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My New Solo Lightweight Cookset - 2016


I head to the woods to cook supper in my new bush buddy twig stove and snow peak titanium 900 bush pot.

Suitable for Bushcraft, Canoe camping, and Backpacking

I hang out in my hammock and talk about future trips.

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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe and Scout out here in the woods again I'm just walking in and just parked roads right there you could probably see it and what I'm walking through is a big open field with little patches of woods every now and then the purpose of this video the purpose of this outing it's full it's 4:45 right now in the afternoon and I want to come out here and cook supper I got a couple new pieces of gear I got a bush buddy twig stove a real one a legit one and I got a Snow Peak 900 cook set and I'll show you both those once where once we're all squared away but yeah I want to test them out for a upcoming canoe trip so we're just walking to the woods right now I'm just gonna grab some of this dead grass on the way in to help start my fire I'm going to grab different pieces of it - there's these thin leaf parts and then these stalks and they can both leaves can be tender and the stocks can be kindling so put it well fall or even pocket my cargo pocket and that's more than enough I'm going with this spot for tonight I'm only going to be here for a few hours maybe till 8:00 or something and I have a hammock a small hamlet to sit in these are gonna be my hammock trees they're good distance apart and what's the greatest thing about this is these are red oak both these and they have these these hanging dead branches that are like gold man they're they're super dense lots of BTUs in this wood so I will have to clear it a little bit so that my hand that can get in here without being stabbed with sticks but those sticks will become my fuel so it's no big deal leave it baby they come off pretty easy usually and if you split them like out of why if you just pull apart it help it helps a lot the dense wood but they don't don't hang on too much very good best of both worlds really

there's a reason I got this I bought both of these pieces of kit new pieces of kit I didn't get them given to me for a review or any of that stuff so this is these are my unbiased opinions regardless I bought it for a reason because I'm going on a canoe trip soon and I want to have a twig stove right on my twig so the only thing would fit in this is my bush buddy twig so the super lightweight stuff like very very very lightweight I can get the exact specs on it maybe I'll pull out my phone but it only fit in my zebra 12-centimeter zebra like this great and so what's the point of having a super ultra low twig stove if you have to putting the zebra Billy v it's stainless steel and it's heavy this setup by itself or setup sold and Cup weighs less than the zebra thought by itself so wait is it Susan is a factor is an issue when you're not doing a lot of portaging and backpacks and stuff like that anyways first time use of the Snow Peak 900 which is this the lid the lid doubles as a frying pan which is kind of cool do my eggs up that way first time using that and I've used the bush buddy once or twice before I got the bush buddy used and that's no because brand new so let's get this going so this bush buddy is a gasifier stove if I'm not mistaken means it burns its smoke a second time super efficient and yeah it leaves just ash no uh no chunks of half burn wood or anything like that so pretty cool I'm going to start my fire with a lighter sacrilege actually pull this out light it and stuff it and I think I've moved away the leaves right around from the immediate area it is a touch windy today there we go twigs on top I'll let that burn down for a minute before I put the pot rest on and before I had my bigger fuel sticks ok she's been going for a minute all those sticks have burned down a little bit so I'm gonna attempt to put this on there we go almost there's one little stick there we go this should work now there we go so that's good now I can feed right from that little hole let go showing you and it doesn't matter how long the sticks are any of that business so those cups nice the mug part it's got markings on the side and I will eventually get it down to what I wear I know how much water I need what but right now I don't this is my homemade spaghetti we've taken some of this camping on that backpacking traverse or that new truck I want to put it in right now

and fill up my container with water just to pull the top of over top of the flakes on top of the dehydrated food so that I know roughly how much water I need you can do it with warm water for hot water first and then add your food but you might end up a little bit extra water if you don't know the exact measurements or

yeah exact measurement of water to put in I guess so now my little fire has gone out a bit I'm just going to keep stuffing my sticks in I'm new to twigs so guys this is all new to me is like the third time I've used it so yeah I'm sure it takes some tweaking and stuff but I know that this can go back up if I blow this hill projects ignite again as she goes so lid on this goes on top of there nice and sturdy and I'll have to keep feeding it I'm sure but now I put my hammock what I am winds kicking up man

