Natural Tinders in Winter


Scout and I took a nice long hike today, along the way I stopped to try out different natural materials for use with a firesteel.

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Video Transcription

alright so I mean skoda at a different place that we normally go today I'm getting bored of all the little places I go around here so i found a little little nature reserve that we don't usually come to i think i'm going to try to find some natural Tinder's today I didn't bring a backpack the only thing I brought was uh my Swiss Army knife and my fire steel so I find a little bit of natural tenders and get it on video make a little short little video this is going to be the first natural tinder I attempt I don't know what it is it's some kind of grass long dead grass so gather a bunch of that and see how it goes I'm sure this will work wow I was pretty good one strike I'd even put it right into it either there we go the dried grasses work good as expected this small tree in front of me is going to be another good candidate for the second natural tinder I don't know what it is it's got these thorns on it might be a locust I really have no idea but money you know I have this theory about tree bark when it looks it's hard to get in the video but when it looks like it does here let's rolling back kind of like birch in my experience all of the ones that look like that have oils in them and they will take a spark from a fire steel so let me collect as much of this stuff as I can and find somewhere to do it and we'll try it out all right this is that bark an unknown thorn tree

it's going start it in the wrong spot there you go we'll see how good it burns not too good I didn't get too much of it granted but it's not burn as good as yoke work oh yeah black smoke yep not too bad cool that's another one I found a couple dear beds where the deers are late overnight melts all the snow underneath them and you can see deer prints there at your gear cracks there's one there one there I wouldn't be surprised if you more me up one over there as well Oh in there a hand in hair nice pretty cool see what scope thing tool now you can tell something was there that's for sure this tree is going to be the next candidate it's a trembling Aspen and its bark is flaking off like this I really really doubt all this ice on the back of that that's not going to happen I really doubt that this one's going to work it just doesn't seem to have the right properties to be oily which is the oil is what makes it a good fire starter or tender but we'll try it there's this piece hanging up right there if it doesn't have ice on the back you know it doesn't we can try that one out like I said I don't think this is going to be a good one it might work I might not might work not just not as good as the other ones but I've never seen trembling Aspen flake like that before so I don't know how calm it would be it's em bring up its not flaming nope we call that one a no-go these are going to be next up looks like a similar thing to Queen Anne's lace might be cow parsnip if that's the thing i'm not sure i I've used Queen Anne's lace and I know they work these are a little bit more spindly than those but we'll see all right this is that unknown weed to the cow parsnip or whatnot it was going for a minute there we go not too bad not the best but not the worst either here's a dead aspen tree that i think i can get some punk would off of normally I like to go for hardwoods for Punk would but this aspen looks like you have the right properties we'll see now obviously as you guys know this is going a different kind of tinder it's going to be a amber extender or something that you get to ember up that you blow to fling with the tinder bundle or you can blow it into flame with a bunch more punk what it works too that's going pretty good so then obviously like I said you just blow that into flame with the tinder bundle or if you crush up a bunch more of that punk would you can actually blow that in the flame as well I'll learn that from the Iowa woodsman so scope found a little Hut little teepee style or whatever you call that that's ice breaking that you can hear everything's under water is there a door ah there you go now that's different it's cool to see people taking an interest in what we like though there's actually a little bit of moss over here I'm wondering if that'll work for tender I mean one way to find it I guess might be a little too wet it feels a little damp but actually feels like if it were dry it would go pretty good I don't think I've ever tried this before yeah we go better if it was dry this is a would be a very good tender I think yeah it's a no-go but it would be if I dried it it's a hawk alright guys I think that's the end of the video we're on our way out now so stop recording I hope you enjoyed the video i hope you learn something if not oh well see you later

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