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Overnight Bushcraft Camp with my Dog - Tomahawk Steak over the Fire, Frost River Pack, Bugs!


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You asked for it, you got it! I head to the woods for a bushcraft overnighter with my dog, and best buddy, Scout.

We bring along a tomahawk steak to slow cook above an open fire.

Build a cooking tripod, hang a tarp, find wild leeks, enjoy our time together and get eaten by bugs!

Come along, I hope you enjoy!

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Video Transcription

good morning folks Joe here and Mister scooter that denotes to all to ourselves I think today is a good day to go to the woods go to an overnighter supposed to Thunderstone a little bit later but that just adds the adventure first before we head out what's going to show it to my sponsor Dollar Shave Club thank you very much dollarshaveclub.com for sponsoring this video

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let's get crazy doggy I've already hung up there's a bug up there you can see I've already hung up my ridge line got to get that tarp up there now let's go found us something to do

I like to leave paracord attached to the tarp that way I'm not surprised without having any paracord when I get to the camp in case I don't pack extra what it does make for a difficult set one that sticks are all getting caught in this in the pair of course but that's a quick spec no big deal

so I am going to just tarp it again tonight

I know on a couple trips ago I said that was it for this season because of the bugs but we're going to live dangerously little life on the edge a little bit a scooter magruder

that looks pretty decent I do want to make a tripod a big old tripod for a cooking platform I'm going to cook a big old tomahawk steak for me to go today I'm going to smoke it so that needs to go up a little bit higher because I'm gonna have the fire underneath it and I think if I get the tripod long enough I can actually stick it in the middle and raise the whole tarp up it'll be a double double use tripod so gotta go get some materials for that now love these Paul Raven pants this axe Leith axe pocket or perfect little graspers ode or axe and I've got my silky saw gone boy ready to roll I'll square it away come on big guy all right just spray it on some mosquito repellant as well so hopefully steer clear of those guys as much as possible oh no they're on me they don't care just extra flavoring you know this is perfect it's dead good enough to take a lot of work to cut through what's up buddy hung up there we go this is a sing it back with we can stop stop what do you want here you take it go on back to camp so the gun you got it go on get your stick and go go on back to camp get your stick come on come on get your stick bring it keep going keep going get your stick get you sick go get your stick you come get your stuff you come come come on breathe you're almost there good God

good get your stick and come here watch out I'll cut it for you what's your buddy

back up back there you go all for you what a good helper no this one's mine okay let's measure this on how tall is going to be on the tarp okay first I just want to make sure that no sharp parts at the top so I'm going to cut my tarp at all and do that just by almost chamfering the end and then taking a secondary bevel off this actually the secondary on this little thing here should go okay that's pretty good feel pretty confident that it's soft enough my tarp is durable too but yeah that's good enough okay this is definitely not high enough for the kind of fire that I want to have for in order to cook my steak high above it so it is a good idea to get this up higher that's pretty good there I got to remember it's not going to be straight like this to be on a tripod so it is going to be angled a bit I can probably afford to have maybe another two or three inch height on this but a pretty decent pretty Jason yeah alright cool so now you are off to find two more pieces so I can gauge the length of the stick I need I'm just going to use my feet so I don't have to carry a stick around five six seven eight nine so if I go nine and a half

I shall be safe we've got these two more substantial pieces they're quite a bit thicker than the first one but that's alright

we'll say down for a minute buddy although to breath all winded solid Macy's firewood or not the nice Peter Scout would go on sometimes you need your tripod to be able to support lots of weight

let's go pulling down booty and this isn't one of those times but I'm going to tie it like it is so what I like to do is just to start off with something underneath the three poles right as you can see there and I like just to attach the one paracord to one piece of wood by a double overhead knot up in fancy okay so that I know it's on there I want to wrap them a couple times together not extremely tight you want to spread the legs to be able to spread it a little bit when you open it so two times around and then I'm going to start those are called wraps let's start to do the frapps which are in between in between the pieces of wood and you do want to go underneath it and above it and this is just going to tie it all in really tightly together go on the next one okay you guys here skill panting let's go trip and then again a little big old daddy longlegs coming over there do it again if you want to then I'm just going to tie it off go more round and tie it off together when I tie it off I put my hand to create some space

