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Catch and Cook - Shark for dinner


Catch and Cook - Shark for dinner (Africa, Gabon)

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Video Transcription


- been persistent thank you [Music]





it's a race [Music]

my thing this is where I shot it with my arrow but drift out and then he got it with a machete

so we both killed him now we are going to make a fire and eat it yeah yes let's cook up the food thinner and make a fire I'm really interested in how this little fella taste yeah footwork you


okay today I'm going to stop with a couple of matches and copper and Vaseline and here already collected some straw or panel Oh some tinder which collected on the seashore now I'm soaking my cup in the best bin and this is some awesome accelerate put it into the tinder bundle [Music]

so here there's a very hard plate I can't cut from that but at the back here you can see there are some muscles at the side and this is what we want to eat also you have to be careful because there are some spikes coming out of here so always use a gaff to protect your fingers




okay that's it I'm getting out the guts so that's what's left there's a small hole and yeah the recipe is some very awesome meat and this goes back into the sea and it will feed the other fish [Music]

it's actually quite a lot of meat on there




just gonna cut open one side here okay so I'm really interested in how this tastes huh you have to first bite yeah I heard that this race are not that great actually so they should not face so great yeah this man is not very good but it's still very good survival food so you can definitely eat this one more so it's quite a bit of meat on there so I think that this piece of meat here has the equivalent of one or two eggs so it's not too bad hmm look at this chunk of meat here it's amazing how you can you know just go on a beach and like today we saw so many of them so it's a really easy survival food but mostly they come out in the night so I haven't seen them during the day and yeah super easy swam all right walk so this was how to catch a shovelnose ray shovelnose fish and yeah I think it was pretty awesome that we really got it with the bow and the machete and if I had a little bit more time I'm sure that I would have caught many more of them and yeah they're not the best tasting finish right Julian so we have eaten better fish in Africa but yeah you have to eat what you kill and that's how it is in a survival situation as well also we want to thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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