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Overnight in my super shelter


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Overnight in my super shelter



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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription


hi guys what's going on it's the last days of summer and this is going to be my last camping trip in summer and I'm hiking to my bar drop camp and actually this is the first overnighter after Africa so I want to see if everything is alright with the camp because I haven't been here for a very long time it's mushroom season so today I definitely want to go on a Russian hat oh my god there's so many mushrooms around this is the camp you're gonna saw the campus in good shape Wow

I haven't been here for a very long time alright so as always I have a lot of camping gear with me but today I also want to try out a new flashlight that I got by a company Oh light they were so nice to sponsor this video thank you very much and this small flashlight is really really neat it's called the s1r baton to it comes with this pocket clip here which is really handy and also it comes with a very special battery which is this one here and at the back side here we can see a charging unit so you can recharge the battery by our USB and the charging port connects to the flashlight with a magnet so that's pretty cool and the first time I looked at the specs I was really surprised because in the highest mode this small flashlight can bring out 1,000 lumens that's amazing so I've never seen such a small flashlight with such a small battery which brings out that much lumens it's amazing oh my god unbelievable I've never seen a fox here at state time that you should be come out in the night yeah really cool

now the cool thing is that a company OLED has agreed to give away two of these flashlights to my subscribers that's really nice how can you participate in the giveaway it's pretty easy you just have to share this video on my Facebook fan site and in about a week or so I'm going to choose two random winners and the company all that also is going to do a flash sale which is going to take place very soon and you can find all of the relevant information in the banner which I'm going to post right now it's pretty early in the day so I want to go on a mushroom hunt and leave the rest of my stuff here but what I really need is a water bottle because it's really hot out there and still let's go guys I have my water bottle and a plastic bag where I can put in my mushrooms and now I'm going to go on a pretty big mushroom hunt I believe it's going to take me two hours yeah I just wanted to say that I'm not the biggest mushroom expert but I know like five kinds of mushrooms that I can eat and there are also a lot of very poisonous mushrooms around and if I'm not sure what mushroom I should take then I just leave it because I don't want to poison myself so that's the most important thing don't poison yourself I have to get down here this is one edible mushroom here one of my favorites I don't know the English name but the German name is Troy bling and yeah I really love them I think they are the best mushrooms I found the dead scar and by looking at edit

I almost panting - despite on that here wow that's quite a big scar so if you know what kind of animal this is here just leave me a comment in the comment section below that's my first chanterelle of the day okay no I have to get up there again this is some pretty good cardio training yeah I like it I want to stay hit this is a good one this one is too old over there

but this one is good too and pretty young and this over there is very old so I'm not going to take it with me I just came across this deer feeding station and yeah feeding deer is important in autumn or fall because now the fields get harvested and the problem is that during summer time all of the roe deer they are in the fields eating eating eating and then to harvest a harvest off the crops and then do you come back into the forest but they don't have this very powerful food anymore and that's the time when the deer eat most of the small trees and this is really bad so if you are a little bit into forestry he will understand that most of the young trees get killed by the TIA so and that's why hunters here in Austria Pete dear so after the hosta has harvested off all of the crops and the deer comes back into the forest the deer can come here to this feeder and yeah this feeding station will take off a lot of pressure of the young trees all right here we have another edible mushroom but actually it's not tasting that great so I'm going to leave it here but I think it looks really cool I'm back at the camp whoo-hoo and my stuff is still here so I'm very happy about that oh okay now it's time to make some firewood I have a little bit of firewood over there but I want to keep that for the night and now I just want to go and fell a new tree [Music]






there's so much of this old choco I really have to get rid of it because my fireplace is growing and growing okay all right so I'm going to lay a couple of locks on the bottom because the earth is moist and I need some kind of a platform so this is it this one is fat - just lay it down like so perfect next time came to take my sticks here I'm going to make a little caving leg structure so this is the core of the campfire okay alright today I'm a little bit lazy I'm going to light a fire with gasoline soaked cotton balls and that's burning pretty good so that's going in here all right so this Mura light my fire has a fire steel integrated in the handle which is pretty awesome and now I'm going to light the fire with the spicy [Music]


as always I'm sanitizing my grill over the fire just to get rid of all of the bacteria today I'm eating organic pork it comes from a pig that lived on straw and had a very healthy life and it's without chemo

Bon Appetit


all right folks so it's half past six now and almost already dark and the nights are pretty long here in the fall so I have brought a book with me and this one here is the detox book and I'm already halfway through and I think it's one of the most important books that I have ever read so I can really highly recommend this to you you will find a link in the description below and this is basically a book about detoxing how to detoxify your body to improve your health stop the seeds and reverse aging and at the beginning it basically tells you like very basic stuff about health and why we are living in an age where there's a lot of you know toxins around and basically later it tells you how to detoxify and there are a couple of different methods how you can detoxify first and yeah probably most important one is fasting so I want to try that a couple of days but there are also other you know detox methods as well and I haven't done this for a very long time the last time I have had a detox was when I was a student with 20 years or so and at that time I once didn't eat for 6 days and after that I felt great so now I think it's time to do a detox again and this is really a great book and you will learn a lot about health and that's really important if you want to survive this world healthy now it's time to test a small flashlight that I got by the company all right let's see

Wow that's really strong guys so this is now turbo mode which means it's 1,000 lumens Wow

unbelievable guys look at this this is 1000 lumens wow I'm impressed okay so now I'm getting hungry again and next I want to cook my mushroom and first of all I want to clean them off from the dirt and also I want to inspect them for warmth and normally I fry them in a pan but today I don't have oil with me so I'm just going to pour some water into the pan and as a spice I'm going to use salt and also caraway because this is a secret ingredient to make mushrooms really really good so if you want to cook a very good mushroom recipe use caraway it tastes awesome with the mushrooms all right so I'm just taking a little bit of water and pour it into my pan and then I'm just throwing in my mushrooms and I'm also going to add some caraway

I hear a lot of animal noises birds but also foxes

it tastes so good oh my god it's half-past eleven now and after nothing basically besides reading my book here and now it's really time to go to bed all right I mean the super shelter and let's just try to get some sleep

I have to get up early tomorrow so yeah I really hope that I can sleep good night guys

good morning guys oh yeah I slept really well paddle I was very hard also it was really warm

my breakfast is 2 carrots 1 banana and some left over bread from yesterday Karen's

that's working I'm leaving my pocket camp I'm going to leave the door open because you know the animals they can walk over the roof and jump into my camp and if the doors closed they can't get out again so that's why I leave the camp like this my partner can yeah so now it's time to go home I want to thank you for watching and stay tuned to the next time

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