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Full Rundown on My Fall Camping/Bushcraft Gear.


I cover all of my bushcraft, or camping gear for the fall season.

I go over shelter, fire, clothing, cooking gear, axes, saws, knives, ect.

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Video Transcription

hey guys let's chill here it's the fall now more and more people are getting into camping I get comments every single day about asking me about what gear I have asked me to do a full rundown of my gear all that stuff so this video is going to be every possible piece of gear that I have for full camping or being out for the day by that I mean being in the forest making it fire possibly being protected from wind rain food bringing food cooking it finding water bringing water all that stuff for camping that's what this video is about for the fall I hope that's clear so where do we start with we start with the fun stuff and start with the fun stuff so right in front of me and I'm choosing right immediately in front of me I have all the axes hatchets Tull Hawks knives and saws that I would use in the fall a lot of these overlap these overlap whether or not I'm camping whether or not I'm in the woods for the day whether or not it's fall summer spring winter whatever but again fall so first up Mora bushcraft black great knife to Scandinavian grind all of my knives are skinned and even right except for my Turley Gasconade this knife is a convex knife probably my favorite night adventures war Explorer during EDC bushcraft EDC so if they all have their place like if I if I'm planning on going out using my knife a lot for a lot of a lot of strong work and stuff I'm not going to bring my small a little during EDC bushcraft I'm going to bring might early or possibly my adventurous one the electrons beast - so a 5/32 stick it's it's been 50 so anyways on the outside of my adventures horn I have a fire steel in the fire still loop attacks with a elastic shock cord I also have the world's biggest fire steel with the orange handle a big lanyard so I can't lose it and then a normal smaller fire steel I would bring any of those Oh or a lighter or matches but those are I have been using a fire steel a lot lately ital hawk is my cold steel trailhawk with Kydex by copper hodo doors Ron Ron over there it was nice a nice tool for playing around the woods I probably wouldn't bring this on actual camping trip maybe if I wanted to do like a limited gear go lightweight kind of thing I bring this but who knows this is more just for playing around having fun it's a very very useful tool to my grants for Brooks outdoor axe which I've been using a heck of a lot lately I really like this act this will probably take place or take precedence over this take this one's place it's just the heads thicker Cox probably little bit heavier but that's what the handle and everything but this this axe can do a lot I really really am enjoying using this one and the sheath on it is nice because the leather part covers the back so you can it's meant to be thrown into a backpack so you don't have to worry about like the the corners catch corners of the pole the axe catching on things in your backpack and ripping them so are those people walking by and ripping them next up probably my favorite axe my Sandvik one and a quarter pound head on a 20 inch handle it's made in Sweden my buddy Mike rehomed it for me and then again the mask is by Ron at Copperhead outdoors I see my cats been chewing on the leather sweet and he also hooked me up with the the leather collar that's a really really versatile axe man I would bring this on a bushcraft overnight I'll bring this on a canoe trip Oh bring this out for the day I would not bring this on a backpacking trip I might bring this on a backpacking trip bluegrass for his Brooks outdoor I'll see if I was if I wasn't going to bring a saw my saw is my silky gone boy it's got the large teeth on it only broke a little bit off the tip which is a feat my other saw which I've been using a lot lately this is this that this saw is more for heavy-duty work I'd still bring this it doesn't wait much I brought this on a canoe trip ninety-eight control but this is an agua Canyon boreal 21 it is a fantastic saw a bit on the short side for a buck saw in my opinion but there's you can't have it all I don't want I want packability - it's pretty lightweight nice and easy to set up and take down super simple really like it uh last ax this is my grandma's axe the grandma's basement ax when I moved into this house I found this axe in the basement this was my grandma's house forever she bought it new and I had a friend in Ohio Kenney fix it up this is ax I brought with me on a loan this is I've used this