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My entry for another Hardwoodsman Challenge on Bushcraftusa...Navigate to a spot, leave something, return 2 weeks and find it again.

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Video Transcription

starting here at the dog park and I want to finish through the woods right here this is my option number one and I don't know if I'm allowed to be there that might be a fence i'm not sure if not I'm gonna go from here to here and then to hear from my second end option so I'll set my compass up and I'll hear about I get to start off on a trail which is cool just head in a little bit on this trail and then start taking my bearings I don't know if you guys can see on the map probably not but my my option one and is like a landmark so that I would know when I reached it was this big open it looked like a track almost like an old race track and then if I'm not allowed to be there if I can't get past the fence or whatever my second option was a big dirt trail like a big muddy dirty trail

well I'm in the thick stuff now no more trail it's all picker bushes like rose rose bushes and raspberry bushes and whatnot that's a nice day it's not hot the sun's oh but there's a nice cool breeze best dating a long time that's for damn sure let's go tapi Scott you're not supposed to be my youtube videos bro the few birds out just one thing about the paul i don't like picking the birds off myself and my dog all right guys this is what I was afraid of fence now I don't know if this is because what I'm trying to get I think what I was trying to get to is right behind here that looks like a big clearing and like a track kind of thing I'm going to walk up this fence line a little bit and see what the deal is if not I'm gonna have to rewrote to my second destination okay there's a hole in the fence I don't know this is my destination this is all big open spot with no trees I'm gonna go see if I if I can get back in here okay so I just met a really nice guy and he informed me that we are allowed to be in this spot and this is the track that I was looking for it's all open and there's with Scouts walking on it goes in circles in this little plot it's pretty pretty big without any trees here it's definitely what I was looking for all right so I'm gonna leave a paracord bracelet that my buddy you one-legged Joshua gave to me so it doesn't mean anything to me that so I'm just gonna leave it out here in the dirt all right I'm gonna put it right down there okay so in two weeks I'll come back and get it and hopefully it'll be there I'm just joking Josh it means the world to me okay just real quick i'm going to try and show it again so that you guys knew what I know what I did I came in here i parked right here at the dog park walk through the field to the end and walked all through the woods to end option number one this is the field I'm in with all these little trails going through it I'm just at the very start of it it goes far over that way and I hid the paracord bracelet right around this some this pen so is it quite a walk through it right through the bushwick it's a great day out so I'll come back in two weeks

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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