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How To Set Up An Arrow


How To Set Up An Arrow

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to show you how I set up my arrows and as you guys know I'm shooting posting the arms quite a lot and yeah as I remember I've always made my arrows myself and at first I was using wooden shafts but actually has to say I'm not a big fan of them because yeah they're not and straight as carbon arrows and this one here is a carbon arrow I'm a huge fan of them the brand of this one here is gold tip and it has a span of 500 and I shoot these arrows with a bowl that comes with 40 pounds and yeah the spine is quite right what is 4 now as you can see this error here already came with a knock point which was already dude in and it's no problem to view in these knock points and would use any kind of tool that gets very hard like this one here this is woohoo hard so this is a very good tool for the knock point and as you can see I've already have two on two feathers on to the shaft and for this I have used this fledging chick by band 4 and flexing chicks are really important so I highly recommend that you get one and yeah you can try to do it by hand but you will never get as accurate as with the flexing chick and why is this so important because as you can see when you take a look at this chick is that the chick will turn the fan out a little bit so basically the chick does this with the feather and this is important because you never want to set a feta straight on the arrow shaft you always want to have it a little bit twisted like so because then when all of the free arrows are twist into the same direction the arrow is going to spin like this and a spinning arrow is always more stable in the air and it's going to be more accurate this is why I recommend a flashing check now before we do on the fetter I want to come to the tip which is not good in as you can see and for the tip I do not recommend using views like this which gets very hard or any other clues super tools or something like that doesn't work because on the tip you're going to have a lot of vibration the arrow is flexing quite a lot when it's flying in the air and then when it hits the target there's a lot of vibration which goes up through all of the arrow and if you use superglue or this to hear this vibration will sooner or later

loosen the two and then the next time when you shoot into a target and pull out your air again the targets the tip will stick in the target and then you don't have a tip anymore and that's what happened to me at the beginning very often but then I found a solution which is hot - hot goo is pretty flexible and soft even when it's hard out and it can easily take these vibrations now for the tip you need to use two parts first of all here I have this practicing tip and also here I have an aluminum insert and the first thing that you want to do is you want to screw in the practicing tip into the aluminum insert and next I'm going to use some hot soup apply it to the top of the aluminum insert and then I'm going to stick it into the arrow that's the first thing that we were going to do today so now I'm heating up the hot cool and trying to do it very evenly this should be fine just now gonna apply it here today we went on insert and now I stick it into the arrow like so all right the next thing that you want to do is you want to reheat the insert but you don't want to reheat it here at the carbon shaft you want to heat it at the very tip so now the heat gets transferred to the aluminum insert and let's see if this was enough yeah so now I could push in the tip into the shaft so now you see that there's a little bit of like hot cool left over I'm just going to pick that off with my hands like so and that's your tip not a great thing about hot you is that you can pull out the tip again you just need to reheat the tip like so and then you take some pliers and you rip out the tip again and this won't damage the shaft when do you have to take out the aluminum insert for example let's say you want to cut off the shaft because the spine is not right and you want to make it a little bit stiffer then you need to take out the aluminum insert cut off the arrow like here or so and then you take the insert and insert it into the shaft at this place here okay now let's say you want to cut off the arrow because maybe the spine wasn't right also the first thing that you are going to need is an iron saw like this one here but you don't want to cut off the carbon shaft like this because otherwise it will break at the other side and to prevent this you're just going to take a little bit of electrical tape and wrap it around the carbon shaft and now you could cut off the carbon shaft and then it won't break out so that's a small trick that I have learned from an other Archer right now I don't want to cut off this arrow because first I want to check the spine and maybe I'm going to cut off the arrow and other day alright so now we have our tip glued in and yeah next I want to go on the nice feta and there's another thing that I want to explain as you can see here I have two colors I have this white color and I have two feathers with the green color now it's important that the odd color in this case the white color sits perpendicular to the whole string so if you take a look at the nock point which is important when you set all the feathers it's important that the art feta sits perpendicular to the bowstring so the bowstring goes like this and the feta the art feta needs to sit here right so this is important as you see I'm using free feta for my arrows but you can also use like four feathers or six feathers but I believe that using free fetes is really the most common Stein okay so now I'm taking my feather and put it into the chick now when I put it into the chick and make sure that I don't put it right to the end of the chick but I leave a little bit of a gap so that's because I don't want the fellas to be right at the end of the knot

find because you always need to grab the arrows a little bit with your fingers and then you don't want to touch your fellows all of the time so there's a little bit of distance between the nock point and the fetes so we leave a little bit of a gap between the end of the cheek and the actual start of the feta and this is how you insert the feta into the chick you just take it and put it into the chick like this making sure that the feta the actual feather is stuck inside but the base of the feta is showing here so this is how you do it and the distance from here to here should always be the same to ensure a consistent fletching now this chick here works with a magnet you just put it on the chick and it will hold by itself and then you press on the feather onto the arrow but first we need to apply some glue and as I said before i'm using woohoo hot I don't know if you get this in the US for the feathers it's important that you use enough of tool to make it hold on the shaft but you shouldn't use too much of glue otherwise you will have a residue beside the feta

and that's it and you can use your finger for the tool so that it's getting distributed evenly yeah that's pretty much it now we have to wait until the glue has dried out and this will take a couple of hours with this do here maybe you can find another tool which is hardening out faster but yeah as I said before this is fine and I will be back in a couple of hours all right now let's see if the glue has hardened yep great so now I have an error which has free even feathers pretty awesome and the last thing that we need to do is we need to cover the beginning of the feathers with electrical tape because Adam is the fattest will get ripped off when you're shooting the bow because I'm when the arrow goes over the shelf it always will know collide with the feathers here and there are two ways that you can protect your feathers first one is by finding some smoke cordage on it and wrap it around the beginning of the feathers or a much easier way is to just take this electrical tape you and then you just put it on to the feathers like so like this and now you have an arrow which doesn't lose its feathers anymore okay this was how I set up my arrows pretty awesome it's not really a science or anything to set up an arrow but there are some tips which are good to know so this was my video about how to set up arrows pretty cool and I love archery and yeah leave me a comment maybe you have another pro tip that I didn't know yet

and yeah thank you

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Survival Lilly

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