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My New Sniper Rifle - SSG08 - Long Distance Shooting


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Video Transcription

hi guys today I'm here in banana start at the spam manager shooting center and today I'm getting my new clapper up stay tuned for this of course or job ya guys so this is the sg0 8 or shaft shipping event 0h and this is a military rifle which a lot of soldiers have in crater in Turkey and speciality and Austria and his a weapon for a long-range distance shooting pretty suicides can't wait to try it out the SS g 0h counter for highly effective metal bridge it also comes with a cold hammer-forged barrel which is very famous for shia and the big advantage of these barrels is that they have high accuracy and the half hour client service lifetime which is pretty awesome especially for sniper rifles like this one here the stock is made out of aircraft aluminum a high-grade aluminum which is in one piece we have a testable teach peace and accessible pathway and a monopod and the great thing about it as a teacher is that you have rolling stock which makes transport very DP the rifle comes with a free position safety red means is ready to fire and you can miss Regan shoot the second position which is the white position here means that the right with space you can shoot but you can load and unload the rifle on the first position the firing pin is mechanically blocked and you can swing the bones anymore okay to get out the bolt out of the rifle you first need to put the safety position on the red stop and then you open the bolt like this and then you put the precision on first basic solution and now you can take out the bowl without pressing the trigger and as you can see the both have some snow and ice groups which is great if you're shooting out in desert conditions of many conditions and these groups they draw out the snow and ice from the chamber to both also comes with a Teflon code which is great to reduce friction and it increases the durability okay let's go to the range the first shop was a little bit low and to the left but the second shot in this workshop they are right in the middle so yes I'm very happy with the raffle okay we are now at the 200 meter range and we have meiosis scope and now I want to attach the holistic tower to five pigs high because now I'm shooting at 200 meters and yes I want to see if I hit the target on point now yes I felt a little bit lower like 2 centimeters but that's okay okay so I was about 1 centimeters or 2 centimeter slow so now I'm going to give it one one more kick upwards let's see where we shoot now yes almost right in the middle of course awesome okay The Rifles performed perfectly at 200 meters and very happy with it and now I want to try 300 meters I've never shopped at a distance which will spread far away and now I'm giving the scope mm 11 more kicks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 let's see no ghost looks to be perfect right the middle 10 points 10 out of 10 perfect

this is really awesome 10 out of 10 points at free week 300 meters oh oh my god oh my god I love this reference yeah emanation that we have you today is Federal Premium Gold metal net yeah pretty precise awesome ammunition and then we have to use this rattle I want to finish their Monica for sponsoring this rifles it's really really cool and now it's time for a few tests okay if you are now in the Austrian Alps and and there's a target over there which is about 300 meters away and now I want to try another ammunition which is by RWS it's a hunting ammunition and it has about the same grains than the federal let's see how this shoots now yeah as you can see I've just tried out the hunting ammunition and it goes a little bit to the right and a little bit lower than the normal target ammunition which can beat you to the wind that we have here at the outside today

yeah actually here in the mountains we have a lot of wind it doesn't feel like much but it's enough to carry the bullet to the right so that's what we have to consider when you are shooting in the field other than that I'm very happy with the rifle yeah it's my new baby I thought I loved it so much it's super awesome and yeah I can't wait to take a couple of more shots thank you for watching and stay tuned for next time [Music]

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