A lunch in my old woods.


I visited my old patch of woods, saw lots of destruction, and rambled a lot.

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hey guys I'm out in this bush today that I used to frequent a lot before I start going to the other places that they see in all my videos this is the place that we used to call the hut woods we've built the hut and it's in the woods it's between he's doing scope if there's a huge major road over there once our one-seven so it's picking up dirt on to my pack there's a huge service main road there on that side there's two factories on either side of here and there's train tracks on the back what you doing snow they're gonna hold for some reason so it's not the nicest place and it's about the size of a football field it's really just something that they're going to tear down eventually anyway you can build more stuff I just want to show you what's ghosts doing here being all crazy what are you doing bud anyways I don't really know what he's doing that maybe he's bored so yeah I just came here today I got some stuff to do and this is closer to my house than the other places so last time I came here it was pretty overgrown and whatnot seems like there's been people here now I'm going to take you around and show you all the massive damage that's happened because of these people I'm sorry at the little windy you can't hear me it's pretty windy today so you see here used to be a tree and somebody broke it or chopped it I don't know it's splintered so they must have broke it off but so the sucker growth is all growing out towards the ground now let's set it up that's happened here here all here where it's all green right on the ground there like the carpet that's that's because of that somebody attempted to make a little lean-to or something here which is kind of cool I don't think I would spend a night in it personally but it's cool that people wrote here trying to do skills and whatnot this tree is pretty cool we always used to hide stuff in it we actually built and go right inside it and if I had a light I show you better but there's light coming up through the top there we actually put steps inside it and climbed up to the top inside just this is a predominantly Hickory ash and crabapple woods the Hickory and the ash or the big ones the shag bark very old there's another one there now all of the ash hop died off and I'll show you what happened there so because of the ash borer all the trash trees have died and they started to fall down in the strong winds there's a there's one down there and also we had a awesome platform built up in the tree that's it there so it was on an oak and an action ash has since died and it twisted it didn't fall because of the because of the platform that's holding it up still but it twisted and this used to be going across this way and now it's change direction the only thing holding that dead ash-tree up is that framework they're pretty freakin good framework if I do say so myself we were young when we built that and it was an awesome experience learning that and that's always what you want to see you know rubber tires in the forest yep so my theory is the emerald ash borer can't get to the trees until they have the bark that's more Corky like this so this is a young sapling and it's healthy it's growing fine but it doesn't have the thick bark yet if you look on the the stock right there it's smooth so I imagine this guy's got a few years of good health and then if if the ash borer is still here which it probably will be then thumbs up for that guy a couple more - and this is the crabapple tree I don't know if it is actually crabapple but it is like a fruit tree kind of thing that is the under undergrowth most likely that's about the straightest one I've ever seen to be honest they're very gnarled and twisting or Mele it's got an orange for orange wood that burns really hot it's really nice I'll probably try to use some for fire today as a nice big old oak looks to be a red oak the steps going up to it I didn't do that that was actually there for a long time hassey over 10 years that those steps are on there he's a big one there's someone's fire pit or looks almost like a fireplace a little sitting log and McDonald's MIT cafe cup which which is good at all so you got here let's see a deep energy adidas some imagine that some kind of body spray I don't know why that would be out here so the hut that me and my friend used to have was more like a log cabin and it stood right there that the tree the three trees right there was one of the posts that we had it tied up to the other biller tie up tree is completely gone it's fallen now and all of the wood and everything is gone but that was the spot right there I spent a lot of time learning bushcraft skills when I didn't even know what bush

then it's a random debris and books all half burn this is the most destruction in it's man-made and it's not cool hello to a four nailed on to that tree but then something happened I think there was a player here all this bark is burned off you can see that there hopefully and then there's four trees that one that one then there's two across so that one was nailed and burned and split up there because of it now that she's done this tree was burned all the Bark's burned off the tree behind it was burned and weakened and broke and this tree here has all the bark burned off it as well until a way up there so that's a lot of destruction for no reason you know I mean that must have been a huge fire they're still charred remnants on the ground in over there - it's just crazy like I frequented this place for probably two years everyday and and nobody ever came and we took care of it and now it's kind of just trashed there's a somebody wrote something on this 2x4 here and I've actually seen it a lot in Essex County where I am it says bush man and I hope bush man didn't do this because everywhere I go I seem to see that bush man writing so I'm hoping that hope not he didn't do this because I wouldn't like for everywhere to be feel like this anybody want a stereo about three years back when I first joined up with bushcraft USA I got inspired to get out into the woods more again so I I came back to this place and I actually made a second little Hut and this was it it got destroyed by a bomb I met him a few times and he was on drugs and pretty crazy and whatnot so I stopped coming here but this was the outline to my shelter had a little fire put in there and then there's a bunch of my logs seems like this place other than the fact that he tore down my tarp and my all my other stuff seems like it's pretty untouched as far as destruction goes there's my a fire pit there that's pretty cool I guess that's still here there's a scenery nice old factory I know you jealous that's awesome one of my old fire board's still just sitting there you can tell it's been weathered and used quite a few times kind of cool at all sixties red carpet so where it's at all right well that's enough depressing destruction sup I'm let me do some bushy stuff now I'm going to do some fire prep and cook up some gluten-free hot dogs for myself I really like this little asses what is a super dancing it cuts through pretty good got my on loan to my buddy stub knife-like

bushcraft USA Adventures 4/9 nice enough to send me this for a little while I really like using it make some nice curls

I just want to show my fire still before I start this is about to break I could I can break it right now if I bent it I've used this for a good year and she's about done

all right got the fire established and migrated on there the flames are just going to clean off the grill form he's got a little bit of bacon dank on it from previous uses I'll get those gluten-free hotdogs and call it a day all right well I'm sitting here just waiting for my polls to doctor my fire died down to pole so that I could cook my my hot dogs I just wanted to say a few things I'm really really grateful for the community that we have on bushcraft USA if you're watching this on youtube you haven't checked the bushcraft USA you're into this kind of stuff I highly recommend it it's a really cool place I've been on there for like three years or so now I met a lot of good people made some really good friends some that I haven't met yet guys that trust me enough that I trust enough I sent me a knife you know I mean I said Halon I've never met the guy of my life it's a pretty cool thing to think about it

I have met some I've met a lot I was fortunate enough to stay at one of my really good buddies place his house this spring you know I mean it through the internet you mean it's really really cool anyways just thank you to everyone on there thank you to the mods and the creators the owners of founders of bushcraft USA so I hope everybody has a great day and I'm gonna call it quits my um my fire they're dying down I'm going to throw my gluten-free hot dogs on there and pack up for the day go go go visit my brother for a while so hope you guys have a great day

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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