condition it looks like yeah yeah oh boy this is awesome my beds still there and everything my twig bed heck yeah oh man the dishes now and I threw the big log in the foyer that was from this camp but you got it right actually very cool so what I want to do now is I want to clean it up and I want to start adding thatching to the back it's not gonna rain today so I'm fine today but and I want to start building a roof on top of it like put some beams that are coming out from here - maybe this tree and there that tree and make a little faster roof even if it's only this long or something like even if only comes out to just pass the fire so that I can protect my fire from the rain and have a chill spot while it's raining oh man this is pretty cool love it when a plan comes together so let's go on a quick little tour of the shelter the last time I was here I camped here I did not bring a sleeping pad so I was improvising and using those sticks which works somewhat I have my reflectix on top of that this time I do have a sleeping pad but I don't have a sleeping bag last time I had a sleeping bag this time I have a wool blanket and it's gonna get really cold like I was saying so I'm gonna be relying on this fire anyways the sticks are all for my mattress it had like this a little bit of buoyancy to it got me up off of the logs but I'm going to be able to replace those with my sleeping pad at this time which is gonna be awesome so I can take those and put them up on the thatching to have things more stick more I got some decent spider webs in there so maybe we'll try and knock those guys out I already had a tick on me which is crazy it's freaking November 8 anyways good amount of headroom have a decent wind wall here but I'm going to build that up higher probably to the top of the ridge Pole here we have it situated on the back of an old fallen log which has helped keep a lot of the thatching on itself there's holes there but that can only be patched really relatively easy with all this grass pine needles and oak and oak leaves and stuff like that

yeah man pretty cool little gear rack Oh my fire pit - yeah so this is completely off the ground you don't have to worry about like oh this is all rock so I'll build that back up to these posts we're here to hold in all the bedding material it's kind of like kind of comfortable like a little crib like a crib you know your crib I'm gonna don't crib oh yeah plenty of room the bed does not come past the ridgepole so everything's gonna fall off there if I get it fast properly which I will okay so first things first I think I'm going to cut these pieces flush for a couple different reasons sorry you can see see how they're all up there they look ugly but that's not the reason I want to cut it flush I want to cut it flush because I'm going to be putting a roof on here and I want the roof to be able to go or it needs to go and not have to be like 2 feet high higher than it because some of those logs but also the process of cutting those logs will shake everything in there and I'm going to be thatching it so I don't want to cut them after so all the fashion kind of falls off I want to do it beforehand and all the spiders and stuff are hopefully gonna get shook and out of there then I'll empty them all out from the bottom Tenace aw

working up a sweat guys we're gonna purse wet November 8th okay all right almost done I am son hey I'm gonna put my gloves on for this I just don't I don't really know what's in there I was already laying down everything should be totally fine but you got gloves Oh miniature gloves shrunk from the fire might as well use them let's go good on the back

it's something anyways so put more on but it'll help things stick and it might not

then wait actually impede I'm gonna have to take it off and put the thatching down and then put that on I just thought of that after I put that down on there that's pretty good not too funky I'm gonna let this it is a little damp so Melissa's air dry I'm not gonna worry about anything on top of here right now because all I have to do like I said it's gonna sleeping pad and then I will blanket but I do want to clear off all the leaf litter from around here in the media area so gonna have a good fire I think what I'm gonna do is kind of break it or shovel it with my foot all to one side and then I'll be able to use it for thatching on the top bowl the spiderwebs we gotta get rid of these danke danke spider webs

oh that's a good one too lots of projects for the next couple days I'm Stoke glad to be back I wish this place is closer to my house so I can come here more often this stuff last time was what I ended up using for most of the thatching this was like composing Duff but there were snow on top of it too so I couldn't really use the leaves and a lot of time thereafter got warm for my fire you would drip but there's no sill on it this time so that's a good bonus to be able to fax just put a pretty good there we go it's looking better already a nice pile of patching material fire pits all cleaned off I might want to make it a little bit bit a little bit longer a little bit longer well this is nice and clear all I want to do now really is clear back behind here behind the fire reflector because nine times out of 10 the fire reflector does catch on fire I don't want all those leaves catching on fire and it does need to be built up way better I stick the old burned remnants of it I realize this may sound silly but this is one of my favorite things to do in shelters like this I don't know if it was from Ray Mears I originally saw it or dick brenneke but it's stickball Oh kind of sticking your axe into your seat log and that's that's where it is whenever you need it kind of thing pretty cool so I am gonna do that and I'm gonna put my axe mask away so the head don't lose it seeing as how it's brown and the ground is brown silly silly let me know what you think in the comments man this weather is crazy

