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Answering your Instagram Questions - Why Am I so Butthurt?


This past Saturday, I posted on Instagram, asking you guys for some questions for this Wednesday's Q & A video.

I, Joined by my beautiful wife, answer some of those questions...as well as give you an explaination of just why I am so very butthurt :)

Hope you enjoy :)


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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for tuning in it's another Wednesday video we're inside it's a rainy day outside and mr. Spooner Wilhemina and myself for hanging out today just got back from the doctors want to give you guys a little heads-up before before this video starts one of the reasons that the last three trick videos you saw were made from one actual outing was because I've been having some super bad health problems and I have been able to get out I've been laid in bed for for over three weeks since the last video was taking place kind of sucks to talk about and I usually just call it my IBS but the the true fact and the reality is it's my hemorrhoids it's it's all connected so IBS is irritable bowel syndrome but I've been diagnosed with that just for the through the process of elimination because they don't have Crohn's I don't have colitis I've I've had scopes and biopsies and all sorts of fun stuff done and about around eight to ten years ago probably nine will call nine had internal hemorrhoid surgery here in the city and I always laid up in bed how long after come on two months so I just got back right now I I've been having this problem again so it's my IBS it's it's all connected to my butt and I have internal hemorrhoids I have external hemorrhoids right now and it's oxy maybe you're laughing and whatever if you are when you're older you're gonna understand that this house is how it is and it sucks and I was shy about it when I first but this has been going on for a good chunk of my life so whatever it is what it is now that's why in videos you've seen me show you my hemorrhoid cream and talk about a diarrhea pill isn't letting my kids all the time because that's a way of life for me yeah so ever since I got back from my last trip I went on my last trip with hemorrhoids starting and I said screw it I need to go trip anyway so when did the trip came back and it was pretty okay the whole time when I came back and it was really bad once I started going to the bathroom once I got home and stuff so just about back from the doctors are going to try to say and I went to see him last week I was trying to talk this specialist now they're talking about surgery again so if that's the case yeah I don't know I mean like I don't want to do surgery and I said since the last one because it screwed me up so bad that I would never do it again but it's at the point where it's at what I even the doctor today is like it's not gonna go away it's getting worse and like I'm doing all the treatments at home Will's been checking on like apple cider vinegar which is all that stuff doing plus I have the Quartus practice civil court of whatever steroid joint mondai put on in taking medication and antibiotics and I thought it was infected and all this stuff so it's just some pain in the whole blood it sucks like it's a real real thing so I'm going to try my hardest to get out this week tomorrow I might have an opening and I might try to get out and camp and do my Walmart challenge around the house here not not around my husband in the city so I don't have to sit on my butt and drive nine hours to get somewhere and then camp but I don't know every day is different like I'm sitting on the coach right now

yesterday I couldn't get her in bed I was laying with my feet elevated all day yeah that's why I'm so butthurt Joe why are you so butthurt that's why I'm so under so I'm hoping that that's not going to happen I'm hoping is going to get you to get better I've been I've been doing everything I can to make it just better if it will just subside or go away just relax for a little bit that I'm not going to get that the surgery and I'm going to continue on and do my normal camping stuff because that's what I want to do so when I don't go camping it bums me a big time I get a little wanderlust kind of feeling look it does a lot more than that you guys don't get to watch the videos and not just that I get I become not relevant you know I mean YouTube starts stops promoting my thing myself and this is my livelihood take care of my wife and take care of my daughter emerald and now we have a little baby in there little Liam for sure that all depend on me you know I mean this is my job so it really is just kind of waiting and seeing what happens I hope hoping and praying that I can get out okay so this is a question and answer video believe it or not after that 15 minute ramble of what problems Oh YouTube doesn't do you want to test this video now because that's how silly they are but okay I asked you guys questions on Instagram for those of you who don't know what have an Instagram handle Joe robinette bushcraft act Joe Robinette Bush crowd I asked I said we're gonna do a question and answer video this Wednesday it's Tuesday today and I got about 300 let's see 2 or 2 or 300 questions in a few days on Instagram so that's pretty good 230 questions so I don't know if I'll go through all whom but we'll read some of them thank you guys for asking the questions helps me make this video first question is not a question at all comes from JB Rogan so there's no question just tell us all about your beautiful boy scout please Scout is a 10 year old dog Oh got an open SUSE Murray we have a lot of info coming about him actually pretty soon we were going to do a video testing his DNA the figuring out exactly what kind of dog his dog he is Scott's been with us his whole entire life since 8 weeks 6 weeks 7 right around in there and yeah he's a good boy he's a good boys we're not sure what he is maybe Belgian Malinois mixed with a German Shepherd I've heard lots of different things but like I said very soon we already did the test and we sent it away so we're gonna have a video doing it all it's really pretty cool