for years I love this ax dugout side made me the sheet and yeah it's a two and a half pound date style head-on a 26-inch Hickory handle with a super contoured handle with a really big flare at the butt really really like a sax guys a whole lot this is my Axl epic total buddy to leave the red paint on it it's just like a nostalgic thing yeah I like this axe a lot why are you looking the couch while you're looking to coach scope okay find toys out of the way move on to boots so a lot of you know that I'm an advocate of wearing trail runners on a backpacking trip and on canoe trips because they get wet and they dry easily whereas anything else you wear is going to get wet and stay with the exception to the rule is the fall I don't know I probably still wear trail runners on a backpacking trip but anything else I want to wear hiking boots in the fall and then before the snow comes in the winter so I've been wearing these Salomon quests for probably four years there's a really funny story behind that Kyle and I went on a canoe trip went to go on a canoe trip in Algonquin and I forgot my boots at home I was where I was using these army-surplus mickeymo style boots for the longest time and I forgot these at home and we got all the way up and I realized that happened only have my skater shoes my friggin dc's so we stopped at a bunch of stores end up finding these and Kyle actually bought these for me on one of our first trip so Thank You Kyle again but as you can see they're wearing apart the soles are completely detached from the boot I've fixed it like three four times gorilla glue shoe goo all that stuff the Soliman class man they're awesome really lightweight really aggressive tread nice hikers I like these boots a whole lot except for the fact they started to fail like a year after I got them so and I've just been dealing with this the whole time so this year I got I went to sale in Cambridge sale outdoors store on Cambridge got myself a mask das quue hiking boots they're all leather and gore-tex a little bit different style they don't feel half as comfortable as my Solomon's I'm hoping the ankle is very stiff and I'm hoping that after I wear it for a while to get broken in but they're more narrow it seems my I don't know I'm not sold on that's for sure the insole is removable which is a big deal to me but it's very thick which is awesome for comfort but it's not good for when you want to dry them out by the fire so drying gore-tex boots out is always a chore it probably won't happen anyways but there's always that I'm going to set my boots by the fire kind of thing at night anyway you're sitting there anyways right so I'll do a little update on this they have Vibram soles I don't know maybe I'll do an update after I've worn these maybe five times now they're getting broken in there just there's not as comfy as AI solvents so I mentioned that I started with the Mickey Mouse these are Canadian surplus I got 40 bucks I wore them for years people who are complaining about high prices on gear surplus man all the way that's how I started that's how I forget maintained for years surplus Muck Boots schmuck chore boots I also wore these on the island for a loan these are my go to when it's sloppy oh when it's super mucky and wet you can actually roll down the top and get your leg ventilated this neoprene rolls down pretty easily it rolls out easier where you have it on anyways all the way down to there yeah they're good boots your feet slightly crazy in them but they're good boots huh sleeping gear and shelter let me check the time in my camera I like it running long with this one eight minutes left on this on this clip okay so sleeping here and shelter well this can't this can vary quite a bit right depending on temperature it's the fall it can fluctuate you can have pre-season weather in the fall so sleeping pads first off this is my trusty Thermage heel air if it's going to be Sufi outside it's going to be super super wet and damp and just nasty oh this is what I'm going to bring it packs down very small and the water doesn't travel up it I've had this for five years going strong never puncture it punctured it sleep right on the ground with it yeah man couldn't say enough good things about this one I don't know what model this one is maybe the trekker model I'm not sure but you can't even buy this model anymore I'm I'm pretty sure I look for it but what I did get earlier this year in the spring and I've been using all year is this therm-a-rest NeoAir X term so this is the same deal as that but it packs down smaller it's lighter and it's contoured so that's how small it is compared to like a Nalgene it's very small very packable but it's contoured it's not a rectangle like the other one