I took my sweater off they're like half an hour ago or something no I'm freezing the Sun is out and going behind clouds every now and then but it's really the wind okay so I got to continue I'm gonna start thatching the back of it now patching the back preparing for tonight because it's 12 o'clock now I've only been here for a couple hours but it gets dark at 5:00 mister at 5:00 p.m. these days so we got lots of work to do there look how cool that thing looks man I like that

I did end up knocking those twigs down before putting some Fasching but I haven't even touched the top yet I feel like I'm once you start thatching at the middle and work my way up I don't need any on the bottom the bottom is still pretty thick and it's below where I'm laying I don't need to worry about the waterproofness there so I'm gonna start there alright dad you can see the fresh ones but mid height I'm just gonna put as much as I can on these pretty good and then I'm gonna throw those other sticks on top of it hold it down I mean I got lots to go lots to go still well the thatching is almost done I'm pretty impressed pretty pleased with how far I've got so far there are a couple little holes here and there but I'm gonna take my time and patch those pretty well I'm hungry though I don't want to eat some foods it's stopping you really do chill down so what do I got this time I got some Havarti some smoked already see pretty good I don't know that I've ever tried smoked cheese before if I'm being honest and I got some pepperoni

give this a shot oh it smells delicious it smells smoky imagine that the smoked cheese smells smoky guys let's try peace try peace out and that wind is ridiculous oh nothing wrong with that that is pretty good so we're just going simple lunch this for today and tomorrow got some good food cook I got some salmon for tonight and I brought my sponsee Frieden reflector oven so I will be able to cook salmon like a broiled broiled salmon basically the same way I did my lake trout there's a lot of spiders basically won't the way I did my lake trout in woodland caribou I borrow a lemon so I'll cook it with it don't be pretty good and then tomorrow night I got got the staple you know they had to bring the old steak all right ooh but we'll save that for tomorrow night tonight be a little bit easier going than tomorrow I think because it's supposed to start raining around three o'clock and rain until about 7 o'clock p.m. so yeah it'll be right around suppertime will be a little bit more difficult to cook but hopefully by them I have my roofs built and all that stuff

goals goals that's pretty good I'm really not that close to the water there's a lake I don't know a couple hundred meters that way so I'm gonna go fill up my my pot in my cup so I have water here I'll have everything ready before it gets darker it's not gonna get dark for a few hours still my god your firewood water keep building it's my favorite time of year guys this is this is ideal it's cold in the mornings oh I wanted to reiterate that it's not going to be negative 11:00 tomorrow in the daytime it's negative 11 at night time tomorrow so at around 3:00 to 7:00 when it is raining freezing rain snowing it's not going to be just snow it's a warmer temperature then it's probably only right around to negative 2 or something like that but then in the middle of the night is when it drops to negative 11 so only having my sleep my swimming pad and my wool blanket I'm gonna still have to have a fire going all night long for tomorrow night for sure tonight maybe I can get away with the only stoking with a couple times but tomorrow night it has to be a full fire so I am gonna even find larger rocks and lie in the back of the fire reflector with it so it doesn't catch on fire or so that it I was less of a chance of catching on fire all right I'm gonna sit here I'm gonna hang out for maybe about half an hour just relax here sitting here for about a half an hour eat some food and then it's back to work it's back to two thatching and finally where my full Raven granite shirt without it be just way way too hot I've worn it on the past few videos but really really coming into its own now these temperatures so lunch was good I got to show you something here behind the shelter a reason why I'm even extra pleased that this thing is still standing you never know you know I mean I haven't seen this thing in basically a year one time in February for a couple minutes but I don't live anywhere around here and I have no way of checking on this or knowing what's going on even the the weather or the wind any kind of stuff for that it this area I don't just check it when I'm at home for no reason let's go