lots more info let's go coming up black you didn't over 3 how does it feel to make a profit up off of what you do by the way I love your videos well thank you very much Blackie de Nova it feels good it feels good to be able to support my family well and do it doing something I like to do they say if you do something you love you never work a day in your life that's not true

but it's uh it's amazing I uh I don't have to work a 95 and I'm extremely grateful for that it feels good in between all these questions I have a lot of people a lot of comments saying hope you feel better and I appreciate that thank you what made me is so Robert Wallace what made you so inspired by bushcraft man living in the city you know what I mean not really having access to any of that kind of thing not having a dad to really show me so it was really just left to I really had no idea once I started watching shows like right but even before that and of green gables like I don't know if the Americans know what that is but like a little Sun Prairie Grizzly Adams things like that shows movies like that fred penner will you scroll through just things that maybe noticed nature and then later on Survivor Malik will say and Rainey mirrors more ski and ski things like that just that guy's really passionate really going over a little bit of gear you know having some some knowledge to be able to be comfortable while you're out there I'm ref 1983 what's it like to know you have fans all over the world it's surreal I don't even really understand it to be honest with you still it's it's uh every time anybody says hey Joe but no this isn't me or whatever I'm talking back we were in yeah actually at the beginning of our trip or no yeah it was like the middle of our trip when we were getting to commute to one spot and they had that guy come up to us and he was from UK somewhere Australia or something and he was like just so excited to see you and then at the end of our trip we were at the other entrance for turning in canoe and we had that girl come up to us that's Christina if she come up to me and and she was like I know you yeah that's that I got the the idea to do the Mackay yeah it's called embark the dog DNA

okay I saw her do it on her dog and I asked her about it on Facebook yeah she's super nice girl yeah I talked to her for a while she was super excited like it was almost it's almost like I don't even know the word for it when you think people will just recognize you it's me yeah it's a real thrill I don't I'm taken aback every single time and I live where I live nobody recognizes me because we're so late it's not it's not like that so whenever I leave the city again lots of well wishes thanks guys Blackbeard's workshop glad to hear you're feeling better I'm taking Boundary Waters trip with three others this summer any favorite meals worth sharing for groups you know what it all honestly I'm not really the guy to ask for like group meal stuff whatever if you sleep you see my video was if I go with people we all kind of cook our own because it's all minimalist right like we don't really we're not like gourmet kind of people really even though you can make some some good gourmet dehydrated stuff my favorites would be like a dehydrated chilli which will makes what do you put in that sugar over ground beef usually green peppers mushrooms simple but still it'll be yeah I said it's a good Chile or I like the spaghetti and I'll do I'll cook the spaghetti noodles I'll cook the spaghetti sauce and everything and have it all ready together and I'll mix it all up together and then dehydrate like that a lot of people like your silly for doing the spaghetti knows that way but it's it's the way I prefer to do it because then I know everything's ready at the same time super easy it's just leftovers it's literally leftovers dehydrate yeah those are my two I also like a quinoa salad chicken quinoa stir-fry it would be good but with the chickening out that in my experience you have to cut it super thin they sit they said chicken broke Francis dairy five when you are on a camping trip or just children in the woods what do you sometimes ask yourself what the hell am I doing here ah no not really like I go there whenever I used to go out um like when I lived in Sioux say marine stuff like it was like it was to explore O's to learn in a boat what I didn't know about because I wasn't from there it was to take Skoda and that's always good my big excuse or reason to have a dog right just because now I get to go to the woods you know I'm gonna have a all complete legit reason for being here but now it's my job you know what I mean then I go there to enjoy nature I go there to do my job I go there to work excuse me but it's always good to have a dog a dog with you it's always more enjoyable it's a reason people don't really ask like what are you doing in the woods bro it's like a free pass right no bike no mass and sharp Mason sharp how did you become so successful I that's relative I don't I'm doing good now it's taken a long time it's taking ten years or so I mean like it was yeah I'm not the guys who really take advice or direction from it kinda it took a lot longer than it should have and I'm learning as I go just I did what I loved and I kept at it and I even when I got like that it's like that it's like that Chumbawamba song that tub-thumping you get knocked down with any get up again never gonna keep me down like I screwed up big time on a loan man like I was a laughingstock of everyone this is my genre this is what I was doing for a long time and it really was a tough blow but I didn't let that stop me and I didn't let the people who who said I should stop stop me and I just came back stronger than ever actually have a video stating like I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna be on the top and stuff and I did that so came over a year or two last year was my most lucrative year 2017 was it was my year I grew the most on I yeah they had the most success and biggest videos of my youtube time I would just say stick with it if you want to be successful with something stick with whatever you're doing regardless of if people learn Nate if there's naysayers telling you you should stop or you're not gonna do it or anything like that if you really enjoy it or have a passion for something stick with it try your best