so some people don't like it I don't care I'm not big it suits me just fine high r-value - what does it say on here no five-point something I'm not sure of a higher r-value I'll use this in the winter time I've used this every winter since I got it they said not to blow on them because the condensation in your in your breath can get a wet inside would blow it every single winter I've had it five years straight sleeping bags is a big thing soon bags I am always going to go with down now yeah maybe the down tree with the DWR to give it a little bit of water resistance but down in my opinion is the way to go super lightweight warm and packable the downside being obviously if it gets wet it's no good but it takes a lot to get a Sigma really wet I've had this way and still kept me warm but the whole thing wasn't drenched no the condensation do even some rain on the foot box but this is a positive three Celsius downswing bag from Mountain Equipment co-op in Canada I think if you're in the States REI would have similar things this is their brand you always get a better deal that way positive three I won't want I don't want to test this down to negative bit I don't want to take this down to pass around zero but that's including my poly liner okay so that's just a poly liner that goes right inside and I'll take this down to zero like I said but it's a positive three bag I don't know if I said positive 3 or negative Celsius

I bought it under the assumption was a negative 3 and then they had to rebate and all this crazy stuff turns out it's a positive 3 I'll use that down to zero like I said and that goes in my sea2summit stuff sack which is being used by my negative 7 Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag right now so this is how small the negative 7 bag goes down it's about twice the size that the positive 3 sleeping bag packs down to see the stomach compression sack is still nylon its lightweight its durable I've used it as well as long as I've had that this ligament which is 5 years I bought at the same time as a sleeping pad and then a sub sack so going strong not too many rips a little bit here and there but whatever so right inside I've got my down pillow a couple of my buddies don't know how this works for me but it does you've packs down nothing when you lay on it it's still enough for me the good thing about it is if it's right in the silencing bag stuff sack it it's small I always bring it there's no reason not to bring it for me there's this stuff sack so this is called the paiute a 20 degree fahrenheit or negative seven Celsius down sleeping bag from Mountain Hardwear 600 fill down so it's not even a good one 800 is a good one but this have done me well there's burn holes in it and I have patched it up with nylon tape I'm sleeping next to a fire and stuff so I'll use this if I'm on a trip or any of the day's come past zero or right around zero at night I'm going to bring us as opposed to my positive three just because sleep because sleep but will like it I'm going to use this on overnighters this is an Italian wool blanket I love this thing super warm way warmer than any of the other ones I've had before I use this when I'm sleeping next to a fire within a shelter or not I really like this blanket smells of smoke like crazy now when I got it it was all mothballs and I had done all this research on how to get rid of the moth wall spell turns out you just have to use it outside the colder temperature is still in the fall or early winter I'll use this seam bag liner with my bigger my negative seven bag as well it can really fit into the stuff set it seems so same stuff set and it does a lot for you when you're getting into bed I sleep naked or what just boxers on it does a lot when your your skin is touching this kind of fabric as opposed to this still nylon kind of fabric for a cold boys yeah okay shelter in the in the fall and winter I don't want to use my tent there's no need for bug protection and all honesty the biggest thing in using a tent for me is love protection I will still use the fly on my Big Agnes fly free ql1

with with the the poles just as a frame if I'm backpacking or maybe on a canoe trip but for anything else mainly overnighters in the bush are on your bushcraft overnighters I'm going to use tarps tarps are my favorite my favorite configuration is Adirondack wind shelter to fire in front of it this is my bushcraft outfitters ten-by-ten yellow nylon ripstop nylon tarp that I have had from probably seven years six or seven years I leave paracord attached to it not wanting to come out for some reason what's going on yeah so ripstop nylon not the legis stuff in the world but very very tough I've used this I brought this to on home to actually a Vancouver Island I've patched it up right here I had to patch it up because I had over top of a a tent in the wind broken tent poles and shot through the fabric here the nylon but rip shop did its thing that patch has held for three four years now this this tarp reeks of smoke in a good way the bugs go you want to come around that tarp my second tarp and probably my favorite for lightweight stuff is my Kyle main tarp tarp that buddy Kyle made is a nine by nine SIL nylon super squeezable packable lightweight and well put together with good tie out points i also have paracord touch to that and i can i can set this up in a ton of different configurations the biggest thing here in with all my gear the biggest thing here is not not specifically the type of brand or or make of my gear it's just the ideas of what you could possibly bring for what applications I honestly don't care or advocate any year any specific gear I'm not out here yeah anyways I started with Canadian Tire gear with Canadian Tire for you guys in the States is like a you know local Walmart kind of thing with that gear and I did totally fine with that gear for the longest time so this is just ideas of what you can use anyways

