Roadtrip and Camping with the Girls


The girls and I head out for a southern Ontario road trip.

We travel to cool spots, camping, and staying in hotels along the way.

Join us for some family fun!

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Video Transcription

you guys how you doing Joe and Co here just at a gas station somewhere along the way we are doing me in the family that is are doing a Ontario road trip so that Ontario road trips are going to be gone for about a week ish could be five days could be eight days I'm not sure yet but I go to a few puts a few different places camp along the way see it a few different hotels I'd love to have my daughter catch a fish I'd love to camp and canoe a little bit but we'll see how that goes we don't have scope he's with a sitter but yeah we'll keep you along the way I'm just waiting for the wife and kid to come out of this gas station they're going to any go to the bathroom oh here they come

look at the beauties she could not poop what good for them I don't know so why couldn't you prove I only could be good so no poop yeah just pee no pen no no Peter hi Pete where we going and yeah there that's a surprise that we don't know what we're doing

no no plan just in the road yeah yeah okay now

okay good dialogue so how long we go how long we go throughout our way of double pay to get a can't label bleep and then we're going to check out some waterfalls and maybe go up to tell Porsha Braxton stuff

we have another killing you guys have fun checking into a hotel here we are okay campground to the small little like mom-and-pop kind of campground nice and quiet I don't hear or see anybody around us which is awesome we couldn't really get into a Bruce Peninsula National Park Cypress Lake I guess it's called his book so this is a one hour away from they're not even so it's not too bad not too bad are you doing in there you blow up yeah what don't have a pair yeah Walter here no you're just going to set up our town our student bags all that stuff and that love you ten already you heard her pick off go do some some day stuff some caves but uh waterfalls I want to get wet okay just in big way huh put your sitting back in the tent put your sleeping bag in the tent that's what I do you want to see [Music]

that's my side of the beach we're going down to the bay at a hope they got our tents all set up and we got to go somewhere for lunch what you hide I'm going to go somewhere for lunch yeah for sure baby

you walk in it if you want to pay for them off take the shoes off okay where you don't lift me back no man I got shoes off and shock look you're fine baby over here you have nothing to be scared what I've found it's not deep go ahead and do it everyone hey listen you don't have to go in it you're the one who said you want to swim it's dirty waters here no well there's no wave run run go go you guys you're good you're good wash your slipper vandal tell me right I thought there was no so what is this place

it's an old mansion and oh ma what are you doing you good yeah and I was just explaining to emerald go ahead that used to be their fireplace right there let's go look at the fireplace and that's where they would have heated their house up because in the old days they didn't have keep like we do where is there a fireplace that might've been right there yes yeah right yeah and I told her they wouldn't find electricity here but they would have had to use lanterns we think without it and this was big engine okay well let's go let's go down to the shore nice skills bro all right where we going you're scared you let me hold your hand yeah you sure all righty yeah you're a big girl you don't need my hand look at a spiral staircase yeah I want you to watch where you're going okay babe yeah you need the railing what do you mean hold that railing girl you see the rock were walking us to honey there's water dripping down it it's all part of the Niagara Escarpment pretty mossy here you know the rules are you super careful okay skaters is kind of a now you so I got no camera I got a cannon a DD let me know

you guys can tell a difference it's got auto tracking so our good autofocus timing so they shouldn't be able to focus too much too many more time I got to say it's a big learning curve we make a big difference let me see I'm not playing you I'm gonna hold your hand on your hip thank you and what is that oh man well uh tell you something no no no no no I wanna hold you I wanna hold you know okay three leaves we use a three let it be oh look at Clearwater nice this is where it was really slippery yeah I do remember this was a sailboat very cool we're at autofocus really hard in shallow rocks for a while yeah for sure baby I see you yeah thank you yeah the ones have uh shoes and socks off and go in a little bit look how clear isn't cleaned yeah let's do that okay all right give me your shoes don't step in the water issue said what if there's going to be yucky bugs and she said oh whatever no yeah I keep bugs in the water not here

ooh so you're bigger than a bug you'd be given above bro right right no I'm not get it you're not gonna do what okay I'll take my shoes off it is amazing um I'm sure yes it looks like I'm ready to out there oh performance good night that feels good little slipper rostro right it yeah it's not deeply both far out it's not deep it not going anymore I read you I love you too honey I'm sorry for camping you can step in luck oh you want look schmuck stepper all right so we don't hear that's a like a crab apple ii kind of thing yeah we're about police anything that's from this tree over here let's look no no but there's another one and another one holidays okay yeah go ahead no oh yeah it's poison yeah yeah what's joking I wouldn't there's me right there isn't it right Oshin give me oh so we don't hear that we're going to go now to the caves to the caves you go you wanna run through the tell us one more time honey already getting into a wall not even funny what you do that's not nice down on Molly okay do that again