try your best this is a story all about me says can you do a trip somewhere with no trees I would love that so place it sometimes here at Scotland there's a lot of places no trees at all which means no firewood no places for tarps would be nice to see how you survive and the book quotes in that situation yeah I would absolutely love to I think the closest I've been to that is like the only solids in West Virginia right yeah Carl and I went and I used a freestanding tent and we did have firewood though but Spears and we didn't use a gas stove or um yeah the Loon gastos we made yeah I would love that Scotland is is on my list yes exactly exactly

Lucas Jackson says what was your first time camping

that's probably what my mom knows really young she probably took me around here to be like a pioneer or something like that car camping what was the first beer I drank probably something like Canadian or more like blue it's not too decent all right Stephanie wisely this is a question for you will my question is how is your wife feeling with the pregnancy I hope you start getting me back to feeling like your old soldier well I was rough in the beginning morning sickness was way worse this round then was with that role so Joey's convinced it's a boy I'm starting to feel better love wearing sickness is easing I can actually eat with emerald I couldn't even be in the house when Joey was cooking meat I couldn't understand the smell of meat and all this baby wants to meet Thank You Stephanie for your question it says three weeks flat from IBS sure that wasn't coli or Salmonella nope it's my time right like I said earlier but like I said I didn't really want it you have that many of that before equal I know nothing

Jerry and Jerry official yeah we weren't sure at first if it was an IBS attack and then ended up being dariya yeah sucking up those smokers it's hard to tell in your videos but do you let your steaks rest a little after cooking them yes I do and I've been overcooking them not on purpose but it's hard to film and do everything get your steak done everything it's hard it's hard it's hard no I tried to I tried to let them rest but then again also sometimes it's outside it's like in the middle of winter time it's a little chill oh yeah but thank you sucking up those smokers check those guys out suck knuckle smokers I think they're from Australia quieran briar question what do you what knife do you recommend for a beginner and working purchase fire skills I would recommend a mora especially if you want to spend about a hundred bucks I believe a more a gar burg but if you want to spend last like a more companion clipper or even the bushcraft black I believe is around 60 bucks if I'm not mistaken they all come with sheets and I started with Morris at three Moore's oh yeah three Morris four years and working by a fire steel spire still calm fire steel calm is where I would recommend my career still strong I love their their stuff you have been different like when you spark it is such a blob right as opposed to like the Swedish steel which is a shower which is good too but I prefer the the Guam Jordan coke 89 do you prefer one person or two person tent on a backpacking or canoe trip one person I have my Big Agnes Fly Creek ul one that I use all the time and me and will couldn't get in there at the same time so whenever will and I have gone in the passage there's only been a few times canoeing camping just each other.we tarps in the springtime run fault remember in the hoist Lakes there we went to Michigan and Will's like deathly afraid of bugs it takes especially who's not tickles [Music]

yeah I like a one-person temp them Rhiannon Brittany do you ever have IBS flare-ups when your own nature can't be em so how do you do with it no I've never once I've been one year out there I don't think you're burning so much when you're out there but the food digests so much better than when you're at home in your daily life well I'm so active if I'm not yeah exactly I'm drinking a ton of water what about there I'm eating healthy foods only what about there to look dehydrated meeow meeow a lot of balls a lot of fiber a lot of protein ya know the one time I came back from Delhi actually Kundali saw the pile my we had to stop and I had I best flare up on the way back after that's what was being Donald's in West Virginia and I on the way back out this really bad flare up and super bad diarrhea and everything I was literally like crying like fuel position in Kyle's truck it was rock man yeah it still makes funny but no not open in the nature's I'm normally pretty solar yeah it's not to be that active here in your normal day-to-day life that you are out there you just your your body's working constantly up there I think it makes your digestive system just that much better because it's constantly digesting the food and using it and burning it it's hard to be active here there's nothing around really Peter [Music]

says are you planning to do a meet-up of fins I get a camp out with a fan maybe maybe a little near future and do like a bigger meet up if you Logan Williams if you could go for a week anywhere where would you go mmm-hmm I don't know maybe leave all those places like Scotland or even like a cool place in like like Norway yeah I've said Norway before too right

