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Overnight Bushcraft Camp With My Dog Pt1 Tripod for Boiling Water Scout's Birthday, Pit Cooking.


Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6H-mHpF09g&t=28s

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Join my Dog, Scout and I for an Overnight Camp in the Bush, I hang a tarp, dig a pit, cook some food, and spend the night with my dog, in celebration of his 10th Birthday, bushcraft style :)

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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe here with scope we're in the woods

it was Lester scooters birthday a few days ago I wasn't able to get out on his specific birthday but here we are a few days later Scott turned 10 on October 8th so he's an old man come here old guy old oh but he's doing all right hey he's doing all right 410 so it's a beautiful day out here it's like 6 7 degrees Celsius which is around 44 Fahrenheit I believe so what's the plan for today is we're gonna set up a tarp shelter run a camp a little scooter and myself I've got a lot of goodies for scope for his birthday we got some stewing beef for him and some beef short ribs I believe so yeah I got some good food for myself - pork tornado some potatoes got a decent sized backpack it's a new one for me from my trail they used to be called go light I've had a bunch of cool light products in the past they went on a business my trail took over so this is a my trail 50 liter pack yeah got some got some creature comforts I'm excited I'm happy so I gotta get a fire going real soon because I want to try to do some underground cooking and for that I need to have a fire going for a long time so what I think we're gonna do empty the backpack set up the tarp find a spot to make a fire make a fire no water where I am I had to pack my water in kind of tarp shelter we're setting up today because they need for schoo and I I'm gonna do an a-frame tarp shelter I don't need the fire in front for warmth and I want to just be covered and have the dog in with me so nice a frame I'm going to use my pre-record that's pre-made up for this with toggles I'm gonna show you that in detail real quick here this court is reflective might be called night eyes it might be called something else I'm not a hundred percent sure I can't remember pile my buddy Kyle actually made this up for me when he gave me that tarp that I used in my last video still nylon tarp so some of you know about this already but it's always a big question I get it's worth going over these toggles that are pre tied on here they're already on here they're made from aluminum arrow shaft just cut and ground down and then there's holes in it connecting it to that then the way it's attached to the rope the cordage is it just on prusik s-- prospects are super easy to tie there's tons of not videos out there on how to tie a pro signals so that can slide and then but it also tightens when it needs to hear taut line hitch real quick around it once right you take that running on leave yourself a little bit of space in the running on up once threw up twice through and that's on the inside and then you're gonna take it and go up once on the outside and then just pull it tight okay and now that's going to adjust I swear it will that's going to adjust how you need to my shelter Ridgeline so I'm not going to be using it for any other purposes I'm not gonna be cutting it and when we hang food with it or nothing so I want to keep it a little bit long because they know we are going to loosen it back up after I've got to clear the ground away here of leaves sticks rocks before I put my tarp up finally look at the fall colors love it I see right off the hop sassafras bass wood it's a surprise for us maple sound surprised

Rock them handy crazy right so this tarp for those who don't know is a very very old-school tarp this is a bushcraft outfitters coyote ripstop 10 by 10 this is it still nylon but it is bomb-proof

I've had this one of my oldest pieces of gear for sure nice and easy your toggle goes through your tabs nice and easy I swear yeah toggle goes through the tabs that way you're not tying anything specifically to the ridge pole or the ridge line and you can tighten or a jock and this is important because you don't want to say you tarp and you don't want to have to try and reef on things and tie them and lose tension and everything as it's going so already tied on pulling that real good actually do a little tiny loose hello are you doing broth it's about time to cut some pegs for my Terp and I realized I didn't have my knife on my first still on me just got here not too long ago so I'm gonna do all that stuff now gear up as it were I got a new knife a my newest bushcraft odeur purchase about my buddy Jonathan Deering I have a knife from him before I don't know that his books are open or not but either way he was nice enough to make me a knife and it is pretty cool man pretty cool this is a Deering wood chuck and it's in convex so this is the second real convex knife I've had but all the other real convex is it early but she's beauty look at this look at the flat black handle on it you can see the pins sorry you can't see the pins or anything he did all flat black pins and lanyard tube for me that the floating weight liners really really really nice I haven't used it at all I've been touched a piece of wood on it so anyways came with a really nice sheath - thanks John appreciate it buddy let's go you need to back up buddy this is its virgin cut dude like butter now in all honesty and okay what is the sassafras and they're not the most dense wood but still too little cuts and throw it three on this one pretty happy with that okay so let make some some peg this is real quick the ground is so soft that I'm able to just stick them in so there's one and I can make two oh two this another good way to do it if you don't to try and cut all the way through just score it around like this and then you'll be able to break it no problem so I got three there make up one more so I've got all these tie oats with paracord already tied to them and that's been like that for years but I can just slide the peg through the tab be much easier for me that's why I think when I do oil

