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I show, talk about and use my Deering Bushcraft EDC knife, build a fire, have a cup of tea, and enjoy a few hours out with my dog.

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here with Scott and we're in the woods again it's been about three days since my last video Naiya was all full of snow and cold winter day or whatever today it's not that day yesterday was like plus five Celsius in today's uh right around I think it's around the same to be honest with you anyways I'm in the woods I got a knife about a month ago I'll be using a lot and I want to make a video about that knife so the knife that I've been using for the past month or so you've seen a couple videos it's at Deering EDC bushcraft knife the knife came in a nice leather sheath just a pouch style with the fold-over belt loop I have used this in a net carry a couple times works fine because it doesn't weigh much at all take it out the knife itself

the handle is four inches long and it's brown micarta with a not too grippy finish and a not too polished finish somewhere right in the middle so it's a really nice feel and then I've got thin white liners really nice the blade is three inches long and it's only three thirty-seconds thick and that's the same thickness as a moron number one pretty thin just Scandinavian grind and he's got his Deering maker's mark there I ended up putting a small little finger hole lanyard on the end just for for a couple reasons actually for visibility for an extra finger in case I'll need to chop a little bit or to pull out of my sheath easier

let's go use this knife in conjunction with a fire steel boil up some water and make a tea Oh psych me out he doesn't like to listen so good anymore come good boy ah real nice spread on them big ol dogs nice job dog drank that dang in the spring and winter sometimes fall I like to wear these mock boots they're not too warm so if you don't sweat too bad but they're fully waterproof up to here so going through stuff like this isn't that big of a deal walking through muck isn't that big of a deal I don't know if this ice is going to hold me or not don't go all right did you look at the size these Phragmites for you to look at it what's a look at what you just look at it look at them they're gonna be like 12 15 feet tall been pretty crazy now we're under the goldenrod all right Doug I found some feathers too where's the sticks bud where's the sticks do get your stick there are no sticks you never throw any sticks yet okay Scott you gotta give me some room but go on okay I found the tree that we're going to use it's gonna be this one here it's dead standing it's still attached to the other tree so we have to get it off we could take our knife put it here and baton it through it's just honestly not necessary

there we go you get this out of here process it up you are going crazy right now


I've come over to this down cottonwood tree so that I can use it as a work platform as a brace so then you get up off the wet ground on I'm gonna light the fire and cook my are boil my water up over there but here's a good place to work anyway what I need to do is to get this into sections right so that I can start splitting down because all of my firewood all of my tender all my kindling everything is coming from this one piece of trembling Aspen okay so let's break her down a bit there's nothing fancy about this nope one stop for you not for you okay these are moving my manageable pieces use a I want to make one a dedicated baton I might use the skinnier one for the baton that makes brick alright do this keeping in mind that this is only a three inch blade I do not go after a piece of wood those wrists stick or bicep tech this could do that risk thick wood it's easier to not have to baton around the sides and workpiece down and down down now it's easier to just use a smaller piece of wood if possible it's all all situational right it all depends so I've got a piece like this right and it's got a little bit of a break here and it's kind of too long or jagged too baton safely I guess what you can do is take that broken piece give her a couple good whacks go

splitter down like that okay again that could be more of a manageable piece and if you didn't have a knife or if you're working with a pocket knife or a stone tool or something along those lines that's how you can also get your pencil size pieces right but splintering it off it helps that anyways this isn't about that this is about this knife so I'm going to split this wood down and because there is no guard at all on here I need to if I'm doing tip first I need to make sure my thumb is on top of the pommel and I'm also looping my thumb in the paracord lanyard hey that's your shabby splitting down could also instead of using my hand beat on it it's got no pommel plate I'm really not too worried about it to be honest with you so I want to split these down you don't have to do it that way either you can baton normally right so if I wanted to if I want to just baton this down if I wanted to just baton this down and didn't want it to go all crazy going tip-in if you're worried about that or whatever if you're just gonna like it

baton normal so Jonathan during is the knife maker like I said and I actually camped with him I met him uh last month we went to Michigan he lives in Michigan close to me and we met up and went to here on national forest with a bunch of guys I have a video of that on my channel that's where I got this knife he gave it to me he wanted me to test it out and give him some thoughts back on it or whatever he said that he sells a lot of knives but he doesn't see a lot of them in use so kind of bummed a Moute he wants to know like real world opinions on him so that's what I'm going to give him this has to become my everyday carry for bushcraft I I do carry it in its sheath the sheath fits very nice I can slide it from the front to the back I want and ride high or low and that's my new pocket knife everyday so it's got a nice patina going on it everything pretty cool so for the sake of using this knife and showing what it can do let's let's cross with honest and truncate this this piece of firewood this is probably the most I've used this night for the past few camping trips I've been on I've had an axe with me so there's no need to do that no need to use the knife so hard but let's do it because it's fun and there's no need to be crazy and try to get it all the way through on every side or even just chop right through with that when you can truncate it and give her a couple break and now it's more manageable size super sharp makes really nice tight curls I'm going to collect a bunch of these I'm not even splitting this wood down I'm just doing the curls off to the the circular wood outside of it I find a lot of times and get better curls near the outside of the wood for some reason maybe the woods I love a softer more deteriorated there we got to collect all these because these are not staying on the stick this will work Gold Cup I really love the thin scandi blade I honestly won't eat is almost too thick for me in my opinion now it doesn't need to be that big when it's thick when I see any knife this thick it's more of just a big wedge it doesn't cut properly it doesn't cut as good as it should I'm a big fan of convex knives and also a big fan of skinny skinny skinny skinny nice

pretty wet out here yes absolutely expect in February Oh

so considering super muddy and wet I want to try and keep my stuff mainly off the ground as much as possible I had it set on my backpack while I was doing stuff now it's on the wood I grabbed that plop that wood that I grabbed for a platform is gonna be an integral part of player it'd be almost impossible to strike a firesteel right onto the ground so now we have to all we have to do is organize our our sizes I saw a video by Iowa woodsman the other day who also recently got a daring knife and he has the Sami Sami pouco I'm not sure how you say Sammy or Sami pouco which is a really nice knife and also wrangler star has one of his knives and old one of his first knives or one of his older older knives he made called the Forester I believe he's a white one regular star made a video on anyway it's pretty cool so Jon's really nice guy and I'm glad to support him and especially him being so close to me being a friend and that one I do want to say thank you to him for this knife because it's a sick knife alright let's see this firestarter okay let's start this fire so what I've got to start with is just some really fine curls some shavings that I got off of the Aspen that I've been using not too shabby nice good to go nota Morton's TV green tea this time and she's just going to steep there for a bit and well that's it and let's get rid of this fire now let's go leave it there if that's not see if I don't know what is okay because I know somebody will say something fires out folks where's the fire not here ropes gee throw my backpack on my back I have not had any of my tea yet I just only Felisa I just don't really feel like sitting on the ground even though I have my foam pad I'm gonna put out the fire as you saw it's out and then the debris the debris is in the water over there I was gonna walk back over to this this log and sit down the log with my with my seat my pad because it's nicer to sit up on something then on the ground getting the old you knowing my old age money you can't take the old age my knees and take getting up and down anymore I'm Ashley on paper boy she's hot oh she's hot okay guys I think this video has gone on long enough it was supposed to be about a knife and it's turned into a look at how to video which whatever so again if you want to check out during knives he's got an Instagram he's on bushcraft USA he has his own website during knives check him out I hope you guys found this informational and enjoyable I'll see you soon bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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