square tarp will give you options for tons of different configurations that you might not have options for if you're using a rectangular turf huh my 5x7 survival tarp the green tarp I've used this blender and lean-to configuration in the a-frame I've used this as a pack cover I've used this as a hammock as shelter shelter building shelter building material gathering to put leaves on and bring the shelter's great piece of kit this is it and this can fit in my pocket like when it's all rolled up like that infinite my cargo pocket you can fit at the front a slot on my backpack it takes no room at all this I bring on day trips and then I might even bring it as a secondary as a ground sheet or like a door for our secondary tarp shelter on a longer trip my seat my chair will be a bush chair in the fall this is just a piece of steel nylon that you tie a tripod o2o6 tie this to the top and then there's a sleeve on the bottom where you slide a step through a log through and you kind of sit like this and it's a one of my favorite things to do super lightweight and then you have a very relaxing chair that you can possibly even sleep on if you are that tired but with a back support and yeah it's just not the most convenient thing with a bunch of people because you're trying to get around the fire you have to move this big tripod and stuff but by yourself or with one other person look at that look at that small it's like a baseball and like doesn't weigh anything

yep paracord bag which doubles as my bear hanging bag put some rocks in here toss it over a limb a smaller paracord bag for my day trips this bag I made out of my wife's old leggings who tights whatever you going to call a little bitty bag okay this is long get along here

clothing clothing is a big thing I get a question a day about what kind of pants I wear these pants the pants with the black but the black knees if put the kneepads

cool pockets green black these are full or even a PETA pro trousers the other ones I have are for Raven cab trousers ke b i like them a lot they have clips at the bottom to make them tight that's probably my favorite feature the pockets the axe loop lots of good stuff you can wax these so i wear these in blush these are my bush pants and I have another pair my shirt my sweater this is a Mac slipstream hoodie I like it it's lightweight

Polly please kind of okay I don't bring many clothes when I go even if I go for a week it's like really whatever I'm wearing plus an emergency set of clothes and three pairs of socks always always three pairs of socks something to change into at night I don't even know what's in here this is from my last camp my last aborted camp I didn't get to go so I've got things like a merino wool long-sleeve shirt with a hood I've got Costco long johns like eleven percent merino wool or something the rest is poly I think spandex whatever poly Under Armor underwear backup pants that are very very very lightweight these things weigh nothing these have been what I've been using all summer for canoeing I don't mind bringing them as a backup pair of pants whether that small socks darn tough my new go-to socks these are ankle socks but I also bought some darn tough longer ones and thick ones for the winter these things are awesome I really really enjoyed wearing these socks and then I was seen it was really good return policy as well I think they're out of Vermont again I like our long sleeve like fleecy Kaanapali shirt I got that set winner for 20 bucks and cheap a tube is always in my kit in the fall whether it be this beanie or merino wool one that's smaller always invaluable and I'll normally wear a baseball cap we have to keep the Sun off your head and potentially Oh your eyes regardless even this arm especially in the summer I got me a fun for wearing a toque and sunglasses

it's the summer bears it's the winter I've been saying so a little time I mean in the winter there's snow on the ground the glare off the snow yeah you get it I've got shirts like this fall Ravin flannel it's cotton beware and then this wool this is called the granite shirts it's a fall or even wool granite shirt with some reinforced elbow pads and shoulder pads have my missing any clothes I don't think so I got one of my socks a wool socks for me is is the ideal

Under Armour style underwear merino wool long johns merino wool undershirts brutal over shirts wool over shirts cotton blend over shirts oh and uh where is it my my puffy jacket so this is it the puffy jacket the uplink this has synthetic insulation I've had this for years I also brought this on alone I like this a lot I'll buy another one the uplink to actually has a hood and pockets here which this one does not have I've got holes in this and eye patch this up the same way a passion but with the a missing bag with nylon tape nylon ripstop tape as far as rain gear it's important this is my whole rain gear setup rain gear is important in the fall you can't cold search of sugar and stuff so I this spring I bought an Arc'teryx rain jacket for my homogamy trip I've only had to wear a few times this year it's expensive not gonna lie but again you can go to you can get a Walmart like you know I mean but it is what is the one-way trip the one might not keep you guys dry as advertised

I'm putting my money here this is probably my fifth rain jacket I bought hopefully the last one for a while bring pants nothing special there they just slip on over my gloves I love these things these are Hester I can remember the exact make they're leather insulated leather hester gloves h.e x-tra I love them really nice they came with some some lubricants some grease you got to lube them up every now and then loop your leather same with the boots okay almost on guys cooking stuff cooking stuff in the fall for me consists of my 12-inch

zebra pan which has the removable inner under dish the ten inch which has the same my new frying pan with foldable handle as a GSI frying pan says don't cook over on the fire but I'm a rebel then I've also got what normally would be my summer but I'm not going to rule it out a kit which is my solo 900 solos by Snow Peak 900 solo pot I think it's called by Snow Peak so inside I also have my bush buddy but I am ruling out what's twig stoves for the fall time ever since fall head I have not used it and it's been all fires all the time this thing I got at the beginning of the year and it has seen some use man I can scrape that suit off probably couple millimeters thick so that's like cooking stuff and then in conjunction with with these containers so I'll be frying boiling double boiling or poaching almost I've also got a grill but I got a couple months ago and it's still still in the works I know a lot of people ask me about it but it's still in the works we're trying to get it to sell it this is a stainless steel wire grill light weight fits right in this stuff sack I got from old old Malcolm and nice and flat so this is if all this is a really cool setup and I could use probably just this for day hikes I'd probably use this for anything more unless again I was backpacking and we're going titanium these are steel this is titanium I don't know what this is some kind of aluminum probably from water collection water purification water storage and drinking I'm using my platypus water soft water bottle a Nalgene boiling water or using drops I can't use my Sawyer now because some of the other side because it's too cold

if the Sawyer freezes at night it's uh it's no good so about the drops or boiling probably a combination of both to go on us depending with so it's okay buddy

I got a dirty flipper I just got I'd be using wood pieces of wooden sticks for years but I got a flipper too GSI it's all dirt stop okay sorry about that people outside Scott's doing his job uh you bully down but cooking and food food food different foodies food but I don't I don't not necessarily hung up on three Heidi hydrating my meals in the fall because this food stays longer I'm not traveling for distances and stuff like that


I've got a small camp cup plastic camp cup because normally when I bring these things I don't have something to drink odor so if I make tea I'm boiling I'm drinking the tea right out of the pot which is okay but it's nice sometimes to have this and if you want have a little splash of some adult beverage same deal so you swing it over the bottle like a G simple Authority okay I got toothpaste lard oatmeal it all it all differs man I got a titanium Spore it all difference doesn't really matter the point is you can cook what you wanted to fall basically you can keep meat for a little bit longer steak fish rehydrated food stuff like that bacon and eggs pancakes sausages rice all easy stuff grilling boiling combinations stuff like that nice and easy

is that it we done oh we've got backpacks three backpacks to show you real quick this is the one that I would use if I was going on a multiple day anything more than two nights or traveling far distance trying to carry my stuff so this is a fall Raven free Lu 55 you've seen me use this multiple times on canoe trips uh backpacking trips this is a fantastic backpack possibly my favorite backpack I've ever owned

lightweight good hip support nice back support ventilation she has a really really good design I absolutely hate the color but what are you going to do my next one is the one I designed this is the this is the why not wild landscape app this is the pack that I would take if I was going out for the day and I needed to bring a lot of gear or a decent amount of gear if I was going overnight one night or opposed doing two nights I can strap a wool blanket to the bottom this is that that's the the main thing I wanted this bag for I gear it towards like a bush crafty style camp right where you got a wool blanket hanging off

bottom you got an axe in your absolute you got a water ball in your water bottle poke poach got some food inside saw you know they mean your shit pad is uh red on the outside for easy storage cooking stuff all that in here over night or two nights or for a big day out there this is my go to track right I'm happy with the way it turned out and I'm hoping that the people who purchase them are using them and then that they're happy with them as well a good backpack this is another one of my very favorite backpacks I've ever used in my life this is a hidden woodsman de rock god from Malcolm Coderre good guy fantastic designer yeah same deal with this I've done overnights with this too will blink it on the bottom you got your your side pouch free water bottle I actually the ten centimeter Billy fits right in the in the one on the side and the water bottle pouch with your water bottle you know cold cook system there got my wallet in front whatever you want on the side another pouch acts on the front there's a sauce sleeve thing is a really really robust hardcore backpack and it just looks awesome there's something about the look of this thing that I'm in love with shuttle to Malcolm so this is what I'm going to use for the day strictly um now that I have my backpack I'm not going to try and push this for an overnight which is fine to do but that's what that one's for this is my day hike it's called the day rock you know what I mean that's what it was designed for it's like a twenty liter bag love it just absolutely love it hope this is useful I hope this is helpful for some people this is a long video and if you sat through it thank you I appreciate it I know it's a lot but I get a ton of questions every day about this specific stuff I can't bring all this stuff the woods and do it here there I had the house open host free to me today I shot this video I hope it's of some use I forgot to show my Possible's coach

this can vary sometimes they use this one sometimes I use a different one from why not but in there I always have pretty much the same things give me a first aid kit with especially gauze band-aids duct tape stomach pills things like that things that I know that I'm gonna if anything I wanna need I always got my batteries for my my DSLR my GoPro that's another thing I carry my GoPro but DSLR my tripod my mic sometimes my slider sometimes a secondary fake GoPro all those all those things normally come with me on a on a shoot shoot

notepad for writing down ideas writing down cool things that happen compass this one's a synth oh yeah mc2 sharpening kit backup battery hacky sack to entertain myself love a little hack will hack and then a flashlight headlamp toilet paper even for a day hike toilet paper man you know I'm not trying to pinecone it up okay guys honestly I hope this helped I hope this was a good video for some of you hope some people watch it let me know in the comments if I missed anything at all I'm sorry it's not intentionally it's it's because there's so much stuff that I just went through and I just missed it so let me know let me know if there's anything that I did miss that your questions was anything imperative that you think you might have if you are just starting to get into to get into this stuff my best advice is if you want to go camping have an exit plan have a leave a plan with somebody that you know that you trust where you're going to be what you plan on doing the times and all that stuff have an exit strategy leave your car closed or have someone ready to pick you up close in case you want to bail in the middle of the night and you can bail for any reason you want man it doesn't matter if you're scared if you're cold if you're wet if you're if you can't sleep if you're hungry who cares I mean this is supposed to be fun stuff if you're doing a survival training episode go talk to some of these guys these other guys you know I mean they'll they'll deprive you from from that stuff but if you want to go camping if you want to have fun camping and learn how to camp and just be self-reliant out there and comfortable and not scared just start slowly how have those exit strategies so that you can leave if the need be and come back in the daytime or come back next time be with somebody with whatever would make you comfortable bring whatever is going to make you comfortable too because there's nobody to there's nobody that you have to impress by going minimalist or hardcore if you are just starting this out you'd be smart to bring stuff to make you comfortable and then through the the next few times you go you'll start to wean that stuff away that you don't need that you don't use and you'll you'll learn that by doing it look okay I'm done

thanks for watching have a good day goodbye

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