see what I'm talking about not just I'm just rambling on for no reason here I promise so this fallen tree is literally 20 feet from my shelter okay this tree could have fallen anyway and any of these trees can fall anyway look at the amount of substrate underneath right so that was basically growing on rock like you can see the bare rock that's where the roots ripped up here it's just growing on pine Duff and then and then rock the roots spread out so there's no great big tap root but the kind of spider web out on top of the rock so that means that this tree could have fallen all my shelter that tree could fall on my shelter that's real good for my shelter my shelter could fall the trees that are literally holding my shelter up could uproot and fall over so many different things could have them somebody could have came and trashed it so how many different things could happen so that's why that is why I'm super impressed and happy to still see my shelter standing let's go check out this tree that fell it's a white pine let's go see if there's anything so salvageable off of it you can see it didn't fall too long ago it's all still green unfortunately white pine is garbage for thatching materials you can see the pine ulis they don't they just don't lay flat I mean the way that it's it's laid out it's no good for attaching it can use it for sure but it's just not not as good as what I am using so unless there's like just some straight pieces that I

dorsen there are some dead twigs on there there's not really too much that I can use off of it I was hoping for a nice forked stick but there's not too many on that either so maybe maybe later on I can find out a use for it because it'd be nice to to use it even though it's or because it's died because there's it's dead it's just laying there just laying there it's dead it's dead it's dead see this is a problem stupid baby tics see them my leg that's the second one I've had on me so far and I haven't even really been crawling through the bush too much I did lay down on this bed but what sketching me out isn't the fact that they're tick ticks or whatever they suck but I don't care but they're small no I don't think they're just babies I think they're a whole different kind of tick which isn't good

small ticks from my experience my knowledge are not good Oh taking over my wife believes that the earth is going to be taken over by ticks that's how we're all going to die post-apocalyptic tick man that's hick I've added a bunch more that I'm really liking the way it's looking just kind of looking underneath here to see if I see any sunlight coming through

the only spot I really do see it's just right here at the very top so it tells me it's pretty good I'm gonna add some up to the top go around back and look and see if I need any more but I think I'm almost done that I gotta start getting firewood and thinking about tonight

you know before I do anything else didn't want to go down grab some water lake

well you got my water put it underneath here with a lid on it I'll get too much stuff in it - its leaflet in it I can see that for later trying to not be precarious there we go all right

gotta get some firewood and I gotta get some start - I'm building the shelter actually you know what I think I want to do first is get out of the way is get two big beams going frontwards and even if I don't do anything more for the shelter today I think still have those tied up and ready to go and then tomorrow will just be a matter of putting a lot of logs on thatching so I'll do that and then get into some firewood glup glup how i get serious my grandma's ex going over to retirement his deadweight - perfect perfect size around and yeah good length to it too [Music]

keep all these twigs for kindling shelters not too far back that way before I cut that pine up I want to make sure that it's the right size the right length I don't want to have to lose any I don't want to cut it too long or too short either so what I'm gonna do is measure it against my Ridge pole or the size I need here because that Ridge pole is a little long itself the way I'm gonna measure is with my axe so I'll go from just outside the tree because I want to be a little have a little overhang one so if I go if I go about four and a half of these I'm golden just make sure again yeah yep four and a half difficult part might be holding it up there while I tie it but we'll see I want to be able to make sure that I can stand up in here without having to duck I can't put it a little bit lower than I originally thought which is better put it right about there so I am gonna try to tie a little higher because it's gonna sag a bit I'm sure maybe I can maybe I can try to rest that side on there nice ok so I'm going to do a Canadian Jam not not gonna go into detail about that you can check out some of my other videos for that done it lots and lots and lots of times alright I think that's gonna work I think it's gonna work I think something I've done a thousand times is going to work okay pretty good first one okay now it's going to be a lot of adjusting does that look relatively straight to you okay check it out hey come see for myself yeah straighten off the log isn't very straight in the middle it kind of has a little dippy little dip you poo but overall straight enough nice and solid so I'm gonna find some too two long pieces oh that's a rude awakening I just I just heard a shot a couple shots pretty close to where I am here now this is the first week of deer season and I meant to bring an orange hat and I never did so that's a little dangerous I'm out in the woods and camouflage people work oh you're hunting so I have a orange piece of paracord I'm going to try my best to replicate some kind of hunter safety orange let me tie a band around my arm or something like that I know it's not enough but it's all I have I don't have anything fluorescent color really have a stuff sack like like like closer in but aside from maybe I can tie this around my arm I don't know if it's that necessary though either we'll see I want to use this I'll go and try and make my presence known but anyways I'm gonna try and tie this around my arm or something like that all right all right there we go