and you're in big trouble you hear me all right here no look right here I told you yeah thanks for all the tears on the campus I just super short one way in one way out dude dude dude dude can we get to the cave yeah okay that's what they're going to look like what's now okay let's just go down Robert Bruce well first and what I'm sorry like under time sometimes

no mommy's just making that up yeah nice I care what I said what this what this what something good time what sir yeah awesome butter ha somebody new somebody on it I didn't change that antenna oh sorry - a state police um I'm free poison mm-hmm I like touched it you will have to cut your leg off yeah yeah no you don't want to spread a Allah awake enough Oh got to do it now what how is that any better just cutter kind of good car so good nigger wish I think oh so good yeah okay let's go look cutter oh my goodness wrong with you crazy kid it's crazy here no I'm cutting your leg off you're joking you didn't get any poison ivy on it not yet at least

Ellie Jackson wash it off no no water will make it worse no just joking around right yes so if you do get poison ivy on you you're supposed to scrub it off like with a wash rag scrub it scrub try uh you don't have poison ivy on you big baby he did all right only like they're just a little bit okay well I will burn it off with fire how are you ever going to take anything I say seriously when I just keep joking around there's basically a flower part right there the profiler so limestone I believe okay you want to oh let's go to go through the caves into the unknown you can just wait they're gonna help you little came to go through yes on the other side there you go big well cool complete with Kapiti I said and I got myself and face it like it we punch myself in the face to you thanks what do you think about those caves honey all right yeah yeah all right well I'll be here


okay that's where you going I'll be here with the camera when you have your next Oberst Wow what is your sure - I don't know rainbow is my favorite color where Bo is not my favorite color what's your favorite color every time yeah so we're getting that we knew that when we watched that shirt we knew that was your answer yep all right all right we lost mommy where's mommy yet I don't know why didn't she come with us cradle food water Wow yeah we had to walk in the water a little bit yeah better water she drove in my pool right but it was mucky water I think that was a problem yeah she's a girly girl not like you eh I'm not like funny either okay wait I hear I hear it too coming up to a big waterfall called Indian fall we're going to go check that out right no just you and me young man you you and me me and you you and me that's right Oh where'd you go what you had to do yeah what hey don't please don't touch my lines ever again okay

don't do that good you have to do does it owe you - yeah yeah she get the line okay so I got look at me look I got this the hibachi hibachi she's not listening she brought our charcoal we're cheating I brought charcoal we bought a bag of wood but char closing me easier and quicker to cook on the fire what thank you you shouldn't have taken us on that journey oh my goodness tell the folks at home what we just did is it useful are you slick oh no don't don't loose what's the feel like that feel like they're right all right looks like just taking what do you want to leave it you all leave it the trick is to put it in a pyramid on the pyramid except me so we're on Bruce Peninsula and we're coming back from where we were worried a waterfall or hiking around and stuff and well Wilhemina is like oh there's a scenic stressful careful so she's like there's a scenic drive let's go stop there on the way home on the way to the campsite like Aria whatever I've done a completely separate Peninsula we go we go up at its very sketchy and then we can't even find where we're supposed to go swish you some late hosting so it was like an hour of the way for nothing but I can't say I haven't done worse it was a scenic drive well I'd seen it very scenic crunch that oh this sunny side sessions going down really nice only 3.9% so it's a decent decent day beer even though its 7:35 very very good beer okay we're going to do hot dogs and hamburgers and rice for supper sausages and burgers and race for separate man this cameras pretty good today what do you think is it working on good decent can't there we go something just dripped on me maybe it's bird poo 20 no birds take it number three kill number three the old pee and poo still one and two we got my bell rings hey nice thank you Amy give me a big smile give me give me a toothy smile back up can you say she sells seashells by the seashore now here you can see chef Anastacia so we got two lovely box wine Renault Cup to poke a little hole up like a shotgun my second and I spilled half of it on the ground

dropping the Bulge up in the beer okay cueing go fund a finale what was your favorite part