all right the ground sheathing everything today this one for scooter good boy okay this is luxury man this is a big old tarp probably ten by five something like that come good boy lead oh yeah okay plenty of room in here man plenty of room in here for us it's been raining for the past few days so I was really concerned about being just in a mud puddle in here that's why I brought this for mr. scooter not not to lie for myself too but I have a sleeping pad and sleeping bag and everything I'll be up off the ground I just want to make sure he was up off the ground too so we're all good this is all setup I still have my sleeping pad and my blanket to put in here but I don't need to do that anytime soon what I do need to do now is go out and start a fire I need to also dig a hole next to that fire at substantial hole find some rocks break those rocks up into smaller pieces push the coals from the fire into the hole continue having a fire in the hole let the coals build up die down bury it put my food in bury it with the holes die down put my food in it bury it and then let it sit all day it's already 1:00 I didn't get out here till noon so got to do that now I found this really nice piece of hickory dead standing it's very very rare to find dead standing Hickory a lot of the times it goes to crap before it before it falls yeah this one's good to go leave it this is not for you leave it leave it

I'll give me one no drop it man jeez Louise I'll give you one right now happy birthday don't spend it all in one place okay kindling

so I was told last time I used this on my last video that there was an easier way to do this so I'm gonna try that I got Scouts food bowl here or my food bowl I have two bowls I don't know who will use whose right now but I got a bowl here regardless there's gonna collect my fat rope shavings from it I don't need much I don't think oh you still see that yeah I think that's probably plenty then I'm just gonna buff them up in my hands before I strike them again I'm just doing this because I'm trying to go quick okay that's probably a lot



so I've got that much like a little cat turd little cat hairball mmm I don't clean those up every day it's lit I'm not pushing it really down into it like you normally do there we go normally I'll set the fire stealing you do know what I mean because I've done it because I've done it a hundred times so again I didn't really even do too fine of kindling at all no shavings and all pencil or even bigger than pencil thumb size in some cases it's nice it's nice not to have to go through the whole process in my area I don't have birch bark right I don't have pine twigs I have small twigs which I can collect and stuff I still have to make like a shavings or grab some grapevine bark and stuff to that like that stuff will work but yeah it's kind of nice to use something pre-made for a little bit a little change alright that should go there's still some of that hickory left and then use it all up and I need a really good strong digging stick I figure what's better to use than Hickory little Hickory stick Scott's got his eye on it too hey where's your stick I want to try to take the thickest part of it actually you know what down here it kind of hoops up like a spoon that might help I'm gonna cut it right off after this not super dense turn the greens going every which way got it

hello so I got my little grants for his outdoor acts you gotta be real careful right now cuz Scott's going a little crazy run around back and forth so I have two options right I can make Scout Guam but I have two options i can make this part my handle and get a good purchase skelp goalie down dude or dig like this or I can shave this out and use this more like a frying spoon which I think that's what I'm going to do so I'm only going to take a little bit off the inside here and make it look a sharp point stay that looks pretty good to me pert a pretty good see see how sharp she is it's all it's all dead hardwood great like I said yeah that'll work good okay I'm gonna dig that hole now kids always remember reshape your knives put your axe my step on your axe public service announcement one I want to be able to break the coals in and out of the hole so I'll leave like a good distance there but when I dig nice hit right here there's gonna be some roots some sassafras roots that come up probably this is probably one here but I want to grab some for tea later on as well

no I don't think so but this kind of ground here is a perfect substrate for this it just straight soil that there's no watch all buddy it's soaking wet soil sandy a little bit sandy oh you got to give me some room homey dig thank you macho macho good boy dig here thank you efforts code

so whenever if you want to teach a dog to dig it's probably not what most people want most people probably want the opposite but whenever I saw him digging in the woods I would say good dig and I'll praise him for it at home he's never really dug a hole so it's not been a bad thing perfect sassafras root a little bit close that fire sassafras root right there so I'm gonna keep as many of these as I can well I'm digging this cooking hole you can tell by the smell what are you crying about homey hey dig then dig good dig I feel like you're just putting on airs now Hey motions or what yeah don't take my digging stick that's what this is all about I'm making progress I've got a bunch of sassafras roots way more than I need now for 40 later on I'll show you my tree my whole progress

gotta keep all this dirt try to keep all this dirt next to it here it's hard there's lots of roots might not have enough time to do it this way either so it's already 2 o'clock so unless I'm eating it maybe I will be eating super late tonight excuse me no no if I should do that with all these words here I'm conflicted you see all this right you can see all that in the camera I know in the cotton and the coniferous woodland and pines and stuff like that you're not supposed to do this I'm supposed to have the fire on the ground but what would make these roots any different I don't know I've no idea I expected there to be roots but I didn't expect there to be this many this congested right here so I think what I'm gonna do for this time is just to play it safe

I'm gonna throw the dirt back in and cook on top of the fire and then just do a little bit more research if if this is a dangerous thing to do or not I just don't feel feel comfortable doing it that sucks

I got a pork tornado so pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and put in tin foil and put underneath there and slow cook it but maybe I just cut it up smaller and do it in tinfoil on top of the on top of the coals that's what I'll do that sucks maybe next time next time I don't think I've had enough time either to actually cook that food like that so that's another good reason not to do it I yeah I don't feel rushed so anyway so now that I have some time I'm gonna build the chair I brought a little para chair I'll show you how that works and then I think when I give Scout some of his food because he's he's wandering around like crazy so we'll get that I gotta get a tripod tie it up I already have some poles over here so this is my pair of chair tiny sill nylon piece of material comes in a bag I'll get more to that in one second so what I have here is three pieces of wood three logs about wrist thick and they're not all the same length two of them are about six feet long one's about eight feet long the middle one is the 8 foot see that wood but I have them all arranged so that the bottoms are all together because it's going to be standing on the bottom surprisingly enough so I'm gonna go around I'm gonna tie it just a normal knot to keep them in place actually gonna try and save some of this core because I don't know quite a lot of it on here quite enough of it I mean so double knot it's on there now right what I want to do now store wraps and fraps so wrap it tight because I'm not holding fate

I don't know fraps on the inside in between sometimes it takes a little minute to get it through there so let's adjust tightening it all up together

my back this way over here because the smokes going this way make sure supports my weight - camera system loving it what fire is a smoke fest the pair of chair sure some of you guys have seen that you use this before had it for years again I believe calling it for me what a nice friend Kyle is all right so it's basically a big bag with a drawstring at the top and tie this off to the chair then he put there's a sleeve in the bottom running this way you put a stick in there and that's your leg support so all you're gonna do is tie this up at the appropriate height probably right around there it's an easy now this drapes down sit right about there and then I can still adjust it after as well now I gotta get a long piece that I can tie to these pieces that's sturdy all right I got this old piece of maple I've used before perfect size and it is very sturdy so now the only question is how high up to make it make my seat that's probably a bit high I'm probably gonna have to adjust the the legs anyway so I want to tie it right there anyway I'm trying I'm trying to film excuse me oh they don't care so for these ones super easy wrap it a couple times and do the old shoestring not it will granny the old overhand on top and if it's short you might want to do a double knot don't slip out on you but normally that's pretty good let's see let's see oh just side down there we go oh nice and comfortable the only problem is my feet are about five inches off the ground smokes got a receipt the whole chair but yeah nice comfortable there is about a billion birds in the sky right now or in the forest chirping chirping we on we good all right so of course because I moved my chair over here the wind switched directions and is now coming this way but she's all over the place she's all over the place we're not gonna worry about it got my foods so for me I've got pork tenderloin cut up in three wrapped in bacon like I said pork Toronado Toronado some butter

you got some shallots and stuff but for mr. Scout right now rule mister Scouts getting the hookups got a bag of meat got a bag of meat for mr. scope what I have here is stewing beef chunks pretty decent size I got six of those seven of those and then I have some beef short ribs for scope what I'm gonna do now is give him the beef short ribs they're raw there's a little bone in it too but he'll be able to crunch that bone eat the marrow clean up his teeth a little bit too so this is mr. Scott's part of his birthday present he already got emerald bought him a new brand new squeaky ball which he really likes boy hold on buggy gonna show the people at home this isn't just bone this is this is all meat there's these two little tiny bones here so this is all meat this is a good hunk of meat this would do him for a whole supper but he's gonna have more here you go buddy come get it good boy happy birthday you go

I mentioned the thing about the smoke so I think that cost me like seven dollars total the meet and in the short rib so that's plenty he's not going hungry gonna have more food than he needs but again he's getting spoiled a little bit it's nice it's very nice all these leaves are still green up on the trees are showing you those leaves earlier on the ground and still only the sassafras and a couple other trees have turned it looks like summer in here when I'm looking with the trees it's October 16th that's crazy that's absolutely crazy you have to get up north again soon I'm taking the family I'm taking will emerald and our two nieces or two young nieces up to the Bruce Peninsula so I have to get home from this trip tomorrow early in the morning which I'm just by my house now edit this video I have this video ready to go by Friday because then Wednesday and Thursday we're gonna be up on at the Bruce Peninsula in Cypress Lake Campground so go check out the grotto and I remember there being lots of frogs and turtles around this time of year up there a couple years ago so it'd be cool to show the girls camping with for Girls Scouts not coming there's no room in the Jeep that's alright

can't vote tonight and then I'll do some more stuff with him later on when in the winter and the fall and stuff it's the time for him he's got that long okay my fire is dead not dead but it's not going good I need to go cut a bunch of good firewood I've been throwing pretty pretty crappy stuff on to it actually behind a cloud or something so I'm gonna go run and try and find a good piece of firewood well I'm gone I don't want any Chipmunks or raccoons or schools or anything actually

I love the woods this time here man absolutely

pretty dense maple tuning that saw is ripping through it that's a wrap and drawer

I'll boil up some water make some sassafras tea and this little tripod is gonna help me do that alright so I'm gonna try something new if it works it was pretty cool I got this piece of clean wood I went on it down from a piece of piece of clean maple and then made some notches in it what I'm gonna do is tie it on here and I'm going to try to boil my water in my heavy cover canteen hanging over fire using this method I'm gonna stick this in the top of the canteen and then turn it like a fish gouge or Gorge when you try and fish like that so you double-double not at least on this thing double not at least on this piece it okay that's good he's gonna need a drink so that's goats water in here you can have that whenever he wants I got this maybe just about halfway full water a heavy cover canteen my lids gonna go right next to Scotts water bottle water bowl so I don't lose it I'll get this hung up on there so again I stress that use the clean piece of wood so in and then hung on okay so in theory should be pretty good boil over top of the fur I just kind of wrapped the paracord up here on this other branch so that it wouldn't burn while I was waiting to do this it's pretty sturdy though swinging it all over a place that's not nice Oh Joe now to clean off those sassafras roots and if I want to move it or if I feel like it's not it's fine where it is but if I feel like it's not they can just kind of move the old tripod around you know she's right in the flames

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