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My Outdoor Knives-Bushcraft, Backpacking, Canoe Tripping


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I show my outoor knives for use in areas such as bushcraft, backpacking canoe tripping and camping.



mora Bushcraft Black

SAK Bushcrafter

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Video Transcription

off hey guys I'm Joe and I'd like to show you my knives today so some of you will know these knives you've seen them before so we won't no big deal let's start with the Tamura so this is a more a bush craft block this is a great knife this is a good knife if you're just starting out or if you're on a budget bushcraft or you don't spend a lot of money on a knife or whatever you want to throw a knife in your truck something like that things like fifty to seventy dollars really a top 70 bucks for this thing made in Sweden this is my favorite more so the sheath is nice it's a hard cut like a plasticy sheath I'm sure it's actual name for it but feels like plastic it's got this swivel dangler scope go on buddy go it's got this swivel dangler on it which is nice because I like to use a dangler all my knives it's also got this jumping kind of thing right where you're going to take the knife out so you put your thumb on there and just kind of pop it out works pretty good the blade itself so a four inches long give or take it's 1/8 thick one h-hit 1/8 inch thick and it's got a squared spine for striking a fire steel and it does that really well and I'm really happy that they did that on this knife because it's called a bushcraft lock and in my opinion a bushcraft knife should have a squared spine to strike fire steel from I've actually tried to file my my other ones down on my other more is it with not as good success as this this thing will throw the sparks so any of my other more is that I sharpen the spine on would not have done that good of a job I do like the fact that it's got an exposed but it's not an exposed Tang but it's got a harder plastic but on the pommel well way harder than then the rubber handle so you can actually beat on the handle pretty good I got that in there too far but yeah with no with no problem and I've been on that thing plenty times and I've never never had an issue the handle itself is that rubbery kind of coating which I don't mind all the time it's not hot and it's aesthetically pleasing knife that's for sure but it is utilitarian it will work very very well for you in a bunch of different holds and and if you're using for different things like skinning a deer or whatever it's super grippy or using it in the in the rain you'll get some grip on it as well the only thing I really don't like is this choil deal here and I understand why they did and it's good for for grabbing here and and working it that way but I do a lot of splitting this way like I won't do it but pound it in like that to split and I find if I if I do too much of that with this this little like a knock here will hurt in between my pinkie and my ring finger again not a deal-breaker just just a little thing but overall great knife and I would recommend it so that's a more abou scrapped black

I don't like actually before I go in the next I don't like the black coating you can take it off I do like to see a patina on my knives but no big deal again it's nothing just knit click it um next up I'll show you my advice warned you guys have seen me use adventures for knives the past few years I bought an explorer model and I think this is my third mountaineer model really really good knives I'm friends with the guys good company so adventure storm bushcraft company this is a melting year model it comes with this sheath a guy opted for the dangler sheath with the removable dangler so this brass piece will actually pop off you unscrew it and then you can use it just as a belt carry but you can also just let the dangler dangle and use it as a belt carry as well and have that option there for you so either way I went with a firesteel and a further steel loop on it go scope go buddy go the fire steel little fancy it matches the handle kind of so it's got buffalo horn on either side and walnut down the middle I've also got a piece of shock cord on here so that when I put my Firestone my fire still loop I can bring it down over top of it and it's harder for me to lose my fire still that way so onto the knife like I said the mountain your model the knife blade is four and a half inches long

no that's not standard that's something they did special for me I do like the little bit extra I think they're their standard model is uh blade just over four inches so I've got walnut down here with a 1/8 thick micarta spacer and then I got buffalo and horn here and then 1/8 thick mic artist liners I've got a mosaic handle on our most are a mosaic lanyard tube on the handle and there they do the coke bottle shape for their handles which is a very very comfortable shape it's probably one of the nicest handles I've ever used it this is a three of five I believe their system goes like out of five four thicknesses so I think that's a 3/5 and great for just a super durable super comfortable handle this is 1/8 thick if I didn't mention that already and it's a Scandinavian grind same as the Mora obviously now I like a 1/8 wear for Scandi grind because I don't want a big wedge I don't want a bunch of meat behind it I want to be as thin as possible even go skinnier than 1/8 if it was if I could they got the logo on the spine they're kind of hard to see but good knife man I'm not afraid to beat this thing up I this is like I said I've had this for a couple months I haven't used it too much because I got another knife right after it kind of just got bombarded with knives all of a sudden for a longest time I only had this thing a Moroso knife rich right now but yeah good knife adventures Warren I think is they are they're offering the Mountaineer and the field grade sorry in the end the Explorer in field grade model so you get it for like 185 bucks they think without a sheath which is a steal

so at quality quality stuff still so veteran calm for that one next up would be my Victoria Knox or Swiss Bianco or Swiss Army knife or whatever you want to call it bushcrafter I think it's a Swiss Bianco bushcrafter he did these so it's got a nice green a really really nice green handle I really like the shade of green but I'll lose that in the woods I'm sure so I got this paracord lanyard I just gutted 550 cord and did a reverse twist on itself and then whip the end with with the guts and then put a little carabiner on it goes on my belt and then this goes in my pocket so this knife is good for a lot of things this knife is what I would use on a backpacking trip it's got um just three tools on it it's like a miniature slim down version of a farmer sack farmer so all it has is the knife the all the awl and the saw blade that's really all you need to honest I wouldn't mind a can opener on it but it's not a deal-breaker I can open a can with whatever but this is what I would bring on a backpacking trip solely I wouldn't bring this in a saw or in an ax or anything I'll bring this by itself to be totally honest to the guys I don't use a knife a lot when I'm backcountry camping it just if I'm doing a bush crafting overnight or something like that I'll use a knife a lot but on the canoe trip or on a backpacking trip where you're constantly moving really this is all you need maybe on a canoe trip you bring in ax as well small axe but for backpacking that's it right there for me good night so this is my brand brand new knife I got this maybe a month ago this is a Turley Turley Gasconade made by a guy named Israel Turley who lives in Missouri so if you guys watch my channel for a long time you know that I start out with with Turley's uh I would had like four or five Turley's that's why I was using for the longest time I had to sell them all unfortunately for bills and stuff like that but things are a little bit better now and I was able to grab one my name was on the list for like four years I was able to pick this bad boy up so this is a Gasconade it's 5/32 thick the blade length is only about three and a quarry and 3/4 long I've got natural micarta handle with no liners this is a bruiser this is just a beast of a knife this is like my ideal belt knife I love this thing super comfortable handle again it's more of like a wet like just like a block almost but it feels great like just very ergonomic very very good handle I've had this like I said the least amount of time and I've got the most patina on because I've been using it for my food compacts knife is good to cut your food with whereas a scandi kind of wedges it out like if you're cutting an apple or cheese it'll like break almost whereas this convex will slice right through even though it is five thirty seconds in five thirty seconds is bigger sorry wider than the one-eighth but it's just because this is all meat behind the blade that the edge that digs in so durable knife

I like this I'll use this knife with hardwoods more often than not yeah super impressed with this knife it does not come with a sheath though that's one of the things that kind of sucks but I had this this the crappy old cheat at home sitting around and I was super lucky because it fits in there like a glove and there's no chance of that fallen hope this is a nice dense piece of red oak that I brought for demonstration purposes because this is the kind of wood that I would like to use with my Turley for my combat touch not to say that I can't use my Scandi grind to do it either

definitely not I just prefer I feel like it's more hardwood Z using the convex but this is a scandi and no problem going through it either I have no worries about the edger tension on either of them on any of them actually so just real quick I like to make quick curls with the convex knife as well and they're not perfect but they are thin enough that you can definitely just get a fire going real quick with just curls and a fire stealing your knife so which of these knives is best none of them they're all good it's a knife your Old Hickory that you grind out a new blade shape and sharpen it up that's a good knife your old Mora with the red handle it's a good knife it's just a piece of sharpened steel with a handle on it it cuts things you know they're all good it's just preference at this point right what do you like what kind of grinds do you like what kind of handles do you like what's your favorite maker all that stuff it's again I've said it before this is our hobby once you start getting into your hobby you like to buy different things for your hobby you like to upgrade so thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learn something if you have any questions about the knives or anything like that just let me know I'll post a bunch of info in the description below too so that you can check out the the makers and all that stuff so thanks a lot guys take care I'll see you again bye you

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