I'm going to come up tuck it under I even and you can even tie it up let the click release if you want it alright let's see how this goes okay good

that's something

all right that's good the only problem is now I have taken up most of my room where I'm going to sleep so I think I'm going to have to move it over to one side probably move it over this side because the ropes not in the way that's fine like that have my fire underneath there cook and then sleep right next to it right here let's go can be a beat or my head or whatever like okay cool that works Thanks

okay so super lightweight this trip this is my sleeping pad reflectix I've used it before in the winter in conjunction with sticks underneath and it kept me okay

it's not cold it's not going to get cold I don't need protection from the ground it's just going to be a touch uncomfortable but I can handle that for one night and then also my sleeping bag is very lightweight it's not a police bag it's a sleeping bag liner this is the one I've been using for years inside my sister's attics is polyester liner it's all I'm going to need tonight so my only blood protection is smoke from the fire and bug spray which I've already put bug spray on that's my sleep system right there guys super minimalist so it's going to be right on the ground normally I like to have something to buffer him from the ground but again it's not cold so I'm sure actually hell prefer the ground sometimes you dig a little hole is lazy not as well to stay cool so hey big guy you got that double coat that's double thick coat it's just it's very very warm I'm sure anyways so that's my sleep system setup yeah maybe go through what I have in my backpack now it's just a little bit of stuff I can do that hey you know what's in here don't you go on little all right so you've already seen what I put up I have my still nylon tarp I put up I had some paracord with me my reflect --ax my student Beck liner but my grants for his outdoor acts I like this little thing a lot fits nicely in the pack I've got mine from the grill is you know a lot as far as a knife is that like Charlie Gasconade convex nice I've got a fire steel in my pocket so again the frost rubber cliff Jacobson pack first frost river pack I've owned only cross frost river pack I've owned it's the first time using it it's pretty cool I like it it's a different than my normal style you know it's got leather leather buckle leather and buckles and stuff like that it's a little bit longer to get into but that's not such a big deal so right off the hop on the top I got my food I've got a two and a half pound tomahawk angus tomahawk steak scouts going to get some of that and so my tonight people always ask me how do you keep your meat cool in the woods and stuff though I freeze it the night before and then I let it be so or I let it thaw the whole day one of them in the woods here States fine I wouldn't be keeping it from hopefully I got some steak slice and some garlic at a potato and some butter as well so that's all that I don't have any lunch

but that steak is going to be punchy and supper and maybe breakfast I've got a possible code to my normal stuff in here bug net sunscreen bug bug spray water drops

stuff like that I've got one beer Canuck Pale Ale

old Great Lakes brewery she's still cold go cold staying next up for his mistake I've got a pair of just crappy cheap gloves to work around the fire this is what my carp was in the glass is a heavy cover frying pan I want to try off the potato with some leeks and garlic two of my steak I've got a fifty millimeter lens to go on my DSLR some extra paracord batteries for my DSLR and a books chair if I decide to set it up there's a front part as well a little front sleeve and in that I have a five by seven max tarp as well just in case along the back this pack has no back support at all like it will completely fold it needs back support and it doesn't have a sleeve for it either so this is the backing for my seat for my canoe my pack clothes and I'm planning on well I am going very soon on an extended long distance commute and I have I just want to bring an extra back seat I've had them bend before after lots of use so I want to bring an extra back seat and that fits perfectly this is just PVC it fits perfectly in the backpack so and I will be bringing this backpack as a secondary bag so this trip that we're going to do is by self in Sean James my self-reliance it's going to be in woodland caribou commercial parking and go for eight nights and we don't have to worry about simple portaging because our single carrying because the protoss is all relatively short so we're going to have a two pass to backpack system this will be my secondary backpack my other ones who sui my big rubberized red one that you see a lot so yeah so I really wanted to bring this backpack out and just test those to get a feel for it feel how much gear I can put into it and all that stuff but considering that this fits down the back of it and this is going to go in like new like a new trip it's like a no-brainer to put it in the back there that's it for them for the main compartment oh no I do have a little lone woodsman leather bearing block for boudreaux in case I wanted to do that it's got a little bearing in there

that does it for the outside or the inside of hack the outside only has as you know there's Ryan have you two large water bottle pockets and I've got inside one I have two granola bars my heavy cover canteen your canteen cup the lid and the spork and all in the one pocket that's full of water it's the only water I brought it have to get the rest of water from around here and in the other pocket I've got water filter I've got a secondary tripod