this thing doesn't need a windscreen it doesn't seem it's burning fine and if it takes a little bit extra because there's wind I'm not too worried about that I've do you hydrated the spaghetti by myself it's actually not really spaghetti it's getting sauce good hydrated by itself and then idea dehydrated some elbow neuters of macaroni elbow or macaroni noodles wherever you want to call them now I'm sure I'm gonna comment saying you don't have to be hydrate noodles they're already dry well yes that makes perfect sense you're exactly right and I get those comments all the time but when I'm backpacking or on a canoe trip I don't really have time to let my my noodles cook first and then add my sauce you can't cook the sauce in the noodles at the same time I don't think because it are in the same thing at least because the noodles are starchy as hell you ever cooked noodles in a small pot you're gonna have to drain the water a few times because it comes in a thick thick syrupy starch almost and also it takes longer it takes longer for the noodles to cook than it does for them to rehydrate right regardless of the rehydrated or not from the factory where you what you get it in my experience if I de hydrate them and then rehydrate them or heat them up they they get plump they cook whatever you I call it faster so it's all about efficiency it's all about making the best you can note of the time you have and on a backpacking trip you're not stopping - oh this is boiling you're not stopping before supper a lot until you get to camp you know I mean like you get to camp it's getting dark and you have supper and go to bed kind of thing at least the backpacking or canoeing that I've done of course there's other kinds where you take it a little bit more leisurely and that's totally fine and cool but for the stuff that I normally do a high-speed low-drag stuff I think this is gonna be ideal anyways this is my whole thought behind this this could all go to crap and not be a good efficient setup at all there's still a little bit of water in the bottom a tiny bit that's going to turn to socks so I am just going to mmm let that fire down for a sec I'm going to sit this back on there and then we'll be good to go I bought some Parmesan cheese - that's squeaky looking forward to that so I do plan on bringing still a pocket rocket with one small canister as my main stove and it should do me fine I'm doing nine days but there is a chance of the stove breaking me losing it running out of fuel so as a backup this book this bush bunny bush buddy twig stove it doesn't weigh much guys like I can look maybe I'll put in this in a description or something but it's not much like I said the the stove and the pot here weigh less than a 12 ounce zebra Billy so as a backup because you don't run out of twigs right twig stove you're not gonna run off fuel and it's a good idea to have so who knows that's my thoughts

anyways I might just nix the whole thing I might not bring this at all I might just rely on the on the pocket rocket and then if that runs out I'll use a shrimp fire and the fireplace a fire pit who knows but this was my thinking behind this anyway Parmesan cheese done oh so cheesy another pretty cool thing about this bush buddy is if you grab it down here by the very base you can hold it this thing if I touched it yeah that's that's dint super high scolding it's still full of ash and it's cooling down now but the bottom you can touch it a double-walled I think that's the part of the gasifier all right moment of truth this is a batch I made up a while ago to hadn't dehydrated them separately before go windy the reason I use the macaroni noodles this time is because the spaghetti noodles were sharp and I found I had to double bag this is a POC bag to keep transport it and they would poke through the ziplock bag so I figured the macaroni or elbow noodles are a good candidate for that because they're not sharp shameless branding man this spaghetti is mutant ugh I'm super pleased with a good portion amount to perfect for a meal for me little garlic bread wouldn't be bad equipment Bannock moon camping we've got garlic panic to go with this one night you know I got to live a little bit right in all honesty I hope I'm eating fish every day but whatever I've counted on that it things haven't come through so I almost done my spaghetti now I pull up some info on the bush buddy I have the bush buddy ultra the stove features a scene efficient combustion design is a regular Bush buddy but in a lighter weight five ounces instead of six point five ounces they can boil one liter of water and eat to ten minutes usually eight to ten minutes it will take longer under adverse conditions it says and I assume the container that you're in if you have a tall skinny tea container it's going to take a lot longer than a big wide one that's another reason I wanted a wider on size is four and a four and a quarter inches by diameter by three and three quarters high so very small very compact the 900 the pod itself titanium it weighs 6.2 ounces okay so has a capacity of 30 fluid ounce main Japan so 6.2 ounces plus 5.1 ounces so we're at eleven point three if I'm not mistaken I've employed three coats is it's pretty good for your free cokes up or you cook set up and then I also do get the frying pan like I said so again I can lift this up there's still heat coming off of it but it's not glowing embers I want to show you what it turns to what your your final impact like footprint product is I guess all right so this top piece comes off it's not hot anymore at all and then you're left with just this ash if you look there's no watch on buddy there's no nothing just super fine powdery ash I really like that part of it very efficient very efficient stove its first burn little blackened the lid honestly could sit on a bit better but but it does come with but it does come with this mesh bag that kind of holds it all in place so it's not so bad this is how I'll be storing it in my backpack I believe

yeah the lid kind of sucks to be honest the way the lids it kind of sucks but that's why I got it that's why I brought out here to see what I liked about it what I didn't like about it it's not enough to for me to say I don't like it because I do alright guys just a quick little video I got that I was excited to come out and play with it so I thought I bring you along thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learn something have any questions let me know thanks bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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