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Bam Son T Shirts!

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Lester River Boreal Shirt.



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Video Transcription

you shut the blind for me baby okay babe you should've huh hey oh oh she's too dark now but maybe turn on the light that's different

something grievously anyways come here and talk to the camera uh yesterday when we told wait let me show them my dress I mean my shirt you don't have to get that close to camera they can see better if you back up I'm gonna be be be be a big big big big cuz I was 39 I love you big thanks yeah and a sister to come sit down so when we originally told you and we gave you that shirt can you sit down so that we both there we go can you sit down honey so we're both in Frank when we give you that shirt you weren't really happy where are you kind of low upset why is that right up [Music]


say why is that cuz I cryed no no furry let's talk why did you cry on I don't know camera I really don't you don't have to worry about the camera we can just talk me now camera because I don't want to be a big sister I'd hate babies Devin love babies it changed your mind quick you want a brother or a sister dad but you might be getting a brother you know that right it might be we don't have any control of it she's yours like the Charlie Brown background fabric tell them what you doing I'm showing you how I'm I'm telling you how many teeth I lost I lost eight really yeah I'm not kidding

it looks like I lost a 4-letter lost a you're only six she actually did lose a lot of teeth very early watch how big the screen goes yeah you look if you look into this work here I do all that all the time I look away but if you look into this part dad and it looks like we're looking right at the people people I want to look after people hi people okay that was difficult for me when she when she freaked out like that she started crying and I felt really really bad she didn't ask to have a brother sister you know I mean well she she had on and off but I don't know we've got a good life with us three and everything's kinda normal to her right now and things are gonna change

anyways I I just felt bad but she seems to be over it which is great because uh I want to be excited to put this I am I was excited and then that kind of put a bummer on it for me because she's she's honestly my world right now no like I tell her all the time she's my favorite person in the world and when when it comes time when we have a baby I can't say that anymore and I feel like that's a really special thing between the two of us but again I definitely will love this baby just as much as her and she will love it and hopefully everything will be fine I'm sure will so I never had a brother or sister growing up I was an only child until I was ten and my mom remarried and had a son and a daughter so I do remember wanting brother and sister I remember yeah wanting it a lot not only you'd be an only child anymore on it so we would play with and stuff but then when they came along was a little bit too old right by the time I was 10 and I was eight and then by the time my sister was old enough to play with or anything like that was 12 and it's like babysitting time right and then then you know how it is just just an annoyance at that point but I love them I'm glad I have brother and sister now and we get along really well it's tough but I'm sure that'll be the same thing she's a little bit younger she'll be two years younger than me when she's six now so should be just six and a half ish when we have the baby so it's not it's a big it's a big gap in age what it's not overly big I don't think I should have had another one quicker sooner on closer together but yeah things weren't we weren't ready not ready at all oh she's calling for me you got a part in the messy house or the middle of renovating so everything is kind of everywhere oh hello oh it's great what's up how are you feeling a little like you need some electrolytes to be able to drink something and not throw up oh you got a package here open up Oh Juan boxing is over yeah you can blow me just make this sure okay come on sit down all right you're gonna take the nut in here

you see there we go all right along here pushing too hard note one here one here you don't push hard at all don't push hard nice thank you you know what it is yep LASIK well it's opening to see you sit down Thank You Conrad back panting done guys there's a sweater this is a this is a boreal shirt from Leicester River so it's made out of a let me see backup huh what you think is it gonna fit me yeah all right I'm gonna try it on now okay no dough okay thank you did you see that on there so I've known of this company for a while for a long time actually Terry uh I don't woodsman used to talk about these guys and deal with them Lester River I'm sure you guys if you're in that and the genre you'll have heard of them it's a little big but it's supposed to be anyways I think it's just good winter you're supposed to layer under twist to layer things underneath it so whoa look at the mirror there's drawstrings tighten it up a bit and then inside the pocket here there's a ton of stuff a little different pockets and zippers you know do all the little zippers and stuff in there I'm not sure I'll have to check into it these might be for these are deer ings out here these before giving your gloves so they don't lose you although I'm not sure I look into it pretty cool yeah it's a drawstring yeah look like a UH you walk you know a movie it's from Star Wars what other person is in Star Wars what's the guy's name Derek baby

dark Vader hey there you go Darth Vader guys

babe so yeah this will be cool for like a minimal gear override er when I don't have a this is yeah okay what's your cat no I'm going to watch you cat CP comes back see you back here I mean watch she's gonna come and get it very stare another

I don't have it okay I was right it is the Oh leggo them we're going like them no that cat is chasing that thing around you okay Scott everything good what do you think of being a big sister you do so you're excited about it now that's really nice and what were you just doing tell me what you're just doing so she didn't have to high-five such a good girl big help you're gonna be great that makes me happy baby

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