I've got scouts water bowl so that's it that's it for this backpack no bells and whistles just very simple I kind of like it

so no sternum strap or belt strap either so I have to keep the weight down low on it

that's my gear I've got to try some cross pieces on I want to make sure that they are going to be long enough right there seems about a good height to keep up off the player so I'm going to tie these just cross just two sticks here first I'll have to tie these here okay there's my plane guys a little plane we're just going to tie them together first off again with an overhand knot just to keep them together then I'm going to probably slash them put that high probably just use this pair of course the fires not going to get that high the flames are not going to get that high I mean well sturdy not going to go anywhere I get some cross pieces to go across the top here and we'll be done making up some shavings to ignite my fire with my fire steel these bugs are getting bad they're swarming me like crazy sun's come out too so all the better all right it's a pretty decent I do want to make some fine curls though just to actually strike it on alright keep these separate so I've got my fine shavings there right away then I want to put my twigs on right away to a lots of time to grow into a fire some of these are sassafras which has nice amount of oils in them which will help to keep the bugs down not all this ash I'm going to pile on at once

try and make some smoke like that I don't leave a lot of airflow kind of thing there we go that's for more smoke trying to get my head off full of smoke that's why they keep getting me out mosquitos my hair super hungry cheating the bar eating a bar love it bow-bow this really does help believe it or not helps quite a bit I'm going to try and go around and find some funky wood to put on top of here after I do want to let the fire grow and become a good sustainable player before I do that though there is sustain just get a better bed of coals I get better better coals get a better better coals what about of course angle the blood Skeeter's man put on some bug spray again I think so to frame over frame go he's such a good dog what's it fast who's a good daddy fixing water to do to you I've always done things like that ever since he was a puppy like when he was eating or play with the toy or anything I'd always make sure to go up with my face right into it and I even growl at him a little bit and stuff he's never once shown any kind of like pushback or any kind of aggression anything like that and I've had him for his kindness here he's 10 in October and emerald face five so half his life she's been around and he's been nothing but a good good brother to me right good good she loves him he loved eonni I love the Emerald Hey yes you do he was actually scared of kids right off the hop we had them for maybe six months and then we came down we lived in suits hey Murray I came home to Windsor and brought him and my niece destiny she was young at the time a couple years old he was terrified it was the first time he'd been around kids really and he like hid behind me and barked and ran away and all this stuff and now now they're best friends now he comes to the bus stop with me to get em old he's going up to every single kid right in their face look at them and stuff he loves the kids now good boys ten years old though a scooter getting up there

flies man so I can just mosquitoes in this slice should war hop I want to show off my fresh new haircut you know off MA hello I'm sure he's happy to be over here he's been cooped up for quite some time

I've been going on trips and it's just been too hot and buggy like now but every once in a while is okay but he'd rather be out here and be hot and getting eaten by bugs and sitting inside the air conditioning on his coach and I was done in ten that's at 10:00 okay well tik removal on video I had not known that this was on him okay let's do this this is not new either it's been there for a bit got some poop in his engorged a little bit all right so go do this as I was just saying he hasn't been out in a little bit so this kind of tells me that he got it from the backyard where'd it go son of a gun where'd she go bud yeah it's just a dog tip ideally I would use tweezers but I don't have them what I'm going to do is grab it by the faces close down to the face as I can and pull it sideways not up sideways okay I got them yes that's your tick but actually tick this what to make sure the sight

