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What my Wife Really thinks of Me - Bam Son T Shirts Available!


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My wife and I discuss me leaving for camping trips, and how she feels about it.

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Video Transcription

we got there I can take it might be a little cutoff here this a little touch real quick pretty good yep

hello we're just talking about Cantler hot chocolate over here yeah so this is our first Wednesday video if you remember back a little bit I said I wanted to start making extra videos and the wife was smart and kind enough to suggest that we do a Wednesday video just kind of talking just around around the hose but our life what we're doing I got a whole big gear pile right here in front of us though you'll be happiness [Music]

so I'll leave all the time right I am gone a lot you say once we have gone so that leaves a lot of time that I'm not here the wife and the kid and the kids in school now which makes things a little bit easier yes so why don't you tell them how what we want we do like this how do you feel about me being gone all the time how do you how do you feel what we need well of course we're a little bit sad but you know it's like you provide for our families that makes me happy and the way I see it and try to think about it it's when we're together the enjoy your time together one mm-hmm we do is that just what you save yourself to not be sad when you're gone is that when you're here we actually enjoy each other's company a lot more than people who are together every single minute of every day and what I'm home I'm home no not really try to explain that to the kid - she gets kind of bummed out when I leave in a cycle especially lately yeah very attached to Daddy lately yes which is awesome I love it it's a little more difficult but yeah that's why I tried to tell her like other parent other people those moms and dads have to go to work you know a nine-to-five they really get to see them there they get home and they're going to bed kind of thing and it sucks I'm gone so often but when I am home it's you know I mean it's full-time full-time husband stuff so yeah well that's good so you're you're not too upset with me for living all the time yeah I get comments that say I'm an absentee father an absentee husband but when you're here you do a lot more with a lot of people there's no way these comments get to me because I already feel that way but but we do a lot of stuff together we're not just sitting up I'm doing nothing all the time we go out and we do a lot as a family which is really nice

this is nice so you can see we've got on our I've got a little t-shirt VAM son t-shirt legal close-up look at this damn son

yeah well Joe robinette signature down there little scooter magruder logo here these are made with 60% cotton 40% polyester 40% polyester if you didn't hear that so I've been having questions about shirts for a long time when I went when are you gonna get merged Joe where's all your merch Joe Lincoln bio so huh so we got them there's just one kind right now just BAM son sure but it comes in three colors let's let's model the lovely so we got a nice gray a nice gray this is a medium so this is another thing I want to tell you guys like I said 60/40 cotton-poly blend their true size they don't shrink so I'll take this off in a second I'll compare it to one that that has been washed this one has not been washed yet this is a small this is a medium they are true fitting there good quality shirts I hate there's nothing more then I hate them buying a shirt from someone you like like a band or or I have like a Midwest school of bushcraft shirt that I really really like the shirt and I really like want to support the the company but as soon as you watch it as shrinks and you just can't wear it or it's one of those super white shirts that just like floating around I hate that it's like I absolutely hate it so a prerequisite for picking a company to go with for shirts was a quality shirt a very very quality shirt that when you wear it you actually like wearing it feels good it looks good it fits well with all three things these have so again anyways we got our brown shove saw the gray and this is the blue the blue isn't nice like not too bluey of a blue and these are the three colors that you can get in adult sizes there's three colors in children's sizes as well and I believe they're similar but they're just the tinges right the tones are just a bit different there's the other cup blue a more grey and like a brown or brown something along those lines anyways if you go to the website you can check it out I'm going to put the website in the description below because it's a super big long URL and I'm not gonna say it low because I don't know it okay okay yeah we're going to show you guys a yes a comparison so this is a good this is a small that's been washed compared to the one that was wearing two minutes ago that hasn't that hadn't been washed there's a touch smaller but barely any of those still still long plenty long it's still not wide it comes down as much as I need it to it don't feel overly really small I'll show you now comparing them next to each other so this is a medium that doesn't have the logo on it they sent me these shirts beforehand just to make sure that they're the quality that I wanted quality that I wanted so this is a medium that's been washed twice or three times you can see it still fits really good it's a little bit wider on the on the sleeves but very good fit as well so here are the two where is it one honey this small these are the two small ones and wash ones up a little bit so which it's been washed the blue one the blue one's been washed the brown one hasn't and you can see like barely barely barely any damage at all so that's I'm really pleased with that that's what I was going for okay I'm just gonna pull up on here the exact prices and everything is a little bit different from American to Canadian we gave the Canadians like a $2 break or something like that because the exchange rate is ridiculous and the shipping is absolutely ridiculous for the Canadians I'm sorry it's that way it just is in order for me to go with the right people so again I'm not I'm not shipping these shirts out I don't have these I don't touch these at all they're drop shipped the drop shipped one time a week and that's better for everyone I'm I'm gone all the time it's super hard for me to take these orders we get backed up on these orders and ship them out and all that stuff

