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The Bushcraft Campout: Is a Tomahawk a Viable Wood Processing Tool?


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This is the 4th video in a small series I am releasing. There will be a new video posted every Mon. and Wed. until the series is complete.

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Video Transcription

hey guys drill here in this video I just wanted to see what you guys thought is a tomahawk a viable wood processing tool in my neck of the woods I think it is and I'm going to show you what I mean by that

now bye-bye wood processing I don't mean a splitting maul or a chainsaw I mean when I go for the day or overnight or like tonight what I need to use to process wood if I can use that on its own or even in conjunction with something but there is a crazy-looking bug on the ground right now oh my goodness let's see if I can get this see that that's like a wasp carrying a larva it's pretty gnarly that larvas got to be an inch and a half long not lost they're just carrying around like it's nobody's business so something like this this is a piece of maple it's wrist size thick goes up to about forearm size thick and this is a nice piece of wood and I want to use this for firewood so I'm going to use my tomahawk the only processing wood processing tool I brought other than my knife out to chop to buck this up and split it down and get some manageable pieces so I know where I want to cut it I want to cut it about right there and I put my foot on the log to hold it in place and just there's no need to go back and forth and hit it towards me too much you can one-hand it or you can use two there's no need to keep chopping after that if 99% broken all broken through you split it and that's that if you're careful once it gets down too low too short to put it up against something in the chop it you can actually just hold it make sure you making sure your legs and your hands and all that are out of the way and then turn it around and go at it from the other side now that's basically all the way through there you go

not too shabby so what I what I've ended up it with is four pieces of wood that are now way more easy to work with more manageable this one's already split in half I'm not going to worry about that one too much at least on film this one's thick and full these are two split off so let's work with this one if there is a natural check or crack in the wood you always want to start there make your life easier

there's a couple in this one we're going to go here and really all you need to do is just set it on the piece of wood pick them both down together you can actually throw the piece of wood that you're holding more so then swing the the tomahawk oh my god these mosquitos and and it'll work better so I still want to split it down some and then I use my tomahawk to kind of pry it apart I'm not worried about breaking the handle if I do I'll make another one or buy another one it's no big deal so it's now starting to chip this piece is done with I'll work with it after and see it's making the easy work of this stuff and it's just the tomahawks not an axe or anything it's a lot later I'm kind of fun to use you can throw them all that stuff so say you don't want to split it that way so you want to split it the more normal way I guess even though this isn't really normal you can just set it on the side and go at her like that there we go now I have my knife with me but if you didn't and you just wanted to use your tomahawk for shavings definitely possible so not too shabby not as good as a knife but no big deal they'll work I guarantee those and strike go on a fire steel this is a very inexpensive tool that can do the job of a couple good tools really invaluable in my opinion I've had the same one for years Terry Barney Iowa woodsman had a really good video on it like maybe five or six years ago it really got me into it I've been using it ever since ever since I got it

so let me know let me know what you guys think in your area of the world is this a viable tool in my area that world is it a viable tool what do you think I'm I just blowing smoke up my ass or is this does this thing work as always thanks a lot guys thanks for watching I appreciate it please comment like subscribe and share and I'll see you on the next one thanks a lot

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