not too bad I'll put some rubbing alcohol on that when I get home but let's show you guys this tick so even though he's on medication for ticks obviously still gets a few what's good about this one is that I can see a piece of skin in his mouth that would be Scout skin just try to get this in focus for you guys that tells me okay he spit the skin it's next to him and that tells me that I got the head and I got everything out with it which is perfect see he's moving around he's on his back right now he's not fully engorged when they're fully engorged you look more like a lima bean see him go until he's definitely alive we want to kill this guy this guy's going right in the fire he's in my hand there he is mmm goodbye okay get down anyways maybe I should give him a once-over real good we were playing in the backyard quite a bit yesterday but I did not believe that we had any in the backyard

anyways I'm not worried about it it's a dog tick I know what they look like that's the only kind of ticks I've ever seen around here on myself on the on the scooter on my wife for emerald - yeah never had ticks here before like two years ago I never saw check my whole life another rampant we say but you'll kick once over look it up hey what do you think Pee Wee's need be good I've given them the once-over I don't feel anything I just want to show you guys what I really do why I didn't see that one originally normally when we come out back from outside or whatever normally from the woods I'll look in his ears right inside I'm not directly inside but like on the cusp of his ear they like to go in there they like to go in places that are warm like under his armpits again maybe so that it's harder for them to get knocked off as well I'm not really sure but under the armpits under the neck big time under here whose dog tooks the worst thing that's going to happen is they're going to get super engorged to both the size of a Lima Bean they get a bit white in color as well as a beige color and they just fall off you find them on your floor arms up in the air flu and crawling around or whatever but yeah it's no harm no foul really with those dog ticks they're gross don't get me wrong they're disgusting my wife sure thinks so but not too harmful not yet anyway although I did hear I think something they're starting to carry different diseases to more than just Lyme so who knows man they're nasty little creatures either way my fighters died down pretty good right now so I want to go search around for some punk woods put on it and get more smoke well how a little explosion exclusion from the punk would Oh bamm-bamm son that's a good amount of smoke go hey compared to what it was that's just some old gang ki wet wood off the ground kind of punky but spongy more or less smoking nice and good nice and good wind switching around a little bit no bugs under here right now though ooh almost almost in it premiere style there we go nice sassafras so I keep noticing the wind is picking up and it is supposed to rain problem is that fire is not going straight up the heat is not going completely up so when I put my hand up where I would put the stake I'll test where I would put the stake it's not getting much heat so I think I'm going to have to do a wind wouldn't break or wooden block I tarp on this side like a wall to just make sure that the heat and the smoke goes up I'll probably do that now I am getting hungry in that stakes going to take I don't know two maybe three hours at that height Scouts crying what are you crying about big dogs ah steak steak hmm I think he knows what steak means man switching directions every two seconds here put this up here like this maybe bring it out a bit I don't want to put it right close to the fire bring it out a bit that was a close one drill all right I don't know what I'm going to do we've already got the tarp tied onto the tripod there and PEG down what I want to do now is just kind of keep it away from the fire really we were there sharpen the sticks already the ground is relatively easy to pound into

