Turley Dogwood Woodsman's Knife


This is a brief review of my new Turley Dodwood woodsman's knife.

I was fortunate enough to win this knife at the Hardwoodsman's meet.

Thanks to Iz Turley


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Video Transcription

so a couple months ago at the hardwood sins mean I was fortunate enough to win this knife that's a surly dogwood something completely different it's obviously it's early which I have quite a few of but the blade profile is totally different than I'm used to there's a big belly I'm used to more of a straight blade with my gasconade and my green river it's a straight blade and my Buddhist branch has a little bit of belly but not as much as this is a woodsman's knife and oak is totally carried one of these four foot quite a quite a little while this is upgraded version or the improved version I think it's a little bit bigger I really like the knife I used it this past weekend for at the Ohio meet for cleaning sorry for prepping meat for doing a bow drill fire making feather stick so lots and lots of things there is this sheath i have here was made by jay williams it's a sweet dangler I like the black color he made a block from without me even asked him and I really like it fits nice snug fit and he's also from Missouri so my favorite sheath maker my favorite knife maker reside in Missouri it's time for me to move down there use no cure I like to use oak as much as I can for the one stick player split straight it's obviously a hardwood and it makes great to be totally honest I didn't know what I was how I would like the belly on the dog would I thought it might throw me off because I'm so used to the straight blades more of a straight blade profile but it actually really really excels at everything I've used it for so far it is an awesome blade I can't say a bad thing about it I didn't want to make a video yet all before I had gone for the weekend cuz I honestly hadn't had a chance to use it too much I didn't have a sheath with it Jay Williams sent my sheet to to Ohio pick it up at the meet so I didn't want to bring it around obviously carry without a sheath didn't really get a chance to use it I made a little bow drill fire with it but this knife came shaving sharp and after using it hard all weekend I only dropped it a little tiny bit to gain the edge back and came right back to shave meter this thing eats wood for fun so that's not a little short review of my new Charlie dogwood not sure the exact specs on it is we don't it's 316 stick I think these are blue died tiger stripe maple if i'm not mistaken Brown my car depends a very comics Rhine it's really really really good night I'm actually pleasantly surprised with it it's my fourth turley now and I have actually one on the way speaks volumes about the maker if you're interested in at early chili knives com lorries on bushcraft USA under the name is sure I'd love to give you a quote thanks is for making such a good knife that I know that it what I'm getting when I get it's early thanks for watching guys

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