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ken and I just completed about a seven-hour drive to up to puzzle lake where we always go but we're gonna explore a different side where we haven't been yet so this will be more rivers and streams as opposed to lakes and rocks it's a beautiful day I already don't calm across to beaver dams in about 20 minutes tops and it sounds to be like there's one up there as well you look around looks totally different than the other side of Puzzle Lake so we're coming up into the lake here which is just actually a bigger part of the river it's still flowing but open this up pretty good this place is pretty nice here we just been paddling for boat over an hour and just coming to this opening it's it's great nice and calm we're still on the river but it's great there's fish jumping all around us can't seem to catch one just yet but bad time of day it's about 2 o'clock so deer flies are out now officially on the Claire River and I just got through coming from there deer fly heaven and now we've got a nice breeze Wow we just did our first real Porto's and it's nice and cool and there's no bugs right ken looks like we found our home for tonight there's not too many trees around I managed to find two relatively close I got my hammock set up normally I'm a ground dweller in these days but for the summertime the hennessy hammock with the bug that is hard to beat for me so got the water right behind me and what's really cool is because all these blueberries so it's easy very easy to collect these things let's took like one second and definitely edible where we are here it's all rock on the ground so when it comes time to peg down my hammock that that tie up point there I couldn't put it into the ground so I tied it around to rock here move the rock and tied it right around there so she's not gonna move anywhere hopefully and I want to try and go without a tarp tonight it's not supposed to rain so we show there's just a look at our view or my campsite so about 6:30 right now and we've got food cooking built up a fire no need for warmth of the fire but cooking we needed it so built up a fire I got two sausages and some rice on a little fire pit with our rock seat from Mother Nature which is nice so this trip I decided to use something a little bit different I'm never usually these barrel bags before so this is just one of those blue almost like rain barrel deals and at a company called north 49 which is not the greatest company for quality usually right around Coghlan but they made up this this bag for it fits in it all right

we're only over here for two nights and three days I've got everything I needed to pack in here with room to spare I could have I could do a week out of this thing the reason that I decided to use it this time was because we're not poor toshing at all and our long as the courthouse is maybe 200 meters or whatever I wouldn't want to carry this for a couple kilometres at all it's not comfortable but it's pretty cool maybe the reason being is it's waterproof if it falls in the in the water for some reason it's gonna float the animals can't get to it I'm sure bears to get to it if they wanted to but I mean like chipmunks and whatnot so hops on and it's got the sternum strap and the waist strap it's not built the greatest like I said it kind of rides away from my back at the top but for what we're doing this time it's no big deal and it's a big volume inside pretty cool try it on anyway ken and I are gonna try our hand at some fishing it's about eight o'clock at night and it's getting to be that golden hour so you saw some bass jumping around earlier today they weren't biting earlier but thanks that they'll bite tonight yay

crappy crappy that's crappy this is never gonna get old is a big old bastard Danny's fighting pike no big old uh Wow yeah holy shit that's right damn dude

while fishing wasn't a total failure I cut two little crap geez can cut a bunch and he got a monster bass as he's seen we're back at the site now I'm just gonna hang on the campfire a little bit and get eaten by mosquitoes until the morning that's almost seven in the morning

except alright mosquitoes were incessant all night

we both opted to go without a tarp last night because there was no chance of rain and it didn't rain but about six o'clock in the morning it started to sprinkle so I went into panic mode and packed everything up and now we're just gonna have some breakfast and maybe check out some Rapids down the river as you can see in front of the camera the mosquitoes are still out in full force and loving my blood so we gathered some blueberries took all of like two minutes to gather that money and just some blueberry oatmeal

that's a monster damn it's kind of cool got this guy in a jitterbug so I got this guy no jitterbug Kemp nine o'clock in the morning jitterbug action she kept two of our fish that we caught got a quite a few but kept two of them to eat and it's just filleting him now he's got one fillet down there working on the other one throw them on the barbie breaded those fish up got some lemon pepper and breading on there just waiting for our fire to die down to coals and we will come up well it's a verdict there Ken pretty good nice yeah three laughs I'm with you two it started to rain again on and off rain all day it just get dry and then it'll start raining again but there's no bugs no we're almost out of here or go ahead and home a day early no it's gonna thunderstorm tonight and we're done so got our fishing in and had a great time it's probably the end of video thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed it I think it's a good idea we call this

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