4 Day Canoe, Fish, Swim Camp.


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This video is a bit different than my normal videos.

I really just wanted to relax and have fun on this trip, there is really not too much of a storyline with this one, mostly clips of us joking around, and it really has no end, but It is a fun little video, I think you guys will enjoy.

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Video Transcription

look the Americans are no no running the Americans are here we must join forces with another Canadian yeah well you know have a Canadian oh god what right would you like to trade places with me on this trip I would already likes it it's all the canoes a temp table no I oh yeah I mean I know mean I'll mow your yard hi hi I'm Joe say something good my viewers have been asking for you come take my canoe go play don't invite me huh

okay yeah we almost died what what I didn't I said no way goodbye put the boat back on cool yeah alright get have fun right we're gone don't die awesome remember that piece the new is in one piece that's how I like it back no or the knife goodbye no you're not gonna Knight alright we've met up with the other Canadian now the odds are even we've got two canoes and another couple hours to drive well we're stuck on the 401 next to a bunch of pigs you finally made it been driving all day we're at our puttin spot and the clouds look menacing we've heard some rumbles in the distance so we want to get to our site as soon as possible six it's after 6 p.m. now we got steaks to cook tonight so we got to get to our site get a fire going cook up sorry get some coals going and cook up the steaks and all these Nancy's over here just talking about gear and they're not listening so it's no fun to make fun what are you guys thinking it's pretty nice a way for you guys for tagging oh this is gonna be a long three days all right we're at our campsite we've been here for a while collecting wood that Canada Mike splitting I don't know what amerimike is doing over there doing what are you doing there

pencil leg there you go we got rained on on the way in but that's okay the rain has stopped but the bugs have come out in full force and we are desperately trying to get a fire going so that we can get rid of the bugs and cook up our awesome ribeye steaks that canna Mike brought us sign a waiver don't so yeah well you got going on there B yeah

I'm messing around just messing around would okay a knife using I'm using a BHK black one black water black water you know Oh scuse me some pencil thought cuz to be pencil sighs yeah yep that's all I'll be able to talk one day someday yep I mean I think my TED here but not by much you all you over 25% more metal an idea probably is the bulk of area we have a longer blade del Sol hey does that's what your wife don't need it you know that's all about skill so Mike what you do

how's the world yeah like what do you do three awesome rib eyes on there right now

just missing one and we are going to grub hard whoo chopsticks what you got there Lane all right so let's go back a little trip cut some bass one of our loves can of Mike's I like for our minds had a good day I don't fish much but I got real lucky on like in a purple worm for some reason and you later just got back from fishing you saw lanes there and these two big ones are mine and USA might caught the little guy all Canadians lie we Mike and Ike for well my salad a video out of this after all yeah saw a couple features I got lazy I can do the old Peter fire yep my I was over there fishing I was getting eaten dude yeah they were fine oh really I heard you guys starting to walk back even then there by my whoa who's those boys any drama there are you guys alive the wrong way totally that my foster watch wasn't it a small Canadian splash yeah you know clothing

we're good

oh man

failure I couldn't do it you're up I got ya a just a boy down there still rolling like tidal wave I film it I had the camera here on the title main camera yeah we rolling oh go away that's like pathetically small from their bikes Amy it was good just addressing mics it's like oh okay we're rolling yep

you're good you're good you don't like fish

remember when you said you don't like rock bass and it tastes the same exact as the walleye there we go Joel oh I can eat live row go Big Lebowski oh you're just our liftoff yeah he has an armistice is the skin teaching the oxygen

yeah to do the Amish cannot bowl anyone

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