well I feel like Ultimate Warrior well macho man up in here perfect right there

still walk under it and this this thing doesn't have to be two very strong load-bearing because I'm not gonna put too much on top of there this is fine for this I actually don't have to clean up the bottom side at all the problem is the tree that I'm tying to is very wide so it's gonna take a lot of paracord and I don't have that much I got a real pond my paracord supply I need to buy a spool or something I think a little spool old cord alright so what I am gonna do is just use a long my longest piece of paracord sacrifice it for that it's fine I don't really need it for too much quickly very quickly Canadian Jim knot tying knot in the end tie a loose knot right underneath it okay so I'm gonna have that ready so that I can just tie my secure my log very easily because it's already tied you know what I mean you know I just tied some sticks on some trees and slept in the dirt that's it so what's up the reason I left those big pokies on there is hoping that it will hold on the thatching material a little bit better that way I am going around and clearing off anyone that might poke me in the dome all right so it's pretty good I feel like I have to duck a little bit yeah I have to duck a little bit to get in but once a minute's fun because everything else is gonna go on top of these two yeah

so making progress take taking a while making progress

all right I got this second Ridge pull-up clone lengthways and I just realized I completely Joad up the whole situation I have to this one this first one here is just like even angled but the completely wrong way so if I want all my water running off right into my fire then that's the way I should have it but that's not what I want but I'm losing light I got to get a bunch of firewood for tonight bunch to cook my dinner on and then just to stay warm with considering it gets dark at 5 o'clock so I'm gonna retie this and then it's firewood time I found something over here in the woods growing don't a cold beer I don't know man I don't know if it's good or not just found it over here

oh my Cline and everything would you look at that okay boogie Oh or do I do go mmm she's getting cold guys 90% of the woods I'm in right now are white pine but they do have like these scraggly Oaks these dead standing Oaks that a lot of the times you don't have to cut down I can just push them over and it is solid solid like very dense seasoned wood inside so I'm hoping to find that and I think I have right in front of me it's exactly what I'm talking about I know I'm not gonna have to cut it because it's on angle yeah pull that over the ground and then there's one and this is all dense like super super dense stuff I know it looks it looks rotted but it's not there we go very dense wood nice and oaky looking and not only there but also here so I got three really really good pieces right in this area oh okay we gotta be a little careful here

this big boy is ready to go this is way too big for me with my saw for what I want to do I don't want to touch this and way way too big but I don't want to fall on me either while I'm trying to get the other piece

there we go okay pretty good little banged up I didn't know where my gloves one you're gonna go get what and do some work chores and camp chores and you have gloves and it's cold wear them it's a hack it's a scramble dome camping non bleeding AK oh my gosh better if my firewood almost complete for the night I gotta get a couple more trees I don't have to really necessarily cut them up just yet but I do want to go try and find some flat rocks some flat tall or big rocks that I can line my fire reflector with so it actually bounces a bunch more heat back at me and I don't lose it so this whole place is rock I just got to try and find the right spot that has exposed flat rock behind me here is a big hill see some of the rocks sticking out there so let's go check there