up there so just wrap this maybe do the same right here okay even cooler I think that if I just trim off a little bit more of this end of the stick that is my cross piece for grilling that's already attached to that I can just hook the the tarp tab right onto that let's try that there we go not too shabby well now if the wind stops switching directions we already actually probably have to lower it a bit suppose for a boat here I decided to switch up my cooking set up it was too high it was like another foot and a half above where it is right now and all I did it a little bit differently again all I did was tie one one piece on across and then these two cross pieces are loose on one side hide on this side that way they can move or whatever I need to do with the fire this is how I get it on my previous overnight bushcraft camp with the dogs I did it back and what February or something like that anyways yeah this will work good I want to throw my steak on now and continue feeding the player what what is that you gotta lay down you're in the shot good boy this is my Angus tomahawk steak tomahawk steak basically is a red box Conan ribeye but I have to show you guys this is no joke right here no joke writer she's decently fit bigger than my phone thick tonight that really nice cut Scout you gotta wait buddy you gotta wait a minute okay alright so beforehand I would I would cut off scouts bone and leave his meat and everything beforehand not even cook it and just have a meet at raw with no spices on it but then that would kill the whole steak it would kill the presentation so I'll just not slice near the bone and just plan to cut his piece off that because even the bone goes out here he'll get the whole bowl and then like this big good amount of meat for mr. Scouter later going on this steep so can you guys stop licking it dude you're jumping the gun by right about there where the heat is the smokes coming up a brown are you doing big guy that's got to cook first all right so now that the steak is actually on there I don't want to be just cooking with sassafras and then dance gank Punk what I found on the ground I want to use oak I want to use maple and I also want to use some hickory bark there's a bunch of hickory bark hanging off a tree over here I'm gonna grab right now throw it on the coals get it smoking good and then I'll go drop grab some actual firewood just shagbark hickory see why it gets its name this isn't hurting the tree at all these are booked a fall off anyway go handful ease give some flavor into the old tomahawk I've got my potato in here cooking up a little bit I should smoke pretty good there now the wind is screwing me a bit but glad I'm able to adjust this pretty easy alright that's cooking behind me you can see the fire the wind is taking the flames in the smoke the wind keeps switching direction so that tarp that I put up behind me is really not doing much except for when the wind comes from that direction which it's not right now but

well that's cooking I'm gonna have to drop that down a little bit who knows we'll see but let's go try to find some leaks I'm pretty sure I could find some here they're a little bit far they're gone so the leaves should be gone as well but I think I know where they're will go try and find something marker how you can tell right now this come here this is early June the leaves have fallen off they haven't started yet to get those oniony looking head there's they gets like a bulb with the almost like a flower on it but you can tell these are leeks for sure they're pushing their way up over the ground - I don't you have to dig far for them did get a little digging stick I'm only going to take a few and the grill some up with my are going to fry some up with my tittle stick failed my old army there's one Oh what is this this red bug oh my goodness you see that thing anyways some worms in there how sorts of fun stuff there they go that is a decent sized leak actually they're probably perfect right now take just this little bunch of them maybe four or five

this is the first flip boys and girls oh she's coming along slowly but surely look at that ah tender so tender oh my potato is getting cooked a little a little black and black and potato I've been really adding to bigger pieces this is a pretty big piece here some bigger oak underneath but trying to keep a higher flame a hot bed of coals I do think I have to drop this thing down to be honest with you pride so right about there

you can't see anything up one two three one two even there you can just go to frame right there nice and clean next phone like that sometimes they have like an outer sheath of like loose skin you can kind of just peel up and get all muddy with your other hand yeah you get the idea

they're very good super organized pile of here

I used to do a whole lot with leeks couple years ago I got all excited for them I started to find them here yeah I used to cook all sorts of stuff you can make like a leek soup grill them up fry them up boil em mash and put up in a scoop you know but this time like I said it's going to fry them up with one potaters what's taters precious let's backwards there I'm or pretty backwards kind of guy have you guys noticed that you tell you need to sharpen the literally I don't know if I've actually ever sharpen this just drop the crapload of it yeah buddy butterfly just goodbye to how good those cool if I cannot just listen go to waste coming definitely going to drop this thing alright so smarten up I took that that cordage off not have a completely adjustable piece I'll show you the mune here before I had these two pieces tied on here and they couldn't move them now I just have a fork stick along torque stick I can drop it or raise it as much as I want to just depending so I want to drop it on this end and I'll have to fix it on the other end now all right sticks for the win man it is hot and stand next up fire all sticky so on potato I think is turned into a baked potato but that's alright I'm still gonna cut it and fry it up with my leeks gonna get a little bit of char off first it's basically done yeah actually did not she's a big potato already that's alright though

it'll probably mash up in the frying pan a little bit yeah she them she's already done turn it I guess I could have eaten it as big potato I should have but I had this idea of uh fried potatoes with leeks oh she done he's my heavy cover frying pan this titanium when you're cooking with titanium lots of butter and low heat no Scott love for you buddy lots of butter and low heat I'll rake some of the coals away from the embers away from the rest of the fire cook it a little bit slower that way what I want to do is I'm going to finish it up right on the coals I do want to get like a burnt fat kind of things going on so clear the ash off the coals a bit just going to slap this bad boy on there a couple minutes not even a couple seconds on either side and then I'll flip it on to the back so it can burn the fat that's just just a big band of fat underneath that that's what I want to get all charred up Braham she's done I'm going to wait five minutes we're going to eat there's got my potatoes finishing up these are both done anyway

