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Wildland Scout Backpack Update and Cool New Accessories.


Link to Backpack http://kck.st/28LZ295

With 4 days left on the kickstarter campaign, I show new add ons, and talk about the project.

"Here at YNOT we never stop designing. We are always working to improve our products to make them the best they can be. That's why we are introducing a new Wishbone Waist Belt to the Wildland Series! Our new waist belt allows your backpack to ride where you want it to because of its unique design.

It has an ABS plastic frame in the centre of the belt to ensure it keeps its shape where it matters the most and prevents it from getting crushed under weight. This distributes the load more evenly across the hips. Ensuring a better fit and feel. It is padded with closed cell foam that won’t absorb sweat or moisture. It’s outer layer is made of 1000D Cordura with Laser Cut Molle so you can attach small MOLLE accessories or other devices, to carry the items you need the quickest access to! It’s Wishbone shape allows it to fit a wider range of frames and it articulates up and down to accommodate even more heights and waist sizes. This unique shape also all allows the belt to lock into all of our packs. Keeping the belt at the right spot and allowing even more flexibility in motion. Check out Joes thoughts and examples of how it fits in the video below!

We are offering the Wishbone Waist Belt as an add on option for the same price as our Classic Waist belt. Add $19 to your pledge to get the Wishbone Waist belt (Retail $50). If you prefer the Classic Waist belt you can still choose that option when you fill out your survey. You will have the chance to add any add ons you wish when we send out the survey at the end of the campaign!

Available in black only one size fits most 26”- 44”

Feature List

- 1000D Cordura outer layer.

- Laser Cut Molle on both sides.

- Closed Cell Foam Padding.

- Plastic Frame adds a much higher level of support.

- Wishbone shape fist a wider range of frames and articulates up and down to accommodate even more heights and waste sizes.

- One size fits most 28" - 44"

$19 - Kickstarter Price

Wishbone Waist Belt retail = $50

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey guys it's joe here thanks for clicking on the video I needed to give you guys an update on the wildland skill pack that why not and myself have been working on we did that Kickstarter our goal was 10,000 and we reached that within a day so it's awesome we're at just over 42,000 dollars right now on the Kickstarter that's really cool I just want to thank everyone who has shown interest backed even the guys over why not for working with me just I'm humbled by the whole thing so thank you very much we have four days left to go okay and we want to add some add-ons the first thing being an articulating waist belt I had a question by someone who was going to buy the backpack and thought that there might be some room for some improvement on the waist belt they wanted some laser moly on there and for sure we did that and I told the guys that why not they want one one step above and made an articulating waist belt that fits people that are a lot taller than I am so Tony the owner of why not he's quite a tall guy and that we were noticing that the waist ball wrote a little high on his waist similar to the way that Maxpedition does if you know what I mean and we just we didn't want that we wanted it to be accessible for everyone hope no matter how around tall or short you are or skinny so this new waist belt addresses all those issues plus some and we're putting it on Kickstarter as an add-on for 19 bucks so normally after the Kickstarter is done it's gonna be a fifty dollar upgrade like I said if you've already if you're back or if you're if you're getting it through the Kickstarter 19 bucks so even if you've already ordered you can change your order from the normal waist belt over to the articulating waist belt they're calling it the wishbone waist belt it's made with closed cell foam thousand D Cordura with laser-cut Mali on the side you got your adjustable belt on either side you pull it in cinch it into the middle and then you can obviously unclip it and clip it as you go EBS plastic sheet to keep its rigidity but also give it some Bend Bend ability and have your back up support I've tried this belt on with my backpack cinched it up and I feel very very stable with it on there it is with your attached male accessories the

you want to get to quickly not only does it fit the wildland scope but it fits all while why nots backpacks so that's a little bonus if you're into the company I know a couple people have shown some interest in buying other packs from them and obviously this is the most important it fits people all ranges of sizes tall medium skinny that's about it guys just wanted to update all of you on the backpack on the Kickstarter I've got four days left the the big thing being the belt the belt they articulating built the wishbone belt with the laser moly on it so that's relative really cool out only thing I'm going to do a couple more add-ons I have some patches made already some have velcro on the back some are iron-on some are my normal original colors the green the yellow and the black but also I got some ghost ones made which is like a black and a gray so there's those those are kind of cool vivid to the day thanks guys for watching thank you for all the support again and hello I just got back from a canoe trip I was out for three days so I'm going to edit that video and hopefully get that posted up within the next couple days so I hope you guys enjoyed that video hope you stick around for that video I'll see you guys soon thanks bye

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