I don't want to just throw it I wanna break it but that's pretty flat I could kind of stick that behind and line it against the wood you have my gloves right there should be wearing them again I kind of considered just getting rid of the whole fire reflector and building a new one but a couple these things are pretty sturdy still everything except for really this one we should compounding a little bit more I might have been been hitting a rock that might have been the case but anyways hey I'm gonna keep them there keep them where they are the I can build on top of them anyways wouldn't fire reflector on top of all this first rock a decent job blocking just so they don't catch on fire again couple other really good ones too so I really wanna see what she's gonna fit the best so that fits okay but it's kind of wish it would go longer as opposed to be on a day that's gonna block the wood in that spot okay so I can get another one to kind of stack back in there but it's already you can see what it's doing just protect the wood even more yeah cool pretty good blocks it and again it's not 100% but it's gonna be a lot better than it was yeah added a bunch more rocks so the fire pit used to kind of end like right there I had that much no now if you look at it as a whole looks like a bunch of rocks got a lot more room suppose this is not gonna cut itself put a pretty good wood pile stuff is solid man very solid my arm is done it's just about five o'clock and I'm getting pretty chilled here so I want to set up all my gear before I lose light I want to set up my sleeping pad I won't blanket I guess that's it and then I want to get my fire going because I'm pretty cold like I said we've got extra clothes in here and I can put on another layer I got long johns and I have one more layer of top like a polyester top that I can put underneath my sweater oh and I have a puffy eye still my puffy jacket I'm gonna get my puffy jacket puffy jacket good my don't shoot me orange paracord necklace on puffy jackets good and as a bonus buh-bam son I think of paracord found in my puffy jacket pocket so all is right in the world I'll have enough materials to build and that's a good thing I brought my old school asleep at my therm-a-rest NeoAir not the x-term just a new air it's not as warm as the x-term but it's more durable I feel it has like a rubbery kind of bottom because I'm laying it right on these logs that's what I want to use let a little bit of arrow I don't want to see the super tight super completed less chance to pop I feel that way nice sharp I gotta clean some of these up there's a stake back here that has a sharp point on it but other than that that's a perfect fit nice width see this right here this is what I'm talking about as extremely sharp so all I'm gonna do is try and smooth this off so all right no it's pretty good keep making a point on it gonna cut downwards there you go I think for tonight I'm gonna try and do the rap method where I have half underneath me half up on top of me I'll see how long I can last that way if I can last the whole night it's more than any different stories like kind of like having it like this I can very secure it's very secure on me these little stakes man I'm telling the other they make the bed so much more stable more comfortable

and for two nights oh yeah that's perfect

looking forward to that if our do a good night's sleep it's getting dark we're losing light obviously not on the camera once again should start shooting manual I guess just found it very difficult to shoot manual when I'm switching I'm just zooming in and out and the aperture changes and I'm out here in the woods running around doing a whole bunch of stuff where are we all right are we losing lightness magical contraption yeah we are

it's getting dark okay so it's time to light the fire I have birch bark here but why would we use that why let's list this boring everybody done that a million times let's use Pringles it says it says on it you don't just eat em you you don't guys you don't just eat em okay yeah so what else do you do with them what do you do with em once you pop the fun doesn't stop I thought that's what it was once you pop the fun don't stop oh the fun is not gonna stop okay so we've all seen Les Stroud use Fritos maybe Doritos and it was Fritos I believe these will work as well and I'm gonna do it with a fire still so first step done so I've got some decent-size pine twigs later on so fuel would throw on this once it works if it works working is it working will it light okay give me one more shot one more shot at this there we go put some more chippies on it first let it grow I'm not throwing this right down on top of it either to smother damn son for uncle fire bringer fire hashtag Punggol fire give that birch outta there what are we doing I think this is since in one stick in it give me troubles troubles

that'll be a foyer you let me grab my salmon pretty soon set up my reflector oven cook it in there wanted to let the fire grow big before I did that so we have a good amount of heat coming through if it's a nice big chunk of salmon oh don't know if it made it kind of bloody looking that's not good shouldn't be bloody oh it smells so fishy

oh oh it's mushy he did not survive did not fare well on the journey mmm it smells so fishy that sucks well that's what we're eating big hunk of salmon Atlantic salmon super super super fishy all right well hopefully the lemon will kill some of that a little reflector oven from Canadian outdoor equipment the brand is swamped a free Eden all right nice set it all up properly now I can't put it in with it there no see it's starting to cook up a little bit starting to shrink and crisp up let me take off nice hunk of butter just lay it right on top of there let that melt slowly put in a couple different spots

what's that melt slowly on there I got some steaks base on there too and I will also cut a little slice of lemon or a couple slices of lemon I guess put them on top and then after I'll squirt it all with lemon

I can't have too much lemon on the salmon you know then em all hey same old right that's right oh there we go

well Byam son how good does that look Hey oh good nice Hirt these little tripods they just whipped up real quick I had them from last time I just had to retie them so I want to get some broccoli on as well I'm gonna have some boiled broccoli with my Salman Salman Rushdie Sal bass what is that from old cell bass earth that water's boiling now he's checked I'm gonna take it off this is that same water I got earlier today I'm just gonna slide it right over here move it out of the way and leave it there because I'm not really ready to start boiling like broccoli yet this fish needs a little bit longer to go so yeah we'll just wait till put that broccoli in there but wait I can cut it up right now well I'm waiting so that's pretty cool a little plate at Canadian Tire I know you guys in the states don't have Canadian Tire but it's just a store that sells random stuff and tigers this is a North 49 plate it kind of pops open like this little folded cup dealies a little bit so you get a little bit of a lip on it but anyways just like this plastic he rubbery

