ALONE.. Yup I Tapped, and Why.


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Video Transcription

oh look what I have firesteel lanyard that could have came in handy so guys honestly I dropped the ball and I know it umm-hum did hard about making this video and I decided screw it I'm gonna make it I really don't care these are not excuses there's not reasons even why what happened happened this is just what happened okay

I'm sure you've all watched the video sorry the show I've got a million in one comments telling me anything from I should quit my channel to I inspired everything between so anyways in trying to be in accordance to the rules we were allowed 20 meters of paracord okay we weren't allowed 21 meters we weren't allowed 20 and a half meters we were allowed 20 meters of paracord therefore I did not have a lanyard on my fire steel that I had recently acquired specifically for the show I had a big-ass fire steel from fire still calm maybe 1/2 inch then huge you had a fires to air sorry I had a lanyard hole drilled into it I definitely could have put a lanyard in it but not before the show because we weren't allowed extra cordage ok

I had my gill net in a plastic shopping bag like when you get a throwaway shopping bag inside my backpack and they made me get rid of that plastic bag because it was considered extra gear so why would they let me have a lanyard on my fire steel they wouldn't it wasn't allowed I wasn't allowed to put bright fluorescent tape on it either because tape could be used as something that I could use out there sure I could have dipped it in paint fluorescent paint something like that but who in the world thinks you're going to lose your fire still I had every intention of putting a lanyard on when I got out there I was going to cut a piece of my 20 meters of paracord I had make a lanyard tie it to my belt and be good the fact of the matter is I didn't have any downtime ok what you saw they can't show everything obviously there's 10 eyes even if it was just me they couldn't show everything I did because of I filmed everything the first day was the whole day was spent trying to find a camp that camp that I camped in like the cedar swamp area I was crawling through salal bushes for six hours pushing Pelican case through climbing over stuff under stuff anyways long story short I was exhausted by the time I found my site which was a game trail bear a game trail um it was already getting dark and there was no time to do that I tried to get a fire that night I couldn't because everything was drenched okay so the next couple days were spent looking for wood the next couple days were spent scouring my area for any kind of wood that I could use let me give you a perspective the trees were this big or they were this big and the trees that were this big in dead I could wring water out of and you saw that I showed they showed it on the show I can't chop down a tree this big for firewood um I had no firewood where I was I made my way up to the beach and and found a little bit of driftwood and stuff and got a little tiny fire going but anyways I had to I had to move sites okay so after that I moved sites and that was a huge undertaking as well by this time I am dehydrated beyond belief I am thinking of all of the million things I have to do I was on such a low front from getting such a rough start for the first few days that once I got to my new site and got my fire going and boiled my water and drank my water I was on such a high I was on such a high because like now everything's turned around everything is good in my favor who cares about the past few days now everything's good and it's exactly what I thought it was gonna be I got stupid and put my fires so low a bathroom I was wearing rain pants and a rain jacket the whole time I was there every day the rain pants did not have pockets in them okay the rain jacket did and I was putting my knife and my fire stood in my jacket pocket zipping it up after ever use well what they didn't show you was the two hours it took me to get that fire going on at my new site on on on the beach there I was using my axe you know doing a lot of working got really warm so I put my jacket open on a log so that somewhat of Sun can dry it out a little bit so I could dry out so it wasn't sweating with my butt off after I got my fire established I went to put my fire steel and my knife back in my jacket pocket wasn't wearing a jacket and my pants don't have pockets in like I said walked over to my rain jacket put my fire steel down and put my knife down on it when it came time to grab my knife or put my coat back on rather I saw the knife I picked up the knife I did not see the black fire steel on top of the black jacket I picked it up and didn't know why I still have no idea put it on what about my business you know trying to look around for for a better spot to camp anything whatever doesn't matter and then I realized it's gone and I'm scouring the sands black to I'm scouring the sand looking for whatever you know to me it's just not there the only thing that I can think of and they showed it on the show where I put my stuff down on my jacket is when I pick my jacket up the thing tossed and turned ass overhead into the sand or into the water and at the time the water hasn't hadn't been going up that far but it's a tide it goes up even farther I looked all day I looked all day for that stuff yeah it wasn't there my favorite still wasn't to be found these are not excuses I'm not happy with my performance I dropped the ball um I could have stayed another few days I cut up for sure I could have drank rainwater hell I could have drank river water it was so remote out there I the chance of me getting jarred I might have been slim to nil but in my head in my mind there was nine other guys out there with their fire steel still doing fine and by staying I was only delaying the inevitable

I wish I stuck it out a little bit longer to find out what I was made of to find out how like living life there would have been but again it crushed me I was on such a high like I said after finding all that stuff the new the new area given water multiple all that stuff that when I found out my loss on first it crushed me mentally I was not prepared for it in my head I don't deserve to be out there if I can lose such an important piece of gear so I bailed that was it I called it him I'm not proud of it and I've lived with it ever since that moment that I decided to bail it sucks it really does and I'm being completely honest with you guys I I make no bones about it I drop the ball and I know it that's said my life is good I have a loving family I provide for them they have food they are roof over their head I've got I've got means of transportation you know I mean I have a loving loving family a loving group of people for me so in the end whatever I'm still not over it don't let me get your own but it's going alright now I wish I could have tested myself more I wish I wish I would have stayed but it is what it is and after live with it so this video is for everyone who wanted to know a little bit more and for all my haters thanks for knowing my name

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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