from here it's easier for the company to do that and that's one of the reasons I went with this company they're very very cumulative of that kind of stuff so they'll be able to answer all your questions and everything and I'll give you the the website like I said I really like the shirts as well they fit nice even on a lady you were very good

yes v-neck shirts might be the next thing for the ladies also sweaters what about a hoodie I think it might be pretty cool and maybe even a beanie like a toque we tried doing just the original logos the the Joel Robin are the sculpt logo it didn't look right on the shirt by itself we put it right in the middle of didn't look right we put it on the chest they didn't look right so what I think I might do on a toque I mean sorry I want to own a hoodie is like put like a little signature or a little saying here and I have a big skill logo on the back yeah so Joe we've been preparing to go on this trip well really he just got back now he's leaving again so it's been kind of like a rush rush it ready spend some time together he's going up to Shawn's cabin they're gonna spend a night there and then they're gonna head out and do some ice fishing which i think is pretty cool yeah I've never really been okay so so I'm looking right now at the adult tees for the Canada actually they're all the same price for Canada it says right underneath the t-shirts it says $20 u.s. and then in parentheses parentheses it says 2465 Canadian so you're giving like a couple dollar discount already because it would have been like 26 or something and then the shipping is like 10 bucks or something like that to Canada which absolutely sucks I'm sorry it just is what it is then you go to the States so there's two options you can go with Canadian customers or USA customers you go to the States USA and they're just $21.99 so in Canada they're $20 a pop Plus like six bucks exchange plus the ten bucks shipping and in the states they're $21.99 plus like three bucks shipping or something like that so the round you know to being very similar it's just we're trying to give the Canadians a little bit of a break because of this horrible horrible exchange and shipping they'll collect the orders for the next few days printed ship and your order will be shipped out with approximately seven to ten days okay so it will be shipped out is these guys doing in is their job you know anything this is what they do they're good at their job hunter the gentleman who's been helping me is a fan and knows what the channel so it's really good when it comes time to work the designs and stuff we'll be getting a bunch more designs in the store remember one a couple videos ago I said like two on the inside one the outside could be a shirt like a very very well be assured I could get a whole bunch of stuff in that we're going to do dog bowls collapsible dog bowls with skulls logo on them so that should be pretty cool yeah I'm looking forward to it yeah tons tons and then this isn't even on our website on the Jill Robinette web site something completely different you know I mean so something new we'll try no it's what are you gonna do well I'm calling this time yeah so that's another thing we do is uh which is really hopeful we have like a whole community that helps us see that we all they all know like my mom wills mom I guess that's basically hit well everybody in the family kind of knows that this is the important thing that I need to be doing right now and everybody everybody benefits from it everybody's been very good so it yeah it's nice to have a support group and that's one of the reasons we decided to stay living here you guys remember I probably talked about about moving a little while ago and we still want to I really want family well yeah we just can't jump to that right it can't be like they're stepping stones we have to take so part of the reason we wanted to stay here is we're gonna try to have a kid and we need to support for our families and stuff just like I'm saying with emerald and while I'm gone so yeah so be here it's a little bit easier now that I don't work because I was working a lot

I worked almost 50 hours a week my mother your mother would all help get up to and from school and take care of her in between and stuff right know that I'm able to stay home whether it's easier but her brother's still like to be a part yes and we're very grateful for it yes

yeah well it's mostly pretty cold up there a negative plenty at night we're gonna be doing some ice fishing so I'll be nice to see Sean I haven't seen him since I did that little interview with him he's been blowing up lately killing it on the youtubes so maybe uh maybe someone that can triple or to me return the favor a shock yeah all right thanks guys for watching this video it's a little bit different we're gonna try and do these Wednesday videos me and the wife may be the way from the kid from now on okay shirt merchants by oh I can buy a this yeah if you do no in all in all honesty if you like the shirts grab one if you want to support me if you want to support the channel if you want to support the family grab one if not it's no big deal I appreciate you watching the videos and yeah see you guys bye [Music]

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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