whatever material work good as he as a cutting board - that's my point besides are not staying up for anything that's what you get for buying a cheap little all right there we go there we go so I got a big old fat sack of broccoli get them broccoli trees my wife said she packed some broccoli for me for my trip and did not expect it to be this much but that's okay maybe I'll take 1/3 of this and you'll have some tomorrow well I got some racist rice and potatoes and all sorts of fun stuff I don't think I'll need this but regardless I digress it's almost time for another beer yep cutting broccoli just cuttin broccoli hutton broccoli still using this Dearing knife just getting used to it still loving it so far when you got this much broccoli you can be picky you don't have to eat this stalks broccoli rich you know well she looks almost done I'm gonna put it off for a couple more minutes while I cook my broccoli up my broccoli broccoli celery gotta be what's the next words bum-bum-bum-bum-bum lima beans I call the green peachy-keen above them there's never ever ever ever ever been a show like almost getting away there it's nice and hot so I want to get the butter on it well it's still hot oh it smells like broccoli smells like broccoli boys there we go I got another beer to drink with supper an old note I wanted to crack it earlier when I was just waiting for supper to cook but I held strong now I can enjoy it with my food just don't throw all thin strips the butter on the air go grab my beer and then get my fish off over the brother off out of the broiler yep

what do you think oh yes safety safety Joe you guys think with that for to put your nice his burned lemons can go off I'll squeeze some more lemon juice on top of it pretty excited about that

oh she's flaky she's flaky damn look at that that's like a it's like a restaurant looks like a high-end restaurant he kind of look right there nice right I do Oh a fork somewhere but it can't be bothered oh she's a toasty one

tastes great then tasty fishy at all oh oh fresh lemon fresh lemon Joe what are you doing

dropping the ball up in her ah what was I thinking

what was I thinking hey alright new and improved fish super stoked super stoked on this food oh yes yes you guys ready for this

something not previously seen on my channel I've had it before I haven't got in a while because I was going more towards the citrusy type but this is a little bit on the multi-or side is uh Muskoka Mad Tom there you go that's a better view so the mad Tom excuse me I want to eat some broccoli what I said all natural premium pure Muskoka brewery unfiltered IPA Matt Tom established 1996 aspire barley tonight's stories are on the fire Muskoka Matt Tom will instantly grab your attention dry hopped with Chinook ascend Centennial hops this IPA has a vibrant aroma depth of flavor and crispy citrusy undertow like no other check your enjoy before date or be a bit a little buff natural filtering process this is a six point for the other one I drank was only a four point seven I believe it's the one to drink earlier in the day time Oh squeezed it well it smells good smells very good even my opinion on this was wrong yeah I thought it was too multi for some reason yeah it is a little bit on the multi side

I like it it's a colder weather beer for me I'm not switching to porters I'm not a porter kind of guy but it will switch them more multi more multi IPAs you know variety just place to life just like urine no huh looks out from my feet are wet from sweat take them off take my socks off by the fire all right a subscriber mail time yeah some really good dessert from a subscriber and I was wrong he didn't leave a note but I have his name his name is Matthew and he's from Australia so thank you very much Matthew from Australia I got your package with all of the confectionaries as well as a super-rare to me Australian liquor which is like a 52 or 57 percent alcohol if I'm not mistaken it's at home I didn't bring it on this trip that's for another trip well it's it's such a loss training too late burned a bowl or Burnaby or something something Australian but anyways that's for another truck what I got this time is where's my life order my light old gold so this is a super good chocolate bar you sent me like five or six really big good chocolate bars this one's called roasted almond dark chocolate roasted almond it's like a rum and raisin and like a seven seventy percent cocoa on a couple of really big chalk Larson so thank you very much the wife is eating the rum and raisin I didn't I like it can't why okay why I'm not a fan of the rum but the wife loved it and I loved all the other ones so thank you very much I seem to have a lot of subscribers from Australia I get a lot of emails and letters and things colons from Australia so thank you throw one of us no I'm not gonna do it one more can do it I want to fund you like that thanks thanks Matthew