I can't think yeah how's it hanging over to camp oh no did you like the cave yeah did you like climbing through them yeah later now get over to your favorite one and the waterfall or the cave - ah nak so or was it a long drive up I hated that how many times did you say are we there yet 1000 - tomorrow we're going to try to go on the glass-bottom boat ride over we thought it dropped us off it a lot of our island but it doesn't take this on a 75 minute tour it's 75 minutes to anybody anybody b-24 shipwrecks and around the three islands so we're going to go on a boat with a glass bottom so you can see underneath the water tomorrow with the fish and the sunken boats bird you think with that can I keep this rock in there yeah banana face camera I don't know how to fix this but my thing looks a lot better than it is rockin no just plain bears

please think a time I did run away I know you shouldn't I'll do it bro don't do it if you do that you go to bed right now yeah well knock you good okay my snow pants more time careful when you stand up around clarity now there's it's purple how's your uh how's your smart at me good nice what are you gonna have joy I'm probably have maybe a cookies and cream I told you right here this Sam look sparkly write something over but it's fun getting a pony mr. Cummings in the bonus oh yeah it is look mr. Fogg did respond true oh yeah Irish only the frogs in the car yo he hold her hand Cassie your flashlight mmm okay hello traffic I appreciate it yeah surely I'll go over there walk over there don't fall show me where you have to point this look me please do not on this chair that's a rock oh no she's ready

no next I know that's right there I can see it

do you want to tell me or not sir alright well I guess it's good night she's like dead to the world you know I can I focus you know this is a tight squeeze are you doing a stock hello you're going to sleep now alright goodnight

condensation hello

good girl

water off or oh hell no bush buddy Explo you having oatmeal let me know are you eating

hi guys we're headed into til morning we're going to try and sneak in on the glass bottle it takes us throughout the island

I want you to say get out of the way what are we doing you don't need to come so close to me trying to advertising when they return to court widely to know that all that water I can and eventually they got this wrist exploding enough the Chickasaws back to make calm partner or their refrigerator professing bacteria more growing on the hook for glass bottom boat glass bottom boat I'm informed is the last time I spoke with you check we didn't tell test its cow yep we did the glass bottom boat that about how was that dad good good enough it was good enough I totally agree with this all right well I was good with good enough so so we're gonna we're gonna code we got a hotel room wants women we're in town right now we're going to go for dinner let's go family's up for dinner good shower that oh yes yeah this girl this was a good steak house and open there's some good craft beer okay yep she's going to go again I'm going to go everywhere yeah put it in the water mother given you need to hold it still

Oh in a sec shaking it's in the water really really lift it up lift it up put it down no no I'm pretty back then lift it up put it down lift it up put it down that's what I'm saying now shake it all around baby ex-wife you can gem dr. Luther pretty one keep doing it to all the stuff so lift it up put it down let's what put it down very whoa that's pretty good daddy and Eric lending some rocks to go see some caves [Music]

so children and we're down in this cave so we just tried to go through but Parramatta is not adult-sized man hey it's like called the fat man's misery misery

people don't fit in here who's not a fat man for us before you're making the Rios and how was that okay good well the rock can we go on the chain yes okay going on the chain okay there's my favorite part no not on me okay pro in the car in the car he's chasing the other one man look at all of them for everywhere I'm at for example with a sigh these things oh my goodness yeah you're right [Music]

now what do we do going to my brain going to route I don't know if that air tractor ride on a suspension bridge a very long suspension bridge Georgian Bay out there pretty high up she's swaying she's a rock in a it's okay it's supposed to that's how it's based wrong

I moved instead of brakes it had been stalled cables and whatnot you know you know go down there with mom in a little bit on calls and gråvik it's so cool they're vicious program no oh my goodness well you got there kid Hey

they've made it to Algonquin the girls are just taking a little pee break we got our canoe rent to the canoe Algonquin Outfitters we got a Swift Boat three seater so we're just at the West Gate right now there's nobody here it's like 9:00 in the morning this is very surprising so we're going over to booth booth Lake catch some fish hopefully a camp for two nights only 3 of 17 sites are booked tonight but 15 of 17 sites are booked tomorrow we haven't booked our site yet we can't we have to get to highway set our sorry access point 17 before we're allowed to look so we need to get going having a good time it's really cool doing this no plan trip you know so even if we can't get to tonight's booth we'll camp somewhere else for the second night it's no big deal but booth has Pike and bass and I'm really really really excited for mo to catch a fish it's something I really wanted to experience at a young age maybe she'll be better than I am she will be better than ice girls how are you what's wrong from what all right well here we are finally got all our stuff can you down at the water but figure out how we're going to carry all this any couple double carries I think but only six credit report are so what are you screaming about