oh maybe yeah those all those places or even in like the Oregon or Washington Forest where it's a cold super mossy in green melissia or 420 here's a question do you think the small annex is an overrated item and that a large or folding saw is much later in to carry it more efficient no I don't think a small axe is overrated at all I think people would have their place for sure something like a when is my focus down there solid so he saw like a big boy or a gone boy or something it's worth their weight for sure they are fantastic so but I think even paired up there it's a better thing I don't think it's overrated at all though like a little like 19 inch hatchet or unless you're talking about like like a grass where's Minnie then yes I would say that's overrated or something along those like tiny little belt hatchets that are only like 10 13 inches those are a bit on the smaller side from my opinion that you can't really do too much work with those other than like carving maybe splitting some small wood you can't take trees down obviously but it's a lot more work and in that case the folding style would be more efficient in my opinion eh schmitt twelve twelve what's goes middle name Magoo's look Alexis outdoors question would you be willing to share some tips for success for a brand new youtubers like myself thanks you feel better yeah honestly man it's it depends on what you're on are you going into like ours honor is completely different that normally cutiepie h3h3 even you don't have tried so you need to be yourself you need to not put on a front to begin with because you're not gonna be able to keep that up be goofy if you are a goofy that's the kind of thing you want to go for just don't you check the bread you have to be yourself but go saying be be original - you don't want to like coffee you don't want to be doing things that other people have been doing for a long time or be boring really it's a good idea to have all of your social media stuff like linked and like the pictures to be the same like the profile picture or your banner to be all the same just like to have a brand to build a brand yeah just I don't man the biggest thing honestly is just to be yourself a so yeah I wouldn't matter in a minute it's your personality to like it it doesn't matter what you're doing it doesn't matter if your hobby is golf or bushcraft or cars you know I mean they just let your personality come through I'm not saying that you have to be over-the-top personality like your personality come through in the videos that's why I spend so much time talking you know I mean and just like doing little things like it's just like I try to make people feel like I'm like third that oh they're with me and I think that's what a lot of people pick up on John Wright 95 my question is any tips for my first solo picture yeah have like a good safety kit have a bailout plan or like a spa system if you're in deep or something that tell people where you are Toby were gonna be your plan maybe even leave a note in your car or on your dash have fun you know I mean bring the stuff that you're going to have be comfortable with and have fun with they'll be afraid to bail if you're not having fun don't be afraid of a lecture if you're hurt or worried about getting rained on or whatever eat I mean you don't want your first big solo trip to be a bad experience at the same time I say that try to post push past the dog's tail in camera try to push past the ring try to push past the bad stuff because after that it's a million times better you have so much more pride more yep take be fun it's check out my five days solo camping and I'll go up and from last May for what I'm talking about and that trip was rough

one of my most memorable trips I've ever done I would not change a thing now back then

James Jerry feel good George what's the story behind scout one what was some of the most memorable moments you have of him I have a couple videos talking about him and we're gonna do some more a little bit but one of the most memorable moments I have why was he in there he saved my wife and kid from a rogue American Bulldog attack took a bunch of damage to his face and yeah saved my daughter for sure so that's the big one but more to come on skills tempered resolved dude it kills me watching you sit in your camp chair with your feet dangling police saw a few inches off the bottom the legs and make the world makes a world difference a lot less pain yeah and he says merely suggestion I hear you man you know what if I was set up there for any of anyone that I'm 100% would I was just there overnight it's no big deal was in a know what I'm there I'm not really sitting down I'm on Bob Donaldson around filming and getting different things playing with the dog so what you saw me of said what you saw of me sitting in the chair was probably the amount of time that I actually did sit in the chair but thank you I I agree you're right Alex mccurdy 253 what's your preferred trail oil quotations liquor or parenthesis liquor to enjoy during trips other than great lakes to soda city craft beers lol I like a good scotch like a leg of Wulin is really nice but I don't really bring that lot so I would say my most thing I bring all the time is 40 creak she got that wrong hey it's the wrong way yes there's always Hill Jerry Sailor Jerry's right anyways as always you're going to yeah but now it's 40 Creek whiskey

probably the copper pot but again like I have a drink beer and since that last row yeah I'm not trying to drink I'm not trying to mess myself look up anymore I was so good I was good for like a year a fella goes on iron get well - how old were you when you started much caffeine campaign for what's no no doors I early teenager Reese Reese is 87 make sure it's obvious and not Crowe sincerely do with Crohn's thank you oh yeah for sure the major concern I'm always always worried that they might have missed something because his symptoms get so severe doc 19 how have you ever done mountain climbing what's the most notable note to you ever you've climbed or would like to climb no I have not I'd like to start small maybe new topic I'll I'm not really sure of any what are you called yeah Yahoo's know he's in Sacramento we could see it from where we were so maybe that one no I've never done but I would like to I like to try there's a lot of things I'd like to try outdoor still I haven't done much guys I don't know much Tommy brighter than 21 what is your profession other than YouTube or before YouTube oh I did a few things YouTube is my profession now worked at a bunch of retail stores well as young worked at Canadian Tire Tim Hortons