I want to throw pieces ass cracks on this fire right now to get the bugs back down all snap over leaks yep because when we do everything's done I'm happy I'm a happy boy and have a beer I don't have a beer and a heavy beer [Music]

sleepless all right buddy my good boy I promised yeah hold on wait wait back up Oh

a little big guy look at that to help perfect that's cooked okay she's a little warm dude oh my goodness oh my goodness

how's that working out for you scooter good boy alright so first things first I'll crack this mutant super thirsty Kanaka Pale Ale from Great Lakes brewery 5.2% one of my favorites from them to staple cheers guys it's good about an IPA you can drink it kind of warm it's okay all right get into this thing what do you think too rare she's a bit on the rare side I'm gonna try a little bit and if I think it's too rare I want to throw it back on but it's looking pretty good I just don't want to eat this all right that's my first bite right here she's bloody mmm bit rare bit rare skull likes it

I got a throwback on for a little bit I think yeah

wah-wah I was overzealous too much zeal I'm gonna eat my potatoes and leeks while I'm waiting for my steak to finish cook enough I got it right on the coals on top of the grill is to finish it up a bit this is good though very good

rip the fat off around the ribeye a bunch of meat came with it super nice tender okay I'm going to end up giving Scott a little bit more meat from the steak for tens much meat as I thought on that ball but no worries there's plenty enough for both of us Spears a trip see that the picture on the front lobe Canadian log roller dude in the back says connect Kol it has been said that Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity this beard doesn't help much with that for the fiercely responsible and stereotypical image on the front of the can to the distinctly American style beer inside it we've really made a mess of things what have we done sorry sorry it was an ongoing joke when we wrote I'm very Cooper Ireland Wayne and I were the only Canadians of the whole bunch other than the Canadians who lived there but the whole alone crew and Chavez and Sam Tsuru Tsuru we went to a grocery store one time and myself and a lady who lived there around there I assume almost bumped into each other and we both like oh sorry sorry and Chavez hits him just about died laughing ah that's funny funny to think about that overweight he's that was the name of the store overweight ease oh that burn burn play bit all right we can call this one gun soon and son okay good boy drink it up and there's so many mosquitoes around boy to place those in movie oh there we go definitely done no no she might be a touch overdone which had some salt sprinkle this on there first on point

good boy still holding on that bone are ya

oh I still a little bit on there bud here you picked that clean pick that clean the guy are you waiting for some more of the good stuff is here yeah I got the meat sweats I can't eat any more come down to this much left that's a lot of meat I handle a little greasy my knife blade is a little greasy football scope could be lucky here you want some more buddy I only brought one beer well I would only bring one beer why would I bring only one why Cheers I'm a sad boy why would I do that man I'm full I'll get this fire going again these bugs are all those I don't know if they're mosquitoes are these little gnat things coming up these little little gnat things coming out so hold on scopes pause ah bite me on the finger expensive meal for you there scooter Magoo's here lick the blood now lick the blood off the biz Adam is I get all right meat coma time you're being very noisy trying to sleep bud