hey that's your blood what are you doing there's one attacking me again there's going to be bugs hey they're attacking me no there's going to be bugs there will be bugs listen ever see no market if it's attacking it there will be bugs no I have nothing in the middle perfect that's right dragging the water yeah maybe paddle instead doing that because yeah there you go

that's okay you're doing a good job I'm Rob first poritosh what do you carry on let me see your loadout what do you got in your hand water bottle sunglasses decent alright stop there because we're going to have some lunch I think on our first port ah here yeah go ahead baby what the waters muddy right there you have to walk through mud it's okay go ahead how was your first port I would you think I like it yeah too long though I got bird too long I got bored on the porch house that was a 90 near port action we're going to do a 650 video for Tosh we found our campsite we don't have anything done but we want to go swimming and we'll walk through a swimming we are hot from paddling for a couple hours and for dodging 142 guy the first time yeah so we got a nice view what free she says that nice view sandy beach Clearwater Alec paddle around the lake a little bit got some tips on where the good fishing spots are present good where the good fishing spots are where we ended up instead up on one of those sites because it's kind of shaded in Wendy we ended up out of Beach sight she wanted to swim a lot so it's good but right in front of us there's two islands are supposed to fish in between those two so yeah I'm really hoping tonight we can play playing bass not even play plays that way too powerful for just even catch a couple or two and yeah I'll be I'll be excited she does she'll be really excited to see a little Barbie fishing rod or something but they'd be seeing one canoe coming out and he said they caught a couple like trouble small Pike in one bath they're here for a couple days so yep glad to be here this is our fourth day on vacation I believe camps one night stayed in a hotel place so if we're going to stay here for two nights we're going to try to fit a campground last night it was so late but it was like seven o'clock by the time we got around no point you know you're going to pay to set up a tent go to sleep might as well be able to go have a shower and swim in a pool and stuff so that's what we did fishing hopefully fishing smell smell smell smell go to put these little casing see cool

catch ya know so you pushed it right all right your hands up now I was yeah don't I mean don't do this don't do it don't do it what's wrong with you what are you whining about it okay you whining about that what's wrong you want to come help me set the fence up one here you take this thank you my shoes on come on we did this up all right

why would I do that what is a poet oh yeah oh sorry I'm nothing without you being an Emmy hey go kiddo okay give me a piece can to please next balancing so where do you want to put this on top of you right there we're having a little decision on where to put the tent they want to put will attend will want to put it right there in the sand it is a flat spot nice my problem is is sunny and there's another spot up there it seems a little flat but maybe if we put it over here a bit where it's in the shade it's still flat yeah but we have a screen let's put it up in and move it around and decide where it looks best all right freestanding tent for the win that's what I found oh this one you don't have to get so close to this one two picks up this one or this one not that's not this one this one this one look what I found this is a mountain hardwear hi-low has an integrated fly is horrible for condensation it's still wet from a couple days ago and it didn't do anything all very pleased with it I'm not either

now it's really not regarding my hair look under here the water the connotation yeah sure does oh oh gee yeah yeah okay number one or two number one or number two here poop piece one mom get out so you can bring your mom yes you can go in okay get it wrong yeah yeah yeah yeah oh my god alright stopping stop there's no much fan falling under my butt yeah the book mm-hmm get a sound sensor set up got to do water or this big platypus gravity thing I use when were family camping I want to go deep into the water to get it because golf and I don't really want to screw up my filter to God so but neat almost knee-deep in the water this is big rock come on on top of and do it off of here which is helpful and then I got to go and collect firewood because it's past supper time now it's a beautiful lake we're on booth Lake you know Gotham but I do it again this guy's a real hello what's going on what do you mean you wanted a what happened today we went fishing who did daddy and me what happened I first gallery got what you want I freaked out and it got like yeah you freak goes right and I a little Goblin and then you caught yourself with the fishing rod a fishing hook lure and movies head made yourself bleed but then when Daddy caught the pike you all day were saying you're going to catch a fish and we eat it daddy called the place you freak - and then you caught one and what happened when you caught it what happened let go yeah because you wouldn't really then never all right are we gonna try again tomorrow

really mm-hm

that sucks we'll try again tomorrow maybe in the daylight she will not be as frito