so pardon my ignorance but this all of us true you have only desert II type of bush or L Bank a outback can't say it Oh back anyways or didn't get what I'm getting out is there are different types of forests and terrain or would it all be very desert II very very hot and desert you I don't know mark don't know much about other places let me know I don't think I'd be as interested in going to a desert II place damn like a lush green place right well ever since the Sun went down I've been waiting for 10 o'clock so I can justify going to bed I'm doing that now it's 1007 I hope I have a uninterrupted good warm sleep I'll get with you guys in the morning good morning

so pretty good I got up once at like 2:00 to stoke the fire I slept pretty solid until 2 and then from 2 until about 5:00 pretty solid from 5:00 on I was cold and moving around feeding up and stuff but for the most part pretty good oh I'm chilly had to get up and poop I to run on a bed to poop okay I did end up you know I said I had it halfway the blanket halfway under and it kind of folded it over top of myself well I didn't have enough coverage that way to kind of like Huk the covers are on me so it is still under the knock down here under the Sigma pad but only a little bit so I have like three quarters or more of the blanket to wrap over me and then I ended up tucking it in on this side too so it's kind of like sleeping pad blanket me blanket wrapped around tucked in sleeping pad a little burrito of warmth for warmth I've already heard some shots go off too since I've been up it's uh it's 8:15 now well I got up put her on seven out of bed so oh pretty successful night I think say see me a big day lots of building to do I'm gonna cook up some bacon and eggs right now relax for this morning

try warm up by the fire I burned up all my wood except for like two or three small rounds so I'll have to be a little bit more wood to I think for breakfast and for warmth I like waking up to the cold it's invigorating it's like my feet are numb right now but I know 20 minutes I'm gonna in 20 minutes I'll have a fire going

I'll have already cut some wood I would be warm by myself warming myself by moving around then the fire and then the food are gonna warm even more oh I can make a hot chocolate I don't after 8 min talk chocolate it's not after 8 but it's after 8:00 in the morning always thinking Joe what do you do when your baton ting all of your wood and you've baton doll your wood and you need to baton your baton take your split up pieces of wood there's four pieces here which would equal one piece of wood it's not as comfortable but it's just as heavy and it works fine a hand should be where my gloves


I used a lighter and birchbark this morning no messing around no Pringles you know one time for Pringles I already popped the fun stuff after the Pringles were done alright that's a little better I switched out the stick for larger sticking diameter had a better one yesterday right there on the ground but it burnt when it was boiling my water so kick the foyer down a bit too it's super smoky and that bacon is just getting saturated in smoke in preparation for tonight how cold it's gonna be I'm gonna set up a space blanket just like a reflector Mylar along the back side of my shelter I already got one piece up I'll show you how I'm doing it I'm using buttons there's nothing new I've done this hundreds of times before - on video I'm leaving the space blanket doubled up so it's a little bit more durable that's about all the coverage I need anyway to cycle back to the heat onto me so let's put one of these up and show you how first you need some kind of material like Duff a pine cone a rock anything like that a good little little handful like that size is perfect try not to have any sticks in there get from here there we go got a small pieces of paracord my duff or whatever it is that you're using

right to the corner of the mylar or whatever you using to tie up you can use like garbage bags or if you don't want to use the grommets in a cheap cheap tarp anyways there's a like a clove hitch you can tie but I find two overhand knots is more than sufficient boom now it's on there and you can tie it off to whatever so I'm gonna just tie it right up to the ridge Pole I'm gonna fish my paracord through nice and tight up there and I could just tie it off to itself with bands uses a little curtain too like a little divider leave me alone there we go it's doubled up so I could have easily got twice as much room here but I don't feel like it's necessary I feel like it's gonna hit and circle down anyways and it'll give it a little bit more durability because there's lots of pokey sticks coming off the back of this so it could rip and then once it rips it's done but okay I gotta get my eggs cooked my bacon is done and nice and buttery

all right here comes uplift you ready Oh BAM saw I broke one yoke broke one yoke got one one intact oh no I didn't break it

nice she's slowly melting out there it's broken

yeah it's broken now those are whirlwind of emotions right there this is almost done anyway

I'll bet my fake hole hey eggs make all egg he didn't know his French for egg the rest of it is just Joe all right well I just got a call from the wife there's an emergency at home I have to go it's beyond my control I can't get around it it sucks and I don't want it to be this but I have to drive like seven hours to get home now like right now if they tear down camp and go I'm sorry I can't do anything about it I'm gonna try to get back here as soon as I can and spent a couple nights here thanks for watching you

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