managed to pet stores I were all at the University I was the best job I ever had I worked there for the University of Windsor under uh yeah nuclear which is the Great Lakes in Institute for environmental research so I ran the lab I did extraction I did like mercury and PCB and like toxin and extractions from fish from clams from like otter Scott Bear blood snapping turtle eggs all sorts of fish like every fish you can imagine right yeah I ran the boat - I loved the boat I was the captain El Capitan we would put gill net so legally it was just for sciences all the name of science but gill net so catch fish bring them back we would also do pony which is like sending down a big claw manually with a rope excuse me he gets down to the bottom of the river or the lake you pull the rope taut and then this pin shoots up and then the clock clamps whatever's under there sometimes the substrate would have been like sand or sometimes it was a straight rock sometimes it was gravel sometimes zebra mussels sometimes this muck sometimes it was a mix of like seaweed and muck and sand and like stanky stinking man named like one time I pulled us off shotgun Oh to the rivers that was pretty crazy right up the Detroit side yeah all those things I worked my butt off I supported well and all you work - we only both worked yeah we both work sometimes he took turns working but one was laid off or well yeah we always both work ever since we go to school up until two years ago or so yeah dude he's out Dorton what yeah this is a third year yeah he's outdoors my buddy guys check out Heiser doors on YouTube and Instagram oh is that right it's good didn't like that thanks for your recent question on my video mate my question is - he says this my question to you is who are your top five bushcraft and camping channels ones that you actually watch peace out sunshine and then underneath and he says yeah I liked my own comment what you'll yours for one I like yours hangs outdoors I like Bryce newbould I like scrambled oh I like Oh what was I watching today coyote works will and I watched I've been watching for the past couple days actually has I've been laid up so I've got a newer Jeep recently and OH

kind of wanted to do like this Overland camping kind of thing so this guy how many works

I think he's buddies with primal out-of-doors who is also on YouTube and Instagram they do Overland can't be other jeeps and I know that whatever the other one the other guy has they're really cool really really cool stuff Shotwell what Oh Shotwell very watchable one he went on like a nine-day three state trip with his Jeep freaking cool man's got what a Rubicon or something really really nice yeah those are the ones that I like non-conventional stuff I to be honest with you like the goofier the better for me right now I'm not trying to sit down and watch like skill videos or like stuff like that what I do also like is like Oh Clint Clint so old my buddy like he hasn't put over a video of forever as old outdoors he'll go on do like a seven or eight day trip his canoe with like five dogs just or beyond I'm just shooting birds to even stuff really cool I like stuff like that like adventure stuff I actually literally just watched yesterday because I'm planning something for myself

Lily's Canadian wilderness adventure stuff like that or more like living out there for extended periods of time which which I want to do I want to do that soon Kent survival and watching him - Kent - survival may be its small Channel all these these are all small channels or smaller channels yeah that's why it because I just haven't seen them they're interesting they're there but different ever reach grass 27 have you ever been spooked in the bush it will yeah I got spooked with the tent thing is stupid tent we'd be like how long eight day trip somebody trip end of the trip great time for can sit around reflecting just got dark like 20 feet away we hear this like sorry scope but louder like just so loud but it sounded like would like wood hit wood and just one and we were like oh man is that Sam's flange what's going on but we found out in the morning his tent pole had broken and it slapped the fly with like super or it just yeah crazy what amount of days is my longest camping trip ever probably nine took nine days I'd like to beat that this year

that's from Chile factor alright guys sorted with that my mom you called wills talking to her Nana that's gonna wrap up the video I think I've rambled on long enough

thanks to everyone who sent in questions sorry to the people who had an answer that would be for the next video but those questions will still be all my Instagram so I'll be able to pull them out no problem if you guys want to follow me on Instagram it's Joe at Joe Robinette bushcraft if you want to follow me if you wanna sub here I would appreciate that hit the bell notifications so you get notified when I put out a video hope you enjoyed the video hopefully you're still around listen to it I'm really gonna try to go tomorrow or shoot the Walmart overnighter so I'll have that up for Friday

wish me luck guys thanks a lot I'll see you soon

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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