I'm not doing it again good bad good baby mommy got the line yes okay oh you're going to bed you wanted to go to bed lay down mommy will live with you for five minutes that's the deal lay down five minutes that's it I'll tell you I'll tell you everything oh my goodness I was trying trying to say she's very tired and testy we went out at the golden hour like 8:30 a little bit too late cuddle around I got that one pie quick we were talking was she absolutely lost it like to the point where like she wouldn't even like she wasn't there like she wasn't hearing what we were saying it was crazy absolutely crazy so that happened and then she's like I said she got one on Boston it's a little frustrating if I'm being honest it's all based around fishing there's too much to even try to film today we got here everything everything was huh was exhausting so it's more than other day try fishing again I'll say maybe getting into the groove a little bit better so we were swimming and stuff today having fun I got a little bit uncool probably think gotta love it we're having fun regardless it's just different now the bugs are pretty bad too so the girls don't like that at all I don't like it some black lights you manage to just swarm at me like yeah for swarming me anyways there wine wine for the way so what a fire we have our famous dry wrecked in hotel room that you know how we roll will says we fancy nothing but the finest

it definitely didn't spoon back over over here so the second pile a Mike season season two it's right red we're on the ground it's all wet everywhere honey it's all mud over here oh wow

I have dry socks a feelin so I'd like to get to that lecture as you put this hip hug and combine it in and suppose to panic there are tears over here Cheers dry radix I repeat yes good morning it's 11 o'clock

we woke up to bugs and stormy weather and didn't know what to do can't swim and stormy weather and fishing was off the table after last night and the bugs are really bad so we just kind of way to note Emerald woke up we did go fishing no luck but we decided we're going to we saw a really cool campsite over there on an island it looked more breezy less buggy so we're going to move over there fact up we got to move

get a move on because we heard that 15 of 17 sites were booked on this Lake and we were the sixteenth book for today so we got to go we got to go go go so you packed up everything and we're gonna head out yeah we are pretty we were pretty efficient about it so everything's good we're going to go we're going to go at me okay Emily not paddling the water has been so high this year with that camp set we were up I'd flooded near the near where it was near the lake it was like a breeding ground for mosquitos and stuff yesterday when we first got there we're all done please it was a nice we actually did check out what like five or six sites yesterday and that was the best one but we didn't see this one over here we saw it last night we were fishing so it's on a big island there is a campsite close to it very close to it I was on one of the reasons we didn't want to even bother looking at it we knew it was on the map but

but it is nice over here oh it's windy when you over here to look at all the garbage nice a little cool this is what we were talking about my we don't need for average anywhere see it doesn't look nice does it's a bit ambitious yeah you like this campsite better yeah me too huh thank you breezy what is this

I'm spring mm-hmm I don't know broke up there legend continues all right well we got some cleaning up to do I think that isn't I like it allow move there are black flies we got at a class think I know because I'm swollen up and getting the cusps

lights they can get an eye and have marks and mosquitoes at all or da black place up into your flies today what the other day how many didn't like them they were at the other site where just that next door but then here so bonus but we're not having an eel okay no luck fishing pretty hard up to wanna o'clock in the afternoon let's carve out to our campsite yeah it's a bad time to be fishing anyway tops without a kit plate I'm going to try and get there are a little baby kind of fish everywhere at the campsite I'll go back and swim I think go for a swim

what do you think with the okay okay okay enjoys it but I caught a fish first that it was so excited and I love kids family is so great have you liked our trip so far baby yeah yeah okay I left him very much cuz he a solution III love you so Joey is making pizza buns to supper he's got a hamburger bun Tifa sauce cheese and pepperoni that he has layered together on a delicious hamburger bun and he's got the cooking in this thing care about the key at Wishard thing and you're going to see how that's going to care for tonight I'm excited to try it I'm really hungry Elmo doesn't want me to sell ours no just cheese and pepperoni right um look what we got going on over here

burger a little bit more I like camping I don't cook when we stand although I do have to take credit for this today

I set up the tent I got camper all set and ready while Joey got to fish with emerald all right it's pretty good yeah sauce is what makes why me doesn't want any sauce on it very good right we want a sauce or pepperoni sushi have a cheese butter and 100 all day I'm here reward it will rock this from the campsite yes I don't a Jenner bug at night so kind of exciting detail yeah that's the rock bass always have red I see yeah you wanna touch again you wanna let him go do you want you wanna hold him and just to them in the water yeah Cybil my vision okay fucking scream as I see

all right we go on my going good morning 7:30 we got to put around 7 packed all up can you all load it up time to go I think we're going to head out to the halliburton Highlands today and try and go to the wolf center see the wolves and yeah maybe we'll see a movie tonight and head home tour so off we go into the next morning what are you saying to me you don't want to go see the wolves

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