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Bushcraft Vault:Joe and Kyle's First Canoe Trip.


Watch in 720 it helps a lot.

This was the first actual trip that Kyle and I took together, this was about 4 years ago.

We canoed in, fished, made shelters, did the bowdrill, lots of axework, and it is as hilarious as ever.

It was a great trip

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Video Transcription

Joe and I have just arrived at the puzzle lake area and we had a bit of a mishap I have zero experience with the canoe and he told me it was in typical it's exactly what he said I quote in typical so I may have sat on the side of the canoe while we were packing everything up and may have flip the canoe over hmm looking luckily in about two feet of water that's like 30 centimeters for the Canadians and yeah I'm soaked and I got my backup shoes on here we're good to go and we're drying everything out Joe's kind of pissed at me so how'd you sleep last night bad why is that my toesies were polled toesies are cool hands too cold from home don't do good so uh I'm going in the lake again today yeah me a little bit of a dip fully clothed full pack everything drying here yeah this is um yeah that's canoeing with Kyle let's let's take a swim with all our gear clothes on good times good day you show the massive amount of blood in our crew oh yes this is fun this was from the slaughter oh yeah we want to want to clear that out man it's kind of gross dead fish goods yeah we will so where'd you get there Joe via northern pike on a treble meps trip number three damn son chill oh let's see if I can get them a purr is all mucousy as such they are but I don't know I can't really get his teeth one second Lucy

can you get that his teeth yeah they got some teasing so we're gonna eat this guy pretty sure don't put your finger in there to happen so what you want to see is big dinner plates coming out when you chop this live Aspen go Jonah I've done we're gonna make an l-shape shelter and we do mine with natural insulation bed a natural top and Joe what are you doing I'm going to do Manmeet insulation story I may make shelter out of improvised materials I'm going to use a Mylar blanket and just a sleeping bag a little blanket all right so we're working for about an hour and a half and this is so far what we've got I've got my ridgepole setup with the back started two guys a little mylar deal going and Joe's working on some firewood over there making progress got it

it's a prettier wood so far I've got as much done as I can on my natural shelter I found it down pine we cut as much as I could and threw it on the back just got some firewood stacked up pretty windy so hopefully it's not going to rain tonight because I'm going to get wet it's like a wind resistant moisture resistant shelter that's the best I have there you

John I have completed our shelters and if we just did some fishing and Joe Joe did pretty good he got a big Pike I was pretty unsuccessful and fixing dinner Joe what the what do you have for this evening well sir I have a ribeye steak waiting to put that on the grill and I've got hobo dinner with potatoes and green beans in it are not green beans not green beans at all with potatoes and red peppers of yellow peppers feed Canadian huh

Morning Joe I'd sleep I slipped alright concered raining at with three in the morning and so my stuff got wet but I stayed dry it's good my my shelter is kept a little bit of rain off it's not natural

waterproof up fares water resistance though help

timber Joe and I are attempting to do some bow drill here this is for the hard woodsman threes challenge here as you can see it's a I don't know if you can see it might be too bright but it's absolutely pouring out stuff most split there yeah you use ripped apart your hands into white fine all brown you know work Arnon ain't go we're shy away

oh nice on let's call second bass and my zero bass still oh it's a pike Oh Oh do you see him yes yes I don't know mind of it ah ah cousin what am i bum well

oh whoa his fins all the farms so that's pretty bizarre take my good hand huh nice eyes nice work man dang mm-hmm big bass big bears that's another big one holy crap dang oh that sucked you

in the morning and we've got a big storm come through pretty good winds a couple inches of rain there's puddles all over the place and all my gear is a little on the damp side hopefully the Sun comes out it's a nice day surely now back in the cover so it's about eight o'clock in the morning and we just got pounded by this pretty good storm most winds I think we've ever handed in before there's my setup over there as you can see the one from the lake comes off and then pounds me and I had a giant sail flapping in my face and then Joe over here who set his hammock off the ground about ten feet was pummeled by rain on this end and there's puddles everywhere there's puddles in his hammock you know Joe didn't wet the bed just uh that's quite the storm at get some spongebob going on here Joe and I sit down which was having some extra high gluten meal and we're going to sit back and then we're tempt to make it back to canoe Joe and I are coming back from our navigational challenge and it's pretty a pretty rough terrain rocks and trees and holes and oh yeah it rained a couple inches last night lots of fun so Joe do you want to tell us the camera just what just happened well Kyle and I are walking coming this way and we saw a bright patch of red on that side and we both could have sworn that it was the canoe and then in it you go oh that's can you I'm like oh I'm not sure so let me show you the canoe right there oh I think I licked on rooster

all right so you kind of win that we dealing with earlier today

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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