I don't need this anymore I don't think it helps much at all I think I want to lay my tarp down underneath my reflectix this is a little extra buffer it's not necessary but I'm not using it for anything else it's not needed for wooden block for anything I don't even know if it's gonna rain saying it was supposed to thunderstorm on and off all day but that's not happening obviously so lay this down a little bit more buffer off the ground not there's even needed or not that it really does much but a little bit more room now so my arms and legs can come off of this thing a little bit without being in the dirt I'm laying here is taking Luisi

using this as a pillow in the backpack of my little bag liner as a pillow it is a seven o'clock so I feel like doing much laying here is all right with me scooting Magoo tea to the bugs aren't so bad at all the mosquitos have gone away it just these little gnat things flying around they're not biting they're just kind of hovering so I will have to get some more firewood soon I do want to have a fire tonight when it gets dark I really am a fan of this little outdoor ax it face is small you feel small as compared to my hand but she does does a good job had his sledge wedgie enough where she can split pretty good and it's nimble enough to limb stuff like that I'm all out of water so I gotta go get some and bring my water filter and my heavy cover canteen and I guess I'll take I'll go to I could just boil my water but I'm already extremely warm and I really back up I'll get you something right here

I really don't wanna drink hot water back up buddy I got to get a bunch more here grandmas back to camp or I'll divvy it up

just wait man I'll get yourself go drink from the creek buddy he's already drinking from the creep a lot I can't do that go to Kwai Fong little skull that's pretty cool raccoon or something like that maybe we cleaned out there you are some more scope the dog that doesn't think easy to hug ah nice and cold well what to do what to do now hey what do you do when everything's done and there's still light summer days last so long where we're going with the caribou state dark days light out to light one or two in the morning residual light at least so that should be interesting gift late nights and early too should be tons of bugs tons of fishies looking forward to I have seen a few more ticks now after I pulled that one off a scope I've seen one on my backpack and then one over on a tree over there both dog kicks again no big deal but I'm surprised there's lots of texts man not even in like the grassy area of the forest but excuse me was a weird one

we're losing light real quick okay guys that's it for tonight pillai here with scooter Magruder on and check back with you guys in the morning you know good morning just look leave it I just woke up to him freaking chasing something wrong for a good fight night screaming Harmon everything oh no little breath now that was a long night the bugs kind of subsided midway through the night which is great they're coming out a little bit now with the sunlight but it's just after 6:00 in the morning oh yeah this uh this leaving pad has to reflect this is not a good sleep inside I wasn't cold at all but my hips and I frickin joints and phones are a little sore flip mats let's get four like a lightweight last-ditch kind of thing but I won't bring it solely as a sleeping pad anymore but I never brought any breakfast because of that steak last night but I am pretty hungry so I'm gonna pack up and get on over here but probably taking another hour or so to get get up and doing all that that's glad to glad to spend a night with my buddy I don't get to take them on my extended camps and stuff and that's what I've been doing lately the faraway stuff so it's good good time with them shared that steak with them let them run around the oil man so I think we both got what we needed over this little trip okay open up

oh and there he goes again you see something what is it bud Hey we heard Cody's all night yep it into an arrow a lot here I've seen I've seen him here before I've seen a poops here before too so that's the last thing I want is from the call him out how do they do that where'd he go I'm trying to have him in the background there yeah that's last thing I want for it's for them to call him out and attack and even if he takes them all and I don't want no vet bills and stuff and I'm sure a couple coyotes could do this guys have damage so ever good boy

or dubbing boy would go go boy I have to do a thorough check for ticks I pulled a couple off myself last night one off my back that was in and then I actually the other ones just crawling on my shirt but yeah ticks lots of ticks this year gross replace my shoelaces with paracord they don't like to stay done up as much now where's the back goes right down in the back nice and flat and my reflectix will go right behind that it matters how you back tackle back back it really does okay so then next up my Possible's all these little things my grill always goes in between my sit pad or my student pad in this case because it fits slot like that put it upside down and I make a handle kind of just hangs at the side or the main day all right so the ton of stuff in these side pockets I did forget to put my carpet that's all I have to do I think I can just slide it in without having to open it up too much and that front pocket they're good to go I let this fiery diode around three there's no there's no warmth to it at all yep zero warmth nice so buddy oops go go buddy I know there you go taste it there you go good one all right guys that's it we head out of here get some breakfast hope you enjoyed it just a quick little overnighter attack did fine for what I want it for like I said happy to be over here with my buddy even if it's just for a quick over later so you guys have a good day I hope you enjoyed watching and I'll see you soon on the next one the bus you

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