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SnowTrekker Hot Tent, Woodstove and Winter Camping Plans


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Showing a new to me SnowTrekker hot tent, and talking future winter camping plans.


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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for joining me again so here uh doing this up a little bit different we're in the backyard today in a hot tent with my wood still going you saw me lighting it up two seconds ago and I'm actually too hot sitting right next to it here it's known today for the first time this year that's pretty cold out but in here I am warm like I can lose this sweater big-time the story behind this is I have an extremely loyal fan base have very very very good subscribers and I had a subscriber message meet in the springtime saying that he had this this tent they wanted to give it to me but he's not gonna be able use it more you wanted to see good to good use so we wanted to give it to me and I was blown away man this is not a cheap tent you know what I mean and a very very very good piece of kit to have stove and everything so I was supposed to make it up his way he lives about five hours north of me and I never happened to kept falling through and so one morning I got a call like 10 the morning and it was him his name's cliff whose cliff saying he's near my city and he has a tent with him wanted to drop it off so I was blown away I thought he had business in the city or something like that turns out he literally woke up and drove five hours to give this thing to me we didn't have lunch he wouldn't even let me buy a lunch or anything like that just had a coffee said thank you and he went on his way back home another five hours drive home so big big big thanks to cliff craziest president God my life is just a ridiculous ridiculous so very very very grateful for that and you guys will benefit as well you're gonna be able to see use of this thing so this is just my backyard I'm just testing the dough playing with it I was actually just supposed to go the woods today and got bored sorry I couldn't make it and got bored at home so I set this thing I've decided to test it out I set it up once before right when I got it but it was way too hot to have a fire going inside and I'm telling you man this thing is hot in here I've got my zipper here opens it up to the outside world my host there yeah I thought I just hang on here maybe shoot a little bit of video try and explain you I'm guys what are we doing with this tent later on in the winter well I'll probably do about a week out of this up north probably a February so that'd be pretty cool me and a couple buddies spend a good week out in the woods we'll have this thing to rely on this is this can this can dry out your camping gear this can dry out your sleeping bags to dry your clothes you can have this as a rescue if you need it you know what I mean just this ready to go with wood in it so another hot hot camp before it's always been cold camping in the wintertime and this is going to change the game I think so very cool very very cool thank you cliff once again she's big man probably fit two people three people comfortably in the window enter excuse all the city noises here oh yeah nice and easy to put up comes with everything you need holes little poles and then the big railroad title almost railroad tie spikes to put into the snow right there they're nice and long so you slide this this pole through the tabs attach this black almost leather like thing that has a rope attached to it already these poles attach into that and then to the ground and then you just tie it out it's super easy it's very very intuitive to vent holes on either side at the top and it is snow trucker made in the States apparently well all so much for that snow it's already melted in the field and down here next to the tent is it's puddles oh so hot in here so here's the when it was made and all that December 2012 it is the expedition Basecamp nine by eleven and a half nice size

got the rollo hot chocolate this time around these little clips on the zebra belly make it super easy to pour really helpful yeah fancy pants so I've got these two coffee crisp hot chocolates and I know that you guys in the States cannot get coffee crisp so if somebody wants the first person tell me the age of scout I'll mail these to you just have to tell me in the comments how old you think Scout is first person to get it right I'll let you know PM me your address I'll mail you these two that's if anybody wants it if not nobody deal either way coffee crisp hot chocolate so get prepared for so much of camping with this thing

Mike Morton so get prepared so get prepared to see some winter camping videos hopefully I'll be able to get two or three out with this tent maybe Eve so be prepared to see if you so be prepared to see some winter camping videos with this tent hopefully get like two or three knocked oh this year even if I have to take it someplace local for my trip or two but definitely at least one or two trips up north camping real camp in winter snowshoeing with the sled axes saws live for a week of this thing you know what I mean like real camping that's what I want to do I know I'll do it once for sure it would anyways thank you for watching Thank You cliff hope you dig guys

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