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Chillin In My Hammock-Day out with Scout


In this video, scout and I go to the woods, I set up my new lightweight hammock, make a fire, and hand out.

Parachute Hammock: http://goo.gl/Vdu9b9

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Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

something got you warm are you warm clock stopped for you dude that's not for you yet that's what I wanted that's what I wanted

whoa who's got a stick up the butt changer bacon are you doing guys Joe here just out the woods and my buddy Scout it's been a while since I did one of these videos as you probably know I've been doing tons of canoe tripping lately

the reason being it's hot man it's hot beyond belief I'm sitting here sweating my brain out it's not 9:00 12:00 in the morning so I decided get out I wanted to get out to the woods for a day have just got back from a family camping trip we went to Alaura gorge in E Laura there's a big by the Grand River there's a bunch of campsites a bunch of conservation areas I went to the quarry we went jumping and cliff jumping up the quarry emerald emerald cliff joked with me probably about 10 or 12 feet up high so I was really cool yeah so I guess just wanted to get out with the dog today like I said you know before it got too hot I got a couple cool things to do I got a new hammock this one is a parachute hammock and it's lightweight so in the past you've seen me use my Yukon Outfitters hammock well that one is it's great but it's a little on the heavy side is ripstop I don't think I need personally that I weigh all of 140 pounds on a very very good day so and it was a little bit big and bulky for what I needed so I shop an around I found this one this is a great 2-tone parachute style hammock weighs about half while you cut Outfitters hammock did so they're marketing as a two-person but I don't think it is a tea person it's about perfect for me by myself so went the other way she's my place I don't think it is a two person it's about perfect for me for myself anyway that's a nice cool little thing cheap - you've got a gearbest of that website under 20 bucks is like $15 so that's how it's connected at the end it's a little different than I've ever seen before a thicker rope at the gather down

wrap there on itself and tie it off a bunch of times I don't know how it'll hold up I am a I'm pretty fine I don't see it going awry and if that was the case I could just tie these two pieces together or meld them together it came with a little bit thicker rope than paracord - tied to the tree but I rope his garbage and I'm not going to keep the paracord on there that's just to test it out this is a cherry tree super dense wood and 140 pounds for laying on it for I don't know an hour out of the day today he's not going to make an effect on it at all I am gonna go buy some webbing and rig up webbing on there so it doesn't damage the trees when I'm laying on it this is going to be my camping hammock I guess I said that wrong this is going to be my lounging hammock lawn camping excuse me maybe in the fall I'll do some nights over nights in the hammock but as far as canoe tripping depending on the canoe trip if I'm doing distance whatever it's going to be my chair it's going to be my lounge and sometimes it'll be my sleeping quarters train but yeah in the fall I plan on doing a sweet week-long solo hunting bushcraft fishing lived by myself kind of thing and that's going to be what I bring for lounging and for my day or two that it takes me to get into the site that I want to get into the lake the certain link that I want to get into I'll just sleep in that and then when I get to the lake I want to set up a bouche crafty camp so that should be should be pretty fun anyways like I said the whole point of me getting that was just because it was lighter and yeah cheap we're doing all right bud seemed a little parched okay so a perch sit oh we got to get you in a frame we gotta get that people seeing the SCOOTER drink the water Boulder oh no what are we doing Jeff oh no euro to Frank Kern just give me the water give me the water come on

all right good boy yes I know bring them a bowl it's much easier I know knowing and doing are two different things yeah

that's not the first time was my firewood bro

that was my firewood you okay you gonna make it Hey sit lay down buddy just cool down for a minute okay boy it's another reason why I don't go out in the summer around here so I feel guilty not bringing a dog and I bring them and I feel like using a pant to death get too overheated it's the code is like triple-thick lay down buddy hey down lay down Scout so if you're wondering what I'm doing it's hot out why would I be getting a fire going well Skeeter's I don't like fire too much they like me and they like Scout so they're starting to come out a little bit to make some curls if I can figure out how wood isn't working for me right now take two how's my firewood working out for you nom nom nom nom be careful this log doesn't roll on me while I'm doing that I've got cut from that before pretty bad Oh


boy you should lay down take a load off I love watching Joe's videos the epic scenery is made even better by his fantastic camerawork and editing truly is a joy to watch everything uploaded on his channel but I mean I the only one that cringes every time he pronounces Portage as portage and he spelled it peel are tah z JH this guy's not a hater a lot of these guys aren't haters it just it's just funny countenance a no offense at all buddy Mike replies it's just a canada vs USA thing poor Tosh is a French word and the P pronounced as we do here in the video most parts of the US it is pronounced portage all true but you're speaking English thanks for the pure fly Mike Mike goes we McKenna that you pay a big lead duel egg wash I can't speak French cheers from Canada yes but only with mayonnaise I haven't taken French since middle school I've got a ton of comments saying I pronounced it wrong and I really it's just it's how it's said here it's not wrong I'm not telling you guys you pronounce it wrong at Portage I know there's like place is called portage in Michigan thinking Maine - there's probably a portage but here it's poor Tosh it's just a whole french-canadian word my old buddy Kenny said to me well if it's big if you guys pronounce portage portage why don't you pronounce Asajj or sausage so Sarge and I always remembered that except for I screwed up the delivery always screwing up deliveries

oh you think buddy I'm booked up for camping trips for this year I've still got a ton of trips to do next one I'm heading up with Sean again from my self-reliance we're going to go do some bass fishing I'm not too sure where yet we're still trying to nail down a location that has really really good bass fishing slay some bucket mows set up camp I'm going to take it easy instead of doing such a arduous trip arduous rough trip getting a little gray in the muzzle there bud old man scooter all right folks rookie mistake only one battery and I'm running out on my last bar now so this is it this is the end of the video I'm going home anyways I'm hungry it's done so I'll leave a link in the description for this hammock check it out

under 20 bucks i priced something similar the other day in two different stores outdoor stores around my host cheapest like a fine $60 canadian a little bit different design but parachute material was the same I'm going to try this out for a while

I think I want to like it I like it already so I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you soon on the next one I will goodbye ready to get out of here huh big boy good boy shit but goodbye

cool little pro mantis this is a small one huh where'd he go oh my goodness he's attacking me he's attacking me there she be go bite off the the head of your lover or get your head bitten off regardless here scope doing a friend my buddy

ha he's gone pulled grass eat here solo well grassy every time I walked through here I think of Jurassic Park the lost world don't go into the long grass note into the long girls freakin Raptors jumping out where's the Raptor scout protect me from the Raptor scout

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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