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The fiance and I went camping at a Pinery Provincial Park this past weekend.

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slept here last night at the Pinery or doing the first trail it's a 1.8 kilometer long the Carolyn intra so Provincial Park with lots of old pine it was an old mix called the Pinery there's an old pine plantation there cedar and hardwoods as well let's go up up up good off oh good this little hoppier out in the bush I think so I'm starting to come up

is a really nice place now on the Nipissing lake trail now and we're about to enter a white pine grove what's very nice it's funny when you come into these things the whole forest changes the ground cover is way different than the ground cover just out there not a lot of undergrowth like little shrubs and stuff but not any young trees popping up really it dominate it by the white pine or up on a lookout tower pretty high up I don't know how high up but pretty high a higher

Ott's tears we just went to an outdoor flea market and they had a tactical place a tactical guy had a booth set up there and I got this pouch he called it the multi-purpose medium size pouch it's by a brand called full clip next made made in the US shows up on there but made in the US and it's OD green so it matches my backpack you got to have that can't be a mismatch in color and I think I want to put my first-aid kit in there but it's a nice sized pouch pouch and it's all attached Somali system or the MOLLE straps back at our campsite rigged up my bushcraft us a 10 by 10 to keep the rain off this last night and it works good and looks like a set nice sunny day today so I think I'll hold off use my taut line hitch is to attach it to everything huge sand dunes oh yeah you're a girl bring here bring here come all right I'm at the dog beach beach still and I thought this looked like an old mine shaft or something Tony must've been messing around it's nothing really stops right there what you doing scout tell everybody what you're making roughly over roughly those you don't know roughly Zara shavings twig bundles too big once again I'm camping in it raining what


this is after the crazy thunderstorm 8 o'clock at night this is the last night here at the Pinery waves gone to bed with the dog and I'm just running up the loss of the 750 a bag would it's right seven dollars and fifty cents for a bag of wood thought I might as well burn it burning money the tarp held up well with the torrential downpour we had so this is the third morning our third day we're going to do two or three trails before we hit the road we're on a trail called the pines and one big sand dune again are you doing but apparently this area was ravaged by fire and a bunch of red Pines grew out pretty unique place we save this one for last this is called the wilderness trail it's a three kilometer trail I think it's the longest one to have here other than the bike trails we're hoping